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Progressive Disclosure - Fluxible 2016 / Gajendar

What does it mean to be a design leader today, or in the nebulous yet accelerating future? Even more crucial, how do we articulate this significance to a recruiter, an executive, or an investor — so as to gain their respect, if not their outright trust?

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Progressive Disclosure - Fluxible 2016 / Gajendar

  1. 1. Progressive Disclosure The Fluxible - September 2016 Uday Gajendar, Principal UX Consultant @udanium / udanium@gmail.com Images via Unsplash & Google Images
  2. 2. ? value “Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives and also one of the most misunderstood.” - Alice Rawsthorn @udanium #fluxible2016
  3. 3. AFFIRM CLARIFY EXPAND v a l u e @udanium #fluxible2016
  4. 4. @udanium #fluxible2016 UI UX
  5. 5. dialogueDESIGNERS PARTNERS LOGIC VALUE CRAFT @udanium #fluxible2016
  6. 6. UX BizTech CEOs VCs HR PARTNERS = Control Job Spec Promotion Paths Org & Salary Biz Strategy Culture & Organization Money Money @udanium #fluxible2016
  7. 7. Let’s have an “intervention”! HR+ Recruiters CEO+ Executives VC+ Investors
  8. 8. HR+ Recruiters CEO+ Executives VC+ Investors “Hire a senior UX/UI designer who knows Sketch and codes the front-end.” “Create a design thinking culture with journey maps!” “Deliver 10x returns on my investment.” “Clean up the interface.” “We need some design thinking.” “Gotta validate the investment thesis.” @udanium #fluxible2016
  9. 9. HR+ Recruiters CEO+ Executives VC+ Investors metrics pixels metrics + Quant validation Pretty mockups @udanium #fluxible2016
  10. 10. TradecraftCRAFT Statecraft Stagecraft LOGIC Functional Political Perceptual VALUE Impact Influence Inspiration HR+ Recruiters CEO+ Executives VC+ Founders @udanium#fluxible2016
  11. 11. Founders & Startups LOGIC VALUE CRAFT Why so tantalizing for designers? Plant the seeds…early. Make Startups Great (Again?) @udanium #fluxible2016
  12. 12. MICRO MACRO META VALUE Impact Influence Virtue Tradecraft Functional Statecraft Rhetorical Stagecraft Perceptual PERSPECTIVE Cultural Philosophical @udanium #fluxible2016
  13. 13. Design design value! Let’s go Meta. @udanium #fluxible2016
  14. 14. Designer as Philosopher. Shaping the conscience of an organization. Of an industry. Of a culture. - Charles Eames @udanium #fluxible2016
  15. 15. Designing = right choices. Decision making from a humanist POV. Intentionality & consequences. job. @udanium #fluxible2016
  16. 16. HUMAN VIRTUESTrust Respect Dignity Loyalty Beauty Vitality @udanium #fluxible2016
  17. 17. Create something meaningful SIGNIFICANCE Utility Story StyleFunction• • • Are we defining design value the right way? @udanium #fluxible2016
  18. 18. å “The deeper purpose of design is to create the possibility of true experience in our lives.” - Richard Buchanan Just Useful Pleasurable Good Authentic, genuine, resonant, meaningful. @udanium #fluxible2016
  19. 19. “Humans are unpredictable mushy bags of irrationality and emotion.” FORCE MULTIPLIER CRAFT VALUELOGIC META MACRO MICRO - Travis Gertz @udanium #fluxible2016
  20. 20. Impact Influence Virtue MICRO Tradecraft Functional MACRO Statecraft Rhetorical Stagecraft Perceptual META Cultural Philosophical Uday Gajendar udanium@gmail.com twitter: @udanium Any Questions? Thank you. VALUEPERSPECTIVE