special education language disorders special needs measurement intellectual disabilities sports skills nutrition assessment sports psychology speech disorders language development concentration hearing disabilities possible causes strategy types emotional disorders learing disabilities signs management methods cricket facility introduction vision and vision loss degree of loss normal hearing threshold types media media management deafness mental retardation dysgraphia dyslexia dyscalculia issues characteristics identification etiology development of speech diagnosis classification theories need achievment definitions factors symptoms dysarthria history education philosophy psychological foundations evaluation copmonents content marketing physical education curriculum aims and objectives validity. testing. scoring. assessing. talent hunt functions water components water balance disadvantages advantages abcd skill scoring stroup basketball jhonson test parks concepts recreation dri rdas ears consumption sources exercise loading carbs fats requirement manager events project management capital management balance malnutrition diet food frequency emotion parts of concentration concentration problems improving concentration stages of skill aquistion autonomous stage associative stage cognitive stage problems teaching accommodation inclusion focus stages attention impairment visual impairments how it works goal setting principles traits leadership coaching socialization culture course outline autism blindness language perspective steps role scope special people learning disability prevelance slcn standardized test communication disorders intelligence persons with ids myths adaptive behaviour motivation attribution maslow goal orientation sdt title assignment peshawar suit cuases factors contributing to eds rate hyperactivity disabilities causes developmental disabilities apraxia psychology
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