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UnifiedPost - Hoe zorg je ervoor dat jouw klantencommunicaties in lijn zijn met de verwachting van jouw klanten

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UnifiedPost - Hoe zorg je ervoor dat jouw klantencommunicaties in lijn zijn met de verwachting van jouw klanten

  2. 2. Communication Innovation Evolution of Long Distance Communication
  3. 3. Communication Innovation Telecommunications Usage Has Evolved Massively ...
  4. 4. AMBITIOUS & TIME-STARVED TAILORED TO ME EFFORTLESS THE RIGHT MOMENT High Customer Expectations Never Been as Challenging to Grasp Attention
  5. 5. Personal Stories The Good The Bad The Ugly
  6. 6. You worry too much... Having the message and audience almost right is OK. Marketeer Mindset Nonchalance or Lack of Data?
  7. 7. Black Friday Madness Irrelevant Communications as a Consequence
  8. 8. My Background: invoices, statements, letters, notifications,... Transactional & Service Communications
  9. 9. FoMOFear Of Missing Out Why is this Happening? Irrelevant Communications LoCILack of Customer Insights
  10. 10. > 25 < 35 Segmentation as a Result Only Segment of 1 Really Works
  11. 11. Adoption Retention Expansion Advocacy Post-Purchase (Transactional) Engagement Education Research Evaluation Justification PURCHASE Pre-Purchase (Promotional) Rising Importance of the Journey Transactional vs Promotional
  12. 12. “George Clooney has been an exceptional partner to Nespresso perfectly embodying the elegance and charm of our brand.” Alfonso Gonzalez Nespresso Chief Customer Officer Go For End-to-End Brand Consistency Revamp the Invoice
  13. 13. Use Single Customer Profile instead of Data Siloes Relevant Commercial Information within Relevant Timeframe
  14. 14. Would you like to have all the slides? You can collect them here.
  15. 15. Ensure Your Customer Communications Align with Customer Expectations David Geleyn Thank You! UnifiedPost HQ Avenue Reine Astrid 92A 1310 La Hulpe, Belgium Tel: +32 2 634 06 28 Fax: +32 2 633 46 61 contact@unifiedpost.com