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Good warehousing practices


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Good warehousing practices

  1. 1. Good warehousing practices Contents: Personal hygiene Physical facilities Storage handling Sanitation Process Equipment Housekeeping Pest control Documentation
  2. 2. Personal hygiene Cleanliness: • Wash hands thoroughly • Wear protective clothes • Cover head Appearance: • Keep head tied and covered Health: • Report diarrhea, vomiting and other illness • Return to work after medical care • Avoid smoking in storage house
  3. 3. Physical facilities Storage of pallets/bottles:  Pallets should be organized  Pallets should be dust free  Must be weighed properly  Wrapping should be organized  Handle pallets safely  Safe stocking  Stable pallet loads
  4. 4. Handling of material Pallets/bottles:  Should be located at proper place for storage  Should not be attacked by pests  Should be covered and wrapped properly  Must be placed in some cold place  Should not be overloaded  Avoid sunlight contact
  5. 5. Sanitation Environment safety:  Keep washrooms neat and clean  Avoid acid contamination  Remove dirty areas  Hand wash properly  Locate washrooms away from warehouses  Report dirty areas to the supervisor  Use baskets for waste material  Throw wastage in to the dustbin
  6. 6. Process equipment Loading safety:  Pallets should be loaded safely  Avoid overloading  Keep distance from material  Traffic schedule should be maintained  Balance load  Keep pallets away from the edges  Wheels should work properly regarding machine  Docks should be secure  Listen to the machine noise  Avoid accidents  Keep roads clean for movement of lifters
  7. 7. Housekeeping Floor safety:  Keep floor neat and clean  Avoid eating storage areas to avoid micro growth  Sunlight proof roofs  Gaps and holes should be covered  Coating on the walls to avoid scaling  Temperature should be standard  Avoid leakage of liquid valves in storage areas  Dust should be removed  Equipment's for housekeeping should be utilized  Regular maintenance is required
  8. 8. Pest control Micro growth:  report micro growth if seen anywhere  Carefully wash hands in order to stop micro growth  Use treated water  Use acid carefully for removal of bacteria  Regularly remove waste
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