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Free business listing

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Starting with a free business listing on Google Places can help promote your business online.

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Free business listing

  1. 1. Free Business Listing With Google Places If you are looking for free business listing to promote your business online, Google places could be useful for your purpose. But as the end user the pertinent question for you would be how does it help? Verify and Enhance A couple of steps that comes up handy in effectively using Google Places for listing your business for free are as follows.  Verify local listing of your business first of all.  Enhance the features adding photos, coupons as well as special offers.  When you verify the list it will give you the rare opportunity of sharing your information online. The working Pattern Normally Google will use data from multiple sources for composing the local business listings. The listings include  Information obtained from different sources including third party providers and the indigenous record of the business enterprise.  Information entered by the entrepreneur or webmaster needs to be verified using a PIN that is either sent to the business address of the user or to his or her phone number.  The process is also flexible as the prospective entrepreneur can also add other information to the local listing they may consider vital. Limitations There are however a few limitations in the use of Google Places.  Currently it is available only in selected countries.  Checking the “add new listing” tab will help find out whether the applicant’s country is included in the list.  Also; every business listing must carry with them a valid and authentic mailing address. Free Listing But the best part of it is that Google Places offers you free business listing. No payments are required to be made to Google for the listings though they may add locally-targeted ads through their AdWords program in the listing. Before you try to get listed with Google Places it would be good checking out the quality guidelines issued by Google. It is available on the same place with the Google Place application.