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Essent - Using AI@Scale to drive a seamless customer experience

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Essent - Using AI@Scale to drive a seamless customer experience

  1. 1. Using AI@Scale to drive a seamless customer experience… Kuldip Singh · Where Marketing meets Service· 17th June, 2019
  2. 2. Ice production 1924
  3. 3. Ice production today
  4. 4. Data storage 1980
  5. 5. Data storage today
  6. 6. The European energy sector is one of the most disrupted industries… Source: http://www.rp-online.de/nrw/staedte/geldern/eine-information-ist-vorgesehen-aid-1.7396284
  7. 7. Source: http://www.rp-online.de/nrw/staedte/geldern/eine-information-ist-vorgesehen-aid-1.7396284 …and the situation in the Dutch energy market is especially challenging and severe! Energy disruption 7 41% 18% 53% 39% … 15% … 6% 6% Share of renewable energy production 2017: NL on rank 27 out of 28 EU member states1 Source: Eurostat 2018 1. In addition, NL has most ambitious growing targets until 2020 (doubling renewables share)
  8. 8. innogy’s retail data strategy is aimed at creating ideal 360° views of energy consumers and households ENRICHMENT Smart Meter House Profile ECOSYSTEM Social Media Media Partners Retail Partners Market Research / Panel BAG Service Partner Other Sources EDM Other Partners Installations & maintenance status • Electricity & gas usage • Energy generation • Size of house • Energy profile (solar, insulation,…) • # people • Demographics • Bisnode Demographics Contracts Comms preferences Consents ID • Weather • City data • Traffic data • Price comparisons • Real-estate purchases • Interests, e.g. soccer • Industry comparisons • Surveys • Leads for E&G • Installations • Service status Smart Home • Sensor data from home (temperature, humidity, etc.) • Connected devices • Interest profile • Purchase intent • Moving intent Marketing campaigns • Email openings and CTR • Given reviews and stars Customer Service • Service contacts Intent & Interest eMobility • Charging station • Charging service CORE Note: Highlights the main identified data sources Account • Product, price, location, recency Purchases via retail Online Usage • Browsing • Purchase • Video Mobile app usage Satisfaction • Purchase to loyalty • Customer Effort • NPS • Facebook • Google • Twitter • Search engine terms Household Profile
  9. 9. innogy’s data strategy is built on a layered MarTech architecture, resulting in effective channel decisions Full customer & household view
  10. 10. 1 3 2 4 360° house 360° customer 1st2nd 3rd Combining house and customer data with relevant 3rd party data further personalizes offerings and makes it possible to offer E+ products to commodity users and vice versa. Some examples scale in EUR: ▪ Solar panels for house owners with a suitable rooftop ▪ Isolation for proven outdated neighbourhoods ▪ Energy efficient products in cooperation with electronic retailers via disaggregation Using the data of service partners and household data builds a location focused profile On and offline data help both digital marketing and call center agents in a real time manner * Results are not significant and tested on a small group of commercial contact center agents We see a 70%*+ in conversion of E+/green products In NL we use a full customerand household view, combininghouse, customerand third party data…
  11. 11. Retail Digital Program 2019 12 Within our AI & EXPERIMENTATION@SCALE initiative, we scale innovations across our 17mn customer base AI & experimen- tation @scale Scale best-in-class local projects Experiment@scale with central impulses Scale conversational AI Scale BE data science use cases • Best-in-class E2E online solar sales, data-based1 • Accuracy boost (~100%) 1. E.g. Kadaster, EDM and high-resolution satellite imaging data – with algorithms on top 2. Vs. control group after testing 256 improvements in only 34 days • AI Multivariate A/B testing • Boost green sales and ramp-up online conversion (+17%2) • Scaling in progress: • International Guild setup • Share & scale technologies • Test & coordinate (e.g. Sophie) • Predictive models, e.g. churn prevention, CLV3, inbound calls • Scaling in progress:
  12. 12. Advanced analyticsand AI driving a seamlessonline CX when buying solar panels…
  13. 13. Advanced analyticsand AI driving a seamlessonline CX when buying solar panels…
  14. 14. Advanced analyticsand AI driving a seamlessonline CX when buying solar panels…
  15. 15. AI, smart algorithms and machine learning enable Chatbot solutions that boost our customer focus & experience.
  16. 16. [video eprimo] Option A & B
  17. 17. [video eprimo] Option A
  18. 18. [video eprimo] Option B
  19. 19. By analysing energy consumption with the help of AI, we can identify how much power each household appliance consumes.
  20. 20. The web app allows for full cost control over the energy consumption of all appliances. Monthly billing is based on the actual usage and tips for energy saving are given… • Monthly overview • Detailed consumption by appliance • Hour-by-hour view Main Features 21
  21. 21. To realize AI based data-driven use cases, we team-up with strong corporate partners across industries To disrupt or be disrupted, that is the question... 22
  22. 22. “Our planet will be a better place, when we create a sustainable world in which innogy inspires how people live and work.”
  23. 23. “Our planet will be a better place, when we create a sustainable world in which innogy inspires how people live and work.” Please let me know your questions!