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An introduction to creating collages

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A beginners guide to creating a collage.

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An introduction to creating collages

  1. 1. An Introduction To Collaging
  2. 2. Resources
  3. 3. Think of a topic e.g. •Holidays •Music •Favourite things etc. Don’t forget to •Have fun •Play •Experiment •Be messy Before you begin
  4. 4. Step one Look through the magazines, choose your images, cut or tear them out.
  5. 5. Next Steps Arrange your images Glue them in place. Add text if you want
  6. 6. Your collage is now complete Favourite things
  7. 7. Now that you’ve had a go, get in touch or visit my website for more examples of how to use collage www.unglueyou.co.uk Express Connect Communicate