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Gartner: The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing

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A research by Gartner ins. about The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing worldwide, challenges & readiness

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Gartner: The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing

  1. 1. Gartner Call The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing March 19, 2020
  2. 2. The “new normal” we keep hearing about is…not new at all. Consumers face on a regular basis much of the same emotion they are facing now. The same things we have been trying to help our clients’ audience overcome (inertia, trepidation, too much choice, decision fatigue, uncertainty, remorse) are the things we will need to be addressing in the coming days and weeks. (With, of course, a mortality implication heating it all up.)
  3. 3. This slide actually got laughs…ironic laughs. Because of course it is 100% of businesses who now KNOW with great certainty that the disruption is going to be significant.
  4. 4. The propensity in these situations is to forget everything the enterprise has learned about CX, and to hunker down. But business as usual (BAU) is not going to work...in fact you must lean even more into a consumer focus, to understand that is motivating (or demotivating) them relative to your brand, and adjust with speed.
  5. 5. These next two slides were in the context of a question from a participant: “what should a CMO do in a situation like this?” The answer was at once encouraging (because it was smart) and discouraging (because it’s seldom put into practice). 1. Stay strategic. At a time like this it’s easy to back into a tactical mindset, but that’s disaster. Focus on the long-term and the big picture.
  6. 6. 2. Stay close to your CFO, who also must be strategically focused. Marketing budgets look like a big easy soft target, but if your CFO understand the mission, he’ll be able to defend dthat budget. 3. Think like a CEO. Build the right team, ask the righ questions, challenge lazy thinking that will ultimately create havoc or long-term damage to company, brand, or both. And help your team not to get paralyzed by data.
  7. 7. Brands that seemed to be overreacting early on are now the heroes. Sephora was one, not just for the closures but for taking on the more difficult issues like employee comp while closed, etc. The discussion around this piece was very engaging, people offering ideas about how this will shift the way brand do business. Chevrolet has a campaign now that specifically says they will sell cars online (via dealers, but all online). Restaurants going to 100% take out. Etc.