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Soft Skills Noon Knowledge Session

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While technical skills are important and may get your foot in the door for a job, it is often the people skills (or soft skills) that make you successful in your life and in business. Skills like: work ethic; attitude; communication skills, delegating skills; motivating people; problem solving and team building.

The problem that most businesses face is that they hire someone from a resume and these skills are not easily translated on paper. The perfect employee is the one who has great hard skills and soft skills. Join Cindy Hagemann, freelance marketing consultant with over 15 years experience, as she share tips to developing your soft skills for a better you and your employees.

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Soft Skills Noon Knowledge Session

  1. 1. C I N D Y H A G E M A N N M A R K E T I N G C O N S U L T A N T C R H A G E M A N N @ G M A I L . C O M
  2. 2. SOFT SKILL OR HARD SKILL? Communication Skills Data Analysis Computer Skills Accounting Skills Team Player Time Management Leadership Problem-solving Skills Organized Flexible Strong Work Ethic Writing Skills Conflict Resolution Mathematics Foreign Language Sense of Humor Public Speaking Software Development Self-Motivated Positive Attitude Graphic Design Dependable Physics Multi-tasking Web Developer Confidence Human Resources Networking Critical Thinking Friendliness
  3. 3. HARD SKILLS VS. SOFT SKILLS Hard Skills Specific knowledge and abilities required to success on the job. Soft Skills Include interpersonal/people skills and personal attributes needed for success on the job. Employers prefer both soft skills and hard skills.
  4. 4. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS “Soft skills come down to how people interact with each other, from a verbal and/or non-verbal perspective; they are non-technical in nature. When we think of people skills, words such as personality, empathy, and tonality come to mind.” -Teri Hockett, CEO, What’s for Work
  5. 5. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Team Player • Ability to work/play well with others
  6. 6. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Sense of Humor | Friendliness • When appropriate use humor – it can diffuse tension • Smile in the hallway • Say “Good Morning”
  7. 7. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Keep an Open Mind: • Creates trust and respect • Makes you more approachable • Makes you easier to work with
  8. 8. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Active Listening Skills: • Listen without interruptions • Take time to think before responding • Remain sensitive to their needs
  10. 10. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Effective Communication Skills: • Give or send clear and concise messages • Tailor messages to certain audiences • Use appropriate communication channels at the right time • Learn public speaking skills
  13. 13. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Conflict Resolution Skills: • If conflict is not handled efficiently and effectively – the results can be damaging • When the conflict is resolved effectively – it can lead to personal growth and team development
  14. 14. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Tips to resolve conflict between co-workers: • Meet together with both parties • Allow each to “tell their side of the story” • Listen to each without interruption • Don’t choose sides and inform them you will not do so • Identify what the other employee could do more or less of • Discuss necessary changes, going forward • Tell them you expect “as adults” for them to be proactive in resolving the issues as discussed so that disciplinary action will not take place
  15. 15. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS “Leadership is a full-contact sport, if you cannot address conflict in a healthy, productive way, you should not be in a leadership role”. --Mike Myatt, Leadership Writer
  16. 16. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Honesty: • Builds trust among colleagues • Once you lose trust, it is nearly impossible to regain
  17. 17. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Leadership Skills: • Motiving others • Show support & encouragement • Take responsibility when necessary • Be proactive not just reactive
  19. 19. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Critical Thinking | Problem-Solving Skills: • Situational analysis • Develop creative solutions • Follow through on action plans • Don’t just bring up problems, bring up solutions
  20. 20. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Most Popular Soft Skill Traits: • Problem solving/analytical thinking • Team player • Initiative/being proactive • Effective communication skills Execu-Search Employer Study
  21. 21. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Other necessary Soft Skills: • Time management • Organizational skills • Interpersonal skills • Good judgment (make good decisions) • Flexibility (bend your own rules) • Assertiveness • Respectful • Stress management skills
  23. 23. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS How to improve your Soft Skills in 5 Easy Steps: 1. Develop communication skills 2. Practice active listening 3. Build relationships 4. Practice leading 5. Take initiative
  24. 24. SOFT SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Books: • The Hard Truth About Soft Skills | Peggy Klaus • People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others and Resolve Conflicts | Robert Bolton • The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back | James Waldroop Ph.D • 10 Things Employers Expect Their Employees to Know | Frederick H. Wentz