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DevOps: IT's Automation Revolution

  1. DevOps: IT’s Automation Revolution Adopt DevOps Thinking To Automate Application Deployment Eric Minick Lead Consultant – Urbancode Glenn O’Donnell Principal Analyst – Forrester @glennodonnell
  2. Kill complexity before it kills you! Mobile Cloud Agile Dev Manual Ability Virtualization Accelerant 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  3. Welcome to a new Industrial Revolution
  4. Conflict inhibits industrialization Dev Ops
  5. Stereotypes fuel conflict • Impatient • Slow to act • Temperamental • Temperamental • Careless about changes • Too rigid about changes • Prima donna artists • Always says “No!” • Ignorant about the “real world” • Too dumb to understand apps
  6. How can you reduce the conflict? An improved collaboration between Dev& Ops • Destroy the stereotypes! Get people talking! • App Dev and Operations CAN join forces • Involve both in the industrialization strategy • Instill discipline with flexible process • Accelerate with automation • Do it now or executives WILL take action
  7. How to make DevOps work • Talk! • Measure • Accept and hide complexity but don’t love it • Embrace process discipline across the lifecycle • Start with a common release management process • Automate release management execution • Inject rich feedback across the lifecycle • Change the incentives • Adapt the organization(s) • Measure
  8. What is automation? Tools that perform functions otherwise done by humans  Task Execution • Individual tasks • Repetitive tasks are candidates  Process Flow • Connects tasks and decisions • Workload automation and RBA  Decision Trigger • Analytics (not just monitoring) • When and why to take action
  9. “Fast and Accurate” is not a paradox • “Process = Bureaucracy” is a misconception • Discipline becomes oppressive only if taken too far • Good process enhances agility • Automation further accelerates execution
  10. Agile Dev meets Agile Ops Traditional Leaving Welcome To Transition Dev Ops Come Back Soon! Drive Safe! Release Management is Too Slow Agile Leaving Welcome To Transition Dev Ops Come Back Soon! Drive Safe! Streamlined Release Management
  11. The Typical Life Cycle Is Broken Ops App EA Dev QA Ops • One-way flow doesn’t allow for continual improvement • Information developed early is lost when given to Ops • Ops must resort to reverse engineering (a wasteful effort) • Release from App Dev to Operations is a huge problem • Thus, also a huge opportunity • Cultural barriers must fall but tools must also evolve • New tool developments are promising
  12. Collaborate Across The Life Cycle App EA Dev QA Ops Agile Process • Feedback makes it a true lifecycle with continual improvement • Automation based upon apps span the lifecycle • Apps become adaptive like infrastructure now is • Information is preserved and put to good use everywhere • A well-managed portfolio emerges from people communicating!
  13. Package releases for speed & accuracy Move packages, not individual components Development Staging Production Transitions ? of Components Package Transitions of a Package
  14. The evolution of trust and technology Trust Gap Automation Silver Bullet Automation Evolution Manual Ability Trust Evolution YOU ARE HERE
  15. Will automation replace my job? • Don’t fear automation … embrace it! • This is the future … be a part of the future! • History has not been kind to those who resist the inevitability of progress!
  16. Hot new roles emerge • Business relationship manager • Automation architect • Service designer • Service manager • Vendor manager • Process owner
  17. Who does DevOps? …. Who automates? Everyone does, but who “owns” it?
  18. Summary Pursue DevOps automation to lead industrialized IT • Embrace the new reality of industrialized IT • Talk to each other! • Abandon the stereotypes of all parties • Abandon the love affair with complexity – your job is to simplify • Streamline the handoff from Dev to Ops (agile lifecycle) • Get serious about process discipline, but don’t go too far! • Institute systems engineering practices across the entire lifecycle
  19. Thank you Glenn O’Donnell +1 617.613.8826 @glennodonnell
  20. DevOps Dev Ops Team A 3rd Silo? 27
  21. DevOps Dev Ops Team A 3rd Silo? 28
  22. So how do we bring these guys together? Dev Ops 29
  23. DevOps Infrastructure Team DevOps Infrastructure Dev Ops 30
  24. Release Management too DevOps Infrastructure Dev Ops Release 31 Management
  25. Role of DevOps Infrastructure Teams Build Automation Tool-chains 32 DevOps_Toolchain.html
  26. Role of DevOps Infrastructure Teams Build Automation Tool-chains • Product Mindset • Delivered as a service • Models - Post Office - Some assembly required 33 DevOps_Toolchain.html
  27. Reduce Tool per Siloism • Common backlogs We’re soo different in • Common builds our needs, we need our own thing • Common IaaS • Common deployments 34
  28. Evangelize and Coach 35
  29. These teams survive and thrive 36
  30. Urbancode References White Papers – Enterprise CD Maturity Model – Lean Build & Deployment Automation – Deployment Automation Basics Stay in touch: Twitter:@UrbanCodeSoft, @EricMinick 37
  31. Yes, we sell DevOps oriented products • uBuild – Build automation and CI for the hard problems • uDeploy – Deployment and release management • uProvision – Spins up virtual environments. Integrated with VMWare, Azure and EC2 • uRelease – Release & Environment management / planning 38
  32. Q&A Contact Eric Minick Contact Glenn O’Donnel +1 617.613.8826 @UrbanCodeSoft @EricMinick @glennodonnell 39

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