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10 Uses of Drones in Higher Education

  1. Enable student projects exploring the intersection between art and technology and research, such as gathering data such as sacred forests in Ethiopia, mapping lava flows in Ecuador, and surveying the forest canopy in Costa Rica.
  2. Loan drones to students for checkout and experimentation.
  3. Capture footage of sporting events.
  4. Create promotional flybys of key campus buildings and features and virtual holiday greeting videos.
  5. Record footage of unique campus events, such as picnics or move-in weekend.
  6. Take unique photographs from hard to reach places.
  7. Facilitate inspections of buildings and monitor construction projects.
  8. Enhance field projects, such as studying wildlife from a distance, and detailed 3D archaeological mapping.
  9. Monitor agricultural and environmental conditions.
  10. Teach a course on designing and building drones.
  11. Brian A. Rellinger – @rellinb Melissa Woo – @mzyw David Smallen – @hamcio Kevin Lynch – Vala Afshar – @ValaAfshar Bob Nilsson – @RHnilsson Thanks to Kevin Lynch and Colgate University for the images on slides 5 and 6. Thanks to Brad Ward of Blue Fuego for the drone shown on slide 3