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Zigsaw employee engagement survey

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Zigsaw proudly presents proposed Employee Engagement model for startups & mid-scale companies. Have a look & feel free to leave your feedback. Website: www.zigsaw.in
Contact: vaibhav@zigsaw.in, 9887890909
Employee Engagement Survey (by Zigsaw)

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Zigsaw employee engagement survey

  1. 1. EFFECTS •Dissatisfaction •Employee Attrition •Intolerance •Inconsistency •Low Goodwill •Low productivity
  2. 2. Improve Employee’s relationship with Managers: 75% of employees quit their jobs because of the managers Productivity: Engaged workers are 50% more productive Employee turnover: Attrition rate reduces to 3% in engaged employees from 24% in disengaged employees
  3. 3. Lower absenteeism: Satisfied employees lead to less absenteeism thus leading to higher profit in production in the company Employee engagement drives Innovation and optimism Management competency mapping is very essential to Plan job role and Succession planning
  4. 4. Alignment: Employees alignment with companies’ core values directly improve bottom line profits Strategic Alignment ensures that employees effort is focused in the right direction Cost Benefit: Expenditure on employees can be reduced if appropriate areas of impact are identified
  5. 5. Overall satisfaction with the Organization Feedback on Organization’s leadership and planning Acceptability to corporate culture and communication Work Environment
  6. 6. Awareness of employees’ role within the organization Relationship with the immediate supervisor Employees motivation for ‘Say, Stay and Strive’
  7. 7. Applicability of Training, Development and Resources Satisfaction with Pay and Benefits Employees overall satisfaction Improvement suggestions from employees
  8. 8. •Detailed analysis on the mentioned criteria •Individual feedback for managers who have more than 5 reportee •Core Strengths •Areas of Improvement: •Organizational growth •Individual development •Follow-up survey to check improvement (optional)
  9. 9. Don’t you think you should let your employees know their opinions matters??
  10. 10. For further details contact: Vaibhav Chouhan- vaibhav@zigsaw.in 9887890909 CCO, Zigsaw Previous experience: Business HR, TATA Power (Coordinated Employee engagement survey at TATA Power with Aon Hewitt)