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Ubiwhere 2013 Annual Report

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We have released our consolidated results from 2013, informing all our stakeholders about our financial results in terms of turnover and growth, our performance during the year in terms of research and innovation, quality assurance and corporate social responsibility, and our strategy goals in terms of what we have accomplished and what our vision is for 2014.

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Ubiwhere 2013 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2013 Annual Report www.ubiwhere.com HEADQUARTERS Rua Pedro Vaz de Eça 6A 3800–322 Aveiro (Portugal) info@ubiwhere.com +351 234 484 466
  2. 2. Contents SECTION ONE UBIWHERE Message from the CEO 2 Company Profile 4 Recognition 7 2013 in Review 7 Location | Where we are 9 Products and Solutions | Markets 11 Key Performance Indicators 29 SECTION TWO COMPANY STRATEGY Accomplished Goals in 2013 35 Suiting the Future 40 SECTION THREE PERFORMANCE Research&Innovation 41 Quality Assurance 59 Corporate Social Responsibility 61 SECTION FOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION Turnover and Growth in 2013 67 Turnover per Industry 68 Sales 68 02 39 45 71 www.ubiwhere.com
  3. 3. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Message from the CEO “As part of our values and objectives we will continue to foster a culture of innovation and creativity (...)” Rui A. Costa 2013 has been a challenging year and has provided us a great chance to see how well we were prepared in the market, despite the negative economic context that we have been facing in Portugal over the last years. It is worth notice that at the end of 2013 we continue to prosper with a turnover performance reaching a historical value of +1M€, which lead to an EBITDA of 39%. We have an ambitious path to follow and with that in mind we will maintain our strategy and focus aligned with our capacity to research and develop bleeding edge technologies, innovate in everything we do and create valuable intellectual property. Since we work in a great number of sectors we know that technology companies are always evolving and need to know much more than just technology itself. For us it is crucial to know more and understand in detail each sector we work in. We are constantly focused on our employees, promoting team work and team spirit always with the certainty that they are the most valuable resources that we can count on in our company. In that perspective, we promote the continuous development of new competences and the sharing of knowledge and best practices across all departments. Driven by the successful exploitation of innovative ideas our ability is to imagine and develop new tools for dynamic and challenging environments. Our R&I investment is very important for us and is walking side by side with our growth, demonstrating our continuing commitment to valuable research and innovation. As part of our values and objectives we will continue to foster a culture of innovation and creativity by delivering the solutions that our customers need to succeed. We will also continue to be involved with our stakeholders always thinking about the future with progress and providing the necessary support when and where our expertise can be most helpful. We are working to keep our innovative path and to accomplish even higher levels of proficiency. 03 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  4. 4. 05 SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Company Profile We had our origins in the University of Aveiro Business Incubator (IEUA) in September, 2007. The beginning of our company arose from the desire to make a difference, and the enthusiasm of three young researchers from the Institute of Telecommunications and PT Inovação, SA in pursuing a career of high potential and success. The skills acquired as a result of various works - whether in academic environment or in industrial context - in the context of European research projects enabled the pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship, vital in a company that always wanted to affirm the creation of innovative solutions on both national and international scenario. With specific customers in mind, such as telecom operators, our work attracted the attention of PT Inovação, SA since the beginning, being our first customer. Leveraged by the R&I experience of the three founding partners, we counted, since the beginning, with specialised know-how in high-tech products and services in areas such as telecommunications and next generation networks. Research&Innovation and user-centered solutions have been the hallmark of our growth, reflecting our culture of technology and shared ideas. We research and develop bleeding edge technologies, design state-of-the-art solutions and create valuable intellectual property to be an international reference in Smart Cities and Future Internet. Since 2007, we have fostered a culture of innovation and creativity by delivering the solutions that our customers need to succeed. MISSION To improve people’s lives by developing usable technologies. VISION To be an international reference in Smart Cities and Future Internet. OBJECTIVES Research and develop bleeding edge technologies, design state- of-the-art solutions and create valuable intellectual property. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE R&D Innovation Communication Design Quality Human UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 Who are we 04 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 Administrative Services Financial Legal IT Services Organogram Top Management Business & Marketing Resources
  5. 5. Values Ubiwhere’s values represent the principles that guide its activity and relationship with all its partners, clients and employees. AMBITION FOR GOALS Our aspiration is to do better and more every day, setting objectives and challenges that stimulate our expertise, so that we can achieve our main goals rapidly and successfully. With that in mind, our objectives are SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound. 1 SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE 06 4 RESPECT FOR THE UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 RESPONSIBILITY We foster a culture of respect to our society, employees, customers, partners, suppliers and competitors. We draw both our professional and personal relationships by principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, confidentiality and liability. We are committed to follow the best practices in Social Responsibility in order to make the management in social, environmental and energy terms more effective and efficient. 2INNOVATION & CREATIVITY IN CREATING VALUE Innovation allied with Creativity are the essence and the source of our strategy. Every day we develop new and bright ideas, always trying to explore new tools and resources. The main purpose is to provide new, better and valuable products to our customers, and to design the most advanced technology and intellectual property to create added value. 5 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Our sustainable development has leading us to ensure continuity and growth of our business. We recognise that this growth must be both inclusive and environmentally sound to reduce poverty, build prosperity for today’s population, and meet future generations needs. We want to help deliver immediate and long-term benefits for people, planet, and prosperity. With that in mind, we create value in everything we do and everyday always with respect to our public's interests. ENVIRONMENT We are committed to provide a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimises our potential impact on the environment. We keep environmental impact within acceptable limits through good methods, such as seeking to reduce the amount of energy and water used as much as possible; performing business electronically (web-based product demonstrations, e-mails, phone and conference calls); distributing our software electronically to avoid the need to print manuals, etc.; waste materials are recycled (paper, plastic, glass, etc.); and cleaning materials used are as environmentally friendly as possible. We aim to review our environmental policy at least on an annual basis to improve our performance and quality. 3 SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Top Management 06 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  6. 6. 2013 FEB We were successfully appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 2 - The youngest Portuguese company rated at CMMI We were showcasing Coollab at BETT Show 2013 in London We were distinguished in Germany with The European Seal of e-Excellence Award 2013 MAR We were at the Amazon Web Services Summit 2013 in San Francisco APR We were at San Francisco and Boston with BrightRoll, SAP and other innovative companies MAY JUN We were showcasing our latest solutions in the fields of digital innovation at the Futur en Seine 2013 in Paris SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE We were present at the Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013 in Lisbon JUL Members of “Rede RSO PT – Rede Nacional de Responsabilidade Social” AUG SEP We launched bikeemotion, Lda – a 4th generation bikesharing system OCT NOV DEC We received the SME Leader status title from IAPMEI (Institute for the Support of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) We are one of the top 5 Portuguese companies at Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ EMEA Our company's rebranding 2014 2013 in Review 2013 The European Seal of e-Excellence Award 2013 March 2013 SME Leader status title from IAPMEI November 2013 One of the top 5 Portuguese companies at Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ EMEA November 2013 Quality Certifications CMMI Maturity Level 2 The youngest Portuguese company rated at CMMI February 2013 Recognition 08 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 07 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 JAN
  7. 7. Location Where we are Our presence in Portugal is strengthened and firmly consolidated since the foundation in September, 2007. Our offices are located in Aveiro, São João da Madeira and Coimbra. That's why the strategic location of our offices has ensured a close relationship with the academic world, holding Master's Internships and project developments with the most prestigious national universities. The cities of Coimbra and Aveiro, aside from other cultural and leisure attractions, are known worldwide for its Universities. AVEIRO We have our headquarters in Aveiro since September, 2007. The existence of a cluster of Telecommunications in Aveiro, conducive to the establishment of strategic partnerships and synergies, was decisive in the choice of Aveiro for our headquarters. The proximity of the Institute of Telecommunications of Aveiro pole, the headquarters of PT Inovação, SA and Nokia Siemens Networks pole, were also important in this option. The highly engaging entrepreneurial spirit in the city, Inova-Ria association, the support of the Unit of Technology Transfer from the University of Aveiro and the University of Aveiro Business Incubator (IEUA) were also essential. SÃO JOÃO DA MADEIRA We have a office in São João da Madeira since October, 2008. S. João da Madeira (SJM) is a small council of 8 km2, located in the Northern Region of Portugal, which is part of the Entre Douro e Vouga sub-region, located 40 km from Oporto. The industrial council has one of the highest rates of enterprises per square meter at a national level, and has been decisive for us to take this big step towards our growth in Portugal. On October 11th, Mr. President Aníbal Cavaco Silva participated in the inauguration of our Innovation Lab in São João da Madeira by experiencing our applications. Created by us in 2011, UbiLL serves as a platform for exchanging user-driven innovation practices in Ubiquitous and Invisible Computing technology. Our aim is to become an international reference carrying out innovative technology projects to boost up SMEs knowledge and innovation. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE COIMBRA We have a new office in Coimbra since September, 2013. We decided to have a new office and the best place to be in 2013 was the city of Coimbra. The entrepreneurial spirit in the city (like in Aveiro), the University of Coimbra and its transfer of technology, the industrial poles in the city, namely the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), named in 2010 as the best incubator in the world and the Coimbra iParque were essential to nominate Coimbra to be the city for our new office. With this new office, we intend to be closer to the University community and also with our new partners. 10 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE 09 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  8. 8. Products and Solutions Telecom and Future Internet The successful exploitation of innovative ideas comes from our ability to imagine and develop new tools for dynamic and challenging environments. The telecommunications industry operates in a rapidly evolving environment with numerous challenges and opportunities for service providers. With an ear towards clients and an eye for innovation, we offer a vast portfolio of products, services and solutions for the Telecom and Future Internet sectors. From Brazil and Africa, to Europe and the Asia- -Pacific our solutions are spread all over the world and the results speak for themselves. uMeter DTT Digital Terrestrial Televison (DTT) signal monitoring platform. The switchover from analogue to digital terrestrial television was a disruptive process and had a strong impact on the Portuguese population. This change required a particularly close and permanent monitoring of the quality of DDT broadcast signals. The platform has the ability to measure the quality of signal, and allows a low cost 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of DVB-T/T2 live transmission network. It also ensures that responsible companies will provide a service that fulfils at least the minimal requirements in terms of quality and monitoring of signal. It integrates such features as: WEB AGENT: 1. DVB-T Real Time Measurements; 2. Measurement statistics; 3. Probes Map Location; 4. Configuration (Probe Parameters; Alert Thresholds; Probe Groups); 5. Event-based system for dealing with Alerts and Errors; 6. User and Profile Management; 7. Auditing; 8. High Availability and Redundancy. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE 12 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE 11 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  9. 9. IP-Centrex Platform Development of a user web portal of IP-Centrex business solution for Portugal Telecom. It integrates such features as: 1. Supported on an SDP type platform (Service Delivery 4. Unified release of service activity records, SDR– Platform) for the convergent control of all -Service Detail Records; functionalities of business convergent service; 5. Provision of charging records, CDR – Charging Detail 2. Standardisation of southbound integrated with Records; different network and control types, namely PLMN, PSTN and IMS; 6. Provision of standard interface to ROM function; 3. Pre-integration of uniform northbound via Diameter 7. Full independence from billing and invoicing systems. Ro interface with the NGIN rating and charging convergent system; SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Bioeconomy (Food, Agriculture and Fisheries) The fast growth of world population and its impact on ecology clearly highlight the need for use of renewable biological resources. Bioeconomy offers a great opportunity to reconcile the demand for sustainable agriculture, food and fisheries while ensuring environmental protection and economic growth. For this reason, investment in research and innovation for the Bioeconomy projects is one of our high stakes for bet for the near future. 14 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE 13 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 For 2014, our purposes are in line with the development of new products for this market sector. Net.mede Pro Development of a platform for monitoring the QoS for Internet access, based on a system of open participation, able to extract metrics based on a set of tests performed by the end-users inresidential environment. This platform aims to measure a set of QoS parameters for Internet access provided by an ISP in a region or country. The platform is based on a system of open participation that allows any citizen with Internet access to evaluate in a simple, safely and accurately way a set of technical parameters related to the service provided by the end user ISP. Subsequently, the platform reports the measurement results to a centralised system. It also ensures that responsible companies will provide a service that fulfils at least the minimal requirements in terms of quality and monitoring of signal.
  10. 10. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Sustainable and Efficient Resource Management The competitive and challenging environment of Smart-Grids requires efficient, integrated and comprehensive real-time information systems. Since we are collaborating closely with European Research and Development Smart-Grids projects, we are driving innovation in key industry issues while developing strong network management competences. Our diversified portfolio in the sector is the mirror of our know-how. SaveEnergy Aims to address the challenge of behaviour transformation through the use of ICT (serious game and real-time information), as an enabler of energy efficiency in five Public buildings in five European cities – Helsinki, Leiden, Lisbon, Luleå and Manchester. Based on energy consumption data analysis collected by meters, the platform intends to identify the facts of major impact on energy consumption of buildings. SportE2 Aims to manage and optimise the three dimensions of energy flows (generation, grid exchange and consumption) in Sports and Recreation Buildings by developing a new scalable and modular building management system based on: 1. Smart metering; 2. Integrated control; 3. Optimal decision-making; 4. Multi facility management. This tool enables a new relationship and business model structure between facility managers and power providers. Its modules are applicable to both new and existing structures and answers the fundamental questions of how, where, when and why energy is produced, used and grid exchanged. 16 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 15 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  11. 11. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE ENERsip Aims to optimise energy demand, by coordinating consumption and generation. The platform allows users to control and monitor, remotely and in real-time, electrical devices in residential or commercial buildings. All platform features were developed with the aim of promoting energy saving. The saving can be increased through monitoring and control of energy devices. The platform supports: 1. Monitoring usage patterns in households; 2. Controlling energy generation in green buildings; 3. Providing advice to users on how to optimise usage; 4. Integrating demand and generation at a neighbourhood level; 5. Mechanisms to integrate with other energy grids. EDP Eco-challenge The web portal provides a power consumption monitoring system, with the aim of developing activities that sentitise the teaching community for the importance of the power efficiency, from a sustainable development perspective. Allows schools to register on the platform to interact with other users, monitor energy consumption, access news and useful links as well as events dates and locations. uMonitor Information technology management system. Allows the real-time remote monitoring of IT equipment of one or more entities. It integrates such features as: 1. Web-based monitoring solution (SaaS); 2. Real-time equipment monitoring: 3. Mechanism for automatic aggregation of data; 4. IT equipment actuator; 5. Personalised reports; 6. Alarms; 7. Integration with external systems (e.g. Supply Information system of an organisation). With this management system the advantages that can be highlighted are the improvement of the level of technical assistance to clients, correct supply of IT equipment, IT equipment inventory (physical details: brand, model, network address), obtainment of dynamic information of equipment operation, generation of statistical reports of IT equipment use and organisation´s efficiency increase in terms of supply and energy. 18 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 17 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  12. 12. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Transports, Travel and Tourism In recent years, information systems have revolutionised the Transportation, Travel, and Tourism industry. Recognising the potential of these markets, we hold the experience and know-how that enable us to provide valuable insight and state-of-the-art solutions to companies operating in all three sectors, as well as to some of the main green mobility R&I projects that we have been participating in. Accommodation of the future The project is being developed for AHRESP (Portuguese Association for Hotels and Restaurants) in cooperation with idtour (a company that aims to promote research and development of innovative solutions applied to different organisations operating in the tourism industry). Its aim is the Research & Development of technological solutions, creating custom products that will confer greater capacity for differentiation and competitive positioning of the accommodation of the future units, in a valuable and efficient way. Thus, the project involves the development of 20+ services, applications and tools. It encompasses the modernisa-tion of the diversity of communication tools and initiatives as well as the development of smartphone applications, virtual tourist card, and web platforms for tourism products promotion, among other innovative solutions. 20 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 19 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  13. 13. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 1. Content management platform; 2. Open infrastructure for tourism-related applications; 3. Shared data and software components like points of interest, services and events; 4. Default and customised routes from a service or an entity (e.g. a museum); 1. Content management platform; 2. Context-based multimedia guide for mobile devices (location, movement, users´surrounding environment): 3. Tailored multimedia content (text, pictures, audio and video); 4. Interactive maps; 5. Augmented reality; 21 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 22 Pervasive Tourism Context management platform for tourism applications. Provides an application programming interface (API) allowing in-house and 3rd party products/services development. It is an engine that powers your apps and allows you to care about your users’ experience instead of the technical disorder. It’s especially directed at tourism and mobility apps, but it can help any app that needs real time location services. It integrates such features as: 5. Geo-fencing; 6. User tracking; 7. Custom virtual ID cards; 8. Recommendation system. With this platform the user enhances visitors’ experience, gathers tourist-related information and may generate content. TourEmotion A new concept of communication for your visitors. It integrates four distinct solutions - Walk, Discover, Play and Enjoy - aiming to provide a unique experience for its users. The platform operators benefit from an effective marketing and BI tool in gathering and accessing visitors’ data. It integrates such features as: 6. Virtual or physical tourist card; 7. Tourist tracking statistics; 8. Geo-referenced contents; 9. Automatic object and gesture recognition; 10. Integration with social networks. With this platform the user will enhance visitors' experience, gather tourist-related information, improve regional visibility and promotion, and encourage regional products and services consumption.
  14. 14. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Knowledge, Collaboration and Education The increasing influence of digital environments and collaboration on learning is undeniable. Technology advances are playing the main role in the education industry while the world prepares to become a knowledge-based economy. The strong focus on R&I and solid academic background led us to continuously invest in this sectors. We intend to challenge the traditional paradigm of education tailoring technology to suit the needs of all students and educators. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 25 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 26 netboard software Interactive whiteboard application of Nautilus – a school furniture manufacturer. This solutions allows to interact with the desktop by adding notes and using all its applications. It integrates such features as: 1. Drawing tools (pen, geometric shapes, arrows, lines and highlighter); 2. Embedded browser; 3. Math tools (ruler, compasses, set square and protractor); 4. Lessons recorder, with all the interactions, for further use.
  15. 15. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Coolled Online learning platform. Allows users around the world to share and collaborate, in real-time, through an online whiteboard, video- -conference system, among others. More than just a usual form of group interaction, Coolled is the best way to engage and collaborate with students in real-time, any place, anywhere. It integrates such features as: 1. Real-time collaboration; 2. Cross platform compatibility (Web, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV); 3. Web-based (SaaS); 4. Video conference; 5. Online whiteboard. With this online platform, the user enhances lessons’ interactivity, removes geographical barriers and reduces transportation costs. It is designed to work in desktop computers through a browser and is available for smartphones, tablets and smart TV’s. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 27 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 28
  16. 16. The competitive and challenging environment of our solutions, allied with our work in different sectors has given us the ability to develop a variety of products and services that best suits our customers’ expectations. Since we have a diversified portfolio of solutions for each sector, we also feel the need to embrace other specific projects for specific customers’ needs over the years. Other Projects SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE 30 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Playnify Social network for sports professionals and fans. Allows to find other players and sports venues all over the world, enables users to schedule sport events, invite participants and share results with Playnify. It integrates such features as: 1. Find players with similar sports preferences and time availability; 2. Find sports venues anywhere in the world; 3. Create teams; In order to enrich the user experience and make the main features available wherever the user is, we have developed the platform for web and mobile devices (iOS and Android). The user interface is clean and straightforward and the design is focused on the usability and accessibility. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 4. Schedule and manage sports events quick and easy; 5. Share your sports activity on Facebook. 29
  17. 17. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE High Heel Passenger birdaholic 32 31 Mobile bird field guide, adapted to the birdwatchers and ornithologists needs. The mobile app can be used to register bird sightings and access a great amount of information about bird species, their behaviour and habitats. The mobile app allows users to challenge each other, turning their well-known field locations into absolute game-zones. Interactive exhibition that uses the installation as a platform, encouraging young people to take an interest in arts and social problems in their language. Based on the original layout from the labyrinth, we have developed an Android game, created to reinforce the message of the project. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  18. 18. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE 2. Net Earnings 3. EBITDA 4. EBIT 50% 72% 39% 77% 31% 31% 37% 36% 5. Turnover per Industry (%) Key Performance Indicators 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 35 888,97 € 90 341,38 € 116 691,07 € 193 051,89 € 293 922,32 € 372 669,58 € 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 37% 39% 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 35% 37% 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Economic Indicators 1. Turnover UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 33 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 34 120 168,81 € 294 173,44 € 319 397,60 € 532 652,13 € 869 368,68 € 1 003 009,58 € Telecom and Future Internet Sustainable and Efficient Resource Management Transports, Travel and Tourism Knowledge, Collaboration and Education 61% 21% 11% 7%
  19. 19. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE Social Indicators 1. Employees 6 7 14 17 29 34 2007 2008 2009 /10 2011 2012 2013 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 MALE FEMALE 100% 100% 100% 93% 7% 94% 6% 90% 10% 79% 21% UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 35 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 36
  20. 20. SECTION ONE | UBIWHERE RECRUITMENT R&I Projects 1. Number of projects per year UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 JOB OPENINGS APPLICATIONS 15 705 37 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 38 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 1 started ongoing 1 3 5 11 110 05 2012 2013 2012 2013 2 8 10 12
  21. 21. SECTION TWO | COMPANY STRATEGY SECTION TWO | COMPANY STRATEGY UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 39 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 40 Commercial Purposes In 2013, the great commercial purpose of our company was the response to National and International Public Tenders. The aim was to extend our range of clients and portfolio and, at the same time, increase the number of projects (and the invoice), without a large increase in the commercial activity. In terms of business development, we were focused on productisation. Evaluating customer satisfaction is also a crucial task for the success and growth of our business and 2013 was not an exception regarding this matter. Accordingly, we have been capable of focusing our activities on the market, in order to maximise the overall satisfaction of our customers. Human Resources The number of employees is evolving year by year, showing considerably our strategic growth and the focus on our people. The evolution can be analysed on pages 31 and 32. We currently has 34 employees and around 85% of them have Master’s or PhD degree. Most of our employees are software engineers and at the end of 2013 around 81% of our workforce was male and 19% female. We can see that the percentage of women in the company is changing, as can be analysed on pages 31 and 32. In 2012, we have received 101 applications, for 5 open positions and 9 spontaneous applications. In 2013 we received 668 applications, for 15 open positions, in such areas like marketing, software engineer, software tester, management controller and more. We have also received 37 spontaneous applications meaning that people are looking more closely for our company and want to work with us. The evolution can be analysed on page 33. With these results we may realise that 2013 was a very good year for our company, in comparison with the previous years, meaning that we are growing considerably year by year. We had more job openings and were looking for the best individuals to be part of our team. R&I Projects Regarding R&I projects we had eight new projects during 2013, namely: 1. SEMA and bikeemotion, both for the TICE.Mobility project; 2. Coollab; 3. uMeter QoS; 4. Livin’X; 5. WMAN; 6. SBE; 7. SAID. We initiate other projects (even though not financed by public funds), and evaluate the application for others. Still in 2013, we had a great effort in finding partners and R&I European projects, especially under the FP7. Quality Regarding internal organisation we implemented a Project Development Management System (SGDP), compatible with CMMI-Dev L3 good practices - as a result of successful implementation of the CMMI-Dev L2 procedures. The ongoing process to obtain CMMI Level 3 will be concluded in 2014 and is very important for our commitment to product quality, production efficiency, and the ability to reduce associated costs. Accomplished goals in 2013
  22. 22. SECTION TWO | COMPANY STRATEGY SECTION TWO | COMPANY STRATEGY IN 2014 International Presence We have been present in +10 events, namely: 1. BETT Show | London 2. CeBIT where we were distinguished with the European Seal of e-Excellence Award 2013 | Germany 3. Amazon Web Services Summit 2013, BrightRoll Meeting, and SAP Meeting | San Francisco 4. Sal Khan Conference @MIT | Boston 5. Futur en Seine 2013 | Paris 6. Vilnius ICT 2013 | Lithuania 7. Smart City Expo World Congress 2013 | Barcelona This is one of our strategic motivations for the next year Very IMPORTANT PLACES for our BUSINESS 4 In 2013 we have participated in events all over the world, being this one of the best years for our company in terms of international presence. 1 3 5 2 6 7 WE WANT TO reinforce OUR PRESENCE IN ALL these countries AND ALSO BE.... PRESENT IN EVENTS IN UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 41 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 42 U.S.A. Brazil Middle East Europe AND MORE!
  23. 23. 44 Suiting the future The global economic times we are facing leads us to multiple challenges that must be faced every day. We feel proud of challenging our employees' talent and passion, combined with our corporate culture of innova-tion and creativity, which make us a dynamic and grow-ing company that continues to prosper in the most challenging economic conditions. We are proud of the exponential growth that our company has had in recent years. The results achieved are due to the value proposition that our products and services represent in the market. However, above all, we emphasise the importance of our employees on this achievement because they were and are the ones who make these results possible. Professionalism, rigor, innovation and excellence have been the key to our success over the years. We have been investing, both financially and strategically, in new projects and in our human capital in 2013. These investments have prepared us for a new and stimulating phase of growth and internationalisation in 2014. We have set new goals for 2014, namely to reach 40% of sales in international markets until the end of 2015. These goals will help us expanding new, innovative and commercial capabilities to our existent and new customers, partners and regions. Our persistence to be better in the fields we are working helps us create the most innovative and reliable products for customers around the world. In 2014, one of our main purposes is to continue our path towards internationalisation as well as continuing to grow step by step to a promising future, dedicated to the reliability and excellence of our solutions. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 “WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR 2013 ACHIEVEMENTS AND NOW WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE MILESTONES, ALWAYS SUITING THE FUTURE” SECTION TWO | COMPANY STRATEGY
  24. 24. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SAID uMonitor SportE2 bikeemotion Enersip Playnify SaveEnergy SaveEnergy uMeter QoS uMeter DTT uParking uMonitor SportE2 ENERsip uMeter DTT uMeter QoS uParking birdaholic bikeemotion EDP Eco-challenge Smart Cities and Communities Cities worldwide are facing diverse challenges to demonstrate its commitments to environmental and social demands. The growing concern to find the right balance between urban development needs and global environmental changes challenges our company to create smart solutions for smart cities in areas such as mobility, tourism, energy and efficient resource management. We embrace interoperability, Open Data and smart cloud-based services as fundamental components of what we do. These principles are reflected in the R&I projects that we are developing, as well as in our Smart Cities products and services. Related Projects: Connected Smart Objects and People Connected Smart Objects are having a great impact on society and business. Internet brought life to everyday objects connected over fixed and wireless networks extending interaction to anywhere, anytime. Therefore, a new generation of permanently connected people arises as a result of constant technological advances. The close monitoring of technological advances and strong engineering background enabled us to develop several key competences in IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology, Embedded Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of People and Internet of Everything. Related Projects: Research&Innovation Research topics UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 45 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 46
  25. 25. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE Future Internet and Next-Generation Networks The incredible speed at which Communication and Networking technologies have advanced is undeniable. Future Internet and Next-Generation Networks have made a decisive impact on networked applications and services by introducing new challenges and opportunities in terms of scalability, flexibility, security and mobility. As a result, our portfolio of solutions is quite vast, and ranges from areas such as QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience), Opportunistic Networks, Indoor and Outdoor Positioning Systems, Networking Convergence and Future Internet Services. Related Projects: uMeterQoS Coollab IP-Centrex Platform Content Technologies and Connected Media Content Technologies and Connected Media have turned the traditional publishing processes into a new digital publishing age. The use of technology to create, convert, publish and manage contents brings real benefits in time, flexibility and scalability. Our vast portfolio of mobile applications for the mass market includes multiple mobile apps for such areas as Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Context- aware, Semantics, Real-Time Collaboration, Advanced User Interface, Gesture-based Recognition and Natural User Interfaces. We are constantly taking on new challenges on the mobile computing front. Related Projects: netboard Software Coollab Coolled ubistudio Accomodation of the Future High Heel Passenger Pervasive Tourism Data Analytics, Open Data and Interoperability The increase of data interoperability through new and innovative approaches is one of the current technological challenges. Interoperability removes barriers to data sharing acting as the contact point between systems and applications. We deliver efficient and accurate solutions to improve the performance of your business and your management processes. Furthermore, we have strong competences in Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Open Data, Open Access and Linked Data, Information Management and Interoperability, Decision Support Systems and Predictive Analytics. Related Projects: SaveEnergy Sport E2 IP-Centrex Platform 47 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE 48 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 ENERsip uSave TICE.Mobilidade IP Multimedia Subsystem uTracker
  26. 26. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE R&I projects in 2013 SEMA SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE A mobile semantic application which suggests points of interest based on users interests. OBJECTIVES AND SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PROGRESSES SEMA aims to add a semantic layer to the PP’S 1 - One Stop Transport, providing three major gains: 1. Semantic enrichment of data in order for the remaining PPS’s can enjoy richer data in terms of information; 2. Management of Artificial Selective Attention – the adequacy of the data to the user's context, so information and services can be driven accordingly to the user profile; 3. A semantic layer about the PPS 1 data so all other PPS’s can take advantage of semantic interoperability between all data. 49 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 PERFORMED R&I ACTIVITIES Implementation of PPS2 Integrated Services, including: 1. Service of Semantic Interoperability – Wizdee is the leading partner company of SEMA and this module is the main bridge to integrate the SEMA project with the integrator PPS, adding a layer of semantic value to the aggregated data of the central platform of the consortium; 2. Service of Semantic Enrichment – research, aggregation and structuring semantic information modules, which aims to intelligently supplement the information system with other online open sources, in order to create a smart, dynamic and complete repository to provide the necessary value to the end users; 3. Service of Artificial Selective Attention - contextualised module of semantic recommendation. We were in charge of the implementation of the major demonstrator, in the form of a Tour Guide Mobile, context-aware and able to take advantage of the capabilities of the implemented semantic services, as well as those of the integrator PPS of the TICE.Mobilidade project represented as the One Stop Transport platform. This guide is capable of, in real-time, and according to the current conditions of the user environment, and their explicit and implicit preferences adapt to the information the user needs and present just what is more relevant to him, every time. ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS IN 2013 In 2013, all PPS 2 partners completed and provided preliminary drafts of services and applications in their charge. In our case, the Mobile Guide for iOS devices was released for preliminary testing with a restricted set of users in the region of Aveiro. The collected feedback from the use of the final version of the Mobile Guide will incorporate a set of features and interactions that make it more useful and provide information of use to the other partners that will improve the services already implemented. 50 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 CO-FINANCING
  27. 27. 1. Following nowadays concerns about environment protection, it is intended to reduce greenhouse gases production, fighting the global warming; 2. Implement a transport system that efficiently help users to use other means of transport rather than private car; 3. Build an electronic device to be used in private bicycles as well as on bike sharing systems, which will allow bicycle blockage and localisation, providing users with real-time information; 4. Allow users to leave the bicycle wherever they want, without the need for special parking places, using the technology which will allow finding a location, booking and paying in a simple way for the user; 5. Management, maintenance and redistribution of each bicycle. 1. Electro-mechanical device; 2. Mobile application; 3. Information system; SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE 4. Integrated system; 5. Prototypes, Pilot Tests/Demos. bikeemotion The project consists in the development of a 4th generation bike sharing system and all the surrounding systems, including management system, management of advertising, a mobile application and a website for sharing and disseminating routes experienced by users themselves. The aim of the project is to develop an electronic device to be used on bicycles, allowing the lock/unlock and the location of the bike at any time (in a remote way). Associated with the device we developed a software management tool, publicity and interaction with users, a mobile application for "smartphones", and a model of urban application in different scenarios. OBJECTIVES AND SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PROGRESSES PERFORMED R&I ACTIVITIES R&I activities carried out throughout the project included mainly the following components: These activities were structured as follows: 1. Preliminary Studies (Study of Technological Feasibility, state-of-the-art and Market Analysis, Possible Business Models and Economic Feasibility Study); 2. Specification Technique (System Requirements Definition, System Architecture Definition, Definition of procedures for system usage/use cases and user stories, Analysis and Definition of user interfaces and Test Plan Definition); 3. Acquisition and Development, and New Knowledge and skills; 4. Development; 5. Prototyping, pre-series, experimental/pilot installation; 5. Tests and Testing; 6. Promotion and Dissemination of results (overall results dissemination in scientific and technological conferences, advertising in international trade fairs and congresses and participation in promotional events. ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS IN 2013 1. Development of 4 versions of functional prototypes, resulting in an iterative development process; 2. Development of a Pilot Test of bikeemotion® product in Águeda (involving users/community) and integrated with the municipal system of shared use of bicycles (in collaboration with the Municipality of Águeda); 3. Results dissemination in multiple events, national and international, scientific, technological, as well as business development; 4. Obtaining international awards and recognitions. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 51 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 52 CO-FINANCING
  28. 28. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 53 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 54 Coollab A real-time collaborative framework which provides an application programming interface (API) allowing in-house and 3rd party products/services development. The framework can be integrated with numerous vertical markets, such as education, music and gaming. OBJECTIVES AND SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PROGRESSES This framework allows adding real-time collaborative features in any application without having to comply with rigid requirements. The framework automatically implements the entire persistence data engine as well as conflict management, being the last one an unavoidable situation when several employees interact with the same document in real-time. In addition to the real-time collaboration functionality, it's also available a real-time communication module using the WebRTC technology for the delivery of users media streams. The ability to easily add collaboration and real- -time communication features in any solution substantially enhances the value of the Coollab framework. Unlike other tools, Coollab was not developed in order to target a single product, been developed in order to be applied to a wide range of applications in a variety of business logics. PERFORMED R&I ACTIVITIES The fact that this platform/framework provides a service to 3rd parties, allowing them to create collaborative real-time editing features through a simple connection to the Coollab API, allows the creation of products/services significantly improved, or even disruptive. There are currently few frameworks that aim to implement collaborative work. These frameworks, though in some cases they are based on the OT (Operational Transformation) technology used by Coollab, aim to implement collaborative work associated with a given solution not being possible to re-seize their implementation for different solutions. Although having technical difficulties in the design and implementation of the framework, this requirement constitutes an important asset to the solution. The potential gains in terms of implementation/ development of products/services with these collaborative functionalities in real-time by 3rd parties are huge. Specifically, any programmer (individually or at enterprise level) can develop an application, tool or computing system that includes such collaborative functionalities in real-time, without having to deal with complex problems of "operation transformation" and "concurrency". ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS IN 2013 Coollab framework has been implemented successfully providing all the planned functionalities. In order to validate this implementation we developed the coolled product that allows users to share an interactive screen in real-time, using drawing tools. In addition to the interactive screen, users can also interact in real-time via text messaging or video conference streams by sharing their microphones and webcams. All collaboration features and real- -time communication were implemented using the Coollab framework that proved to be at the level of expectations. CO-FINANCING
  29. 29. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 55 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 56 uMeter QoS Quality of Service (QoS) Measurement System for Internet access provided by an ISP in a region or country. The platform allows increasing reliability of measurement data, support the decision of the end user when choosing the Internet provider and be a valuable tool for communication regulators, allowing them to protect consumers’ interests and apply appropriate/fair penalties to suppliers that are breaching the contractual arrangements for Internet access. OBJECTIVES AND SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PROGRESSES Currently the Internet Service Providers (ISP) sells based on the maximum transfer rate of its connections, namely the access speed. However, there are many other factors that influence the quality of experience (QoE) of the user. uMeter project aims to implement a platform for monitoring the Quality of Service (QoS) for Internet access provided by an ISP in a region or country, based on an open participating system that allows any citizen with Internet access evaluate in a simple, safe and accurate way a set of technical parameters for the service provided by his ISP. The platform will enable: 1. Provide the measuring functionality for basic and advanced aspects of network performance (download/upload "speed", packet loss, latency, jitter, time page load (web browsing), activation time/connection establishment, access failure to the service, and net neutrality in real time; 2. Record test results (history graphs based on frequency: day, week, month); 3. Identify the type of access through which the user is accessing the Internet (example: 3G, LTE, DSL, fiber, WiFi) and the location where the test was performed; 4. Possibility to compare different Quality of Service (QoS) parameters measured on the user's access to other service providers by geographic area and consequently the tests that are being carried out; 5. Data tests validation from one user to statistical analysis based on the invoice delivery evidencing the contract that the end user have with his ISP; 6. Quarterly/biannual publication of statistical indicators of quality performance by the service provider, based on the validated data (point 5). PERFORMED R&I ACTIVITIES uMeter project started in the second half of 2013. The main activities carried out by the end of the year were Preliminary Studies (market and competition analysis and the study of the state-of-the-art in terms of technology), and the Initial Technical Specification of user stories, requirements, system architecture and modules to be implemented during the project according to the vision of the formalised product. ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS IN 2013 CO-FINANCING In the initial phase of this project many studies were carried out (technological and market) that will be crucial to achieving the outcomes of R&I during 2014. The studies were materialised in the following list of documents: 1. Study report of the systems state-of-the-art and solutions feasibility; 2. Study report of the state-of-the-art and technological feasibility; 3. Business model reports; 4. Marketing Plan; 5. Document that aggregates User Stories, Use Cases and Systems Requirements; 6. Document definition of the System Architecture and its interfaces (internal and external); 7. Design document and Usability System.
  30. 30. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE Livin’X The web platform helps users to decide where to find their home, based on their interests and needs. OBJECTIVES AND SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PROGRESSES Livin’X platform aims to create a product targeted to real estate agencies (sale and rent) that provides tools for customers, owners and intermediaries who take advantage of analysing large amounts of data and the learning ability of the current systems to provide recommendations (urban areas, buildings and the stakeholders confidence), to make real-time classification and evaluation, and provide support mechanisms for decision making. Livin’X proposes a substantially different and innovative approach of competing products, focusing on the user characterisation and crossed information that will lead him to individually use the platform with the individual characteristics of all areas in the city. This crossing will allow Livin’X to identify and list the areas and homes that are most suited to the user's profile, thus helping in gathering and evaluating all criteria for choosing a house. PERFORMED R&I ACTIVITIES In 2013, the initial year of the Livin’X project, we focused our R&I to perform various analyses that allowed adapting the strategy of the product throughout 2014 in the components market, marketing/price and technology. Relative to the market, several studies were performed to the real estate market and to the products that operate there, in order to identify and meet the needs not yet addressed by the potential users. At a technological level several studies of the state-of-the-art have also been performed in relation to learning and automatic sorting systems, seeking and learning algorithms and classification systems most used and validated in the market. ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS IN 2013 We, through the various analyses listed above, gathered a set of market information, technology and competition that allowed prioritise and adapt the features of the product and the direction of the research for aspects that can contribute to the needs of users who need to buy/rent a house in Lisbon. Data was particularly important in the detailed specification of the product requirements, in the interface and user experience, and in the identification of parameters and more important and decisive criteria for users in the process of choosing a house. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 57 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 58 CO-FINANCING
  31. 31. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE WMAN_NG Metropolitan and universally accessible communication infrastructure that holds very low energy consumption requirements and low bitrate. The infrastructure enables the implementation of M2M services, which typically demand high network coverage. The main challenge of the project is to determine the adequate level of commitment in terms of the network infrastructure that would enable both universal coverage and low energy consumption from the endpoints. OBJECTIVES AND SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PROGRESSES Investigate the possibility of creating a connection between communication infrastructures currently available, with minimal addition of new access points and with a particular focus on energy saving of endpoints in order to create an access network with the appropriate level of capillarity. This will enable the interconnection between elements of land and processing servers, laying the foundation for the exploration of complex systems based on the "cloud" and preparing the advent of the future Internet of Things (IoT), fuelled by the widespread adoption of IPv6. Note that the work is not aiming to create computer networks but networks for interconnecting devices (M2M). Of all possible examples, and in order to clarify the scope of this project the consortium decided to choose three case studies: 1. Smart Emergency Systems and Urban Safety; 2. Smart Parking System; 3. Smart Water Networking System. PERFORMED R&I ACTIVITIES In 2013, the project partners have initiated the market and competition analysis, deepened their understanding of the state-of-the-art in various levels, specified the first versions of the system modules in their charge and thus clarified their vision of the project and the innovation method for marketing purposes. It is expected that the performed activities ensure enough support for the developments to carry in 2014, in which this vision will be translated into research, development and consequent materialisation of the solutions on the field. ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS IN 2013 The documentation produced by the information collected in 2013 will provide the technological and market foundation to the implementation of the planned solutions and activities of R&I to be undertaken in 2014. It was thus concluded the vast majority of activities related to the state-of-the-art study, generation of new knowledge and technical specification of the solutions, now being defined the implementation templates of the use cases described above. For us, the implementation of various verticals of the middleware integrator as well as the scenario (Smart Urban Safety and Emergency Systems) will be the main responsibilities to assume in an R&I perspective. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 59 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 60 CO-FINANCING
  32. 32. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SBE Combining the heritage of the bikeemotion® emerging reality, we launched the SBE project with two key strategic areas, namely, developing the 5th generation bike sharing system; and accommodating the use of electric bicycles and the consequent enlargement of the users range. OBJECTIVES AND SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PROGRESSES The project development involves R&I in the following areas that are necessary for the 5th generation system development: 1. Bikes sensing for the effort control and health state of the user, either by specific biosensors (to install, for instance on handles) or through interconnection to the support system in the bicycle itself; 2. Exploring the possibilities of connecting bikeemotion® systems to the batteries of the electrical support system. Note that this link is not trivial because they are sophisticated systems and ad-hoc connection implies loss of warranty; 3. Replacing the study of the connection to mobile networks used in current solutions by opportunistic connection to networks that are being provided in cities, particularly mesh networks, ZigBee/802.1.5.4 networks, Bluetooth, and in particular vehicular networks or available interfaces in the vehicle systems. Note that the emerging WAVE protocol supported in 802.11p appears to arise in short term. In particular it is necessary to explore any possibility of energy savings resulting from any use of this type; 4. Solutions study for collecting energy ("Energy Harvesting") or to improve ergonomics and complexity of the charging systems. Among other things, study the solutions of non-contact load during the redistribution, use of existing load infrastructures or "pay per charge" at agreed locations; 5. Baseline study of the information problems associated with the system and with the use of data collected in a "cloud computing" strategy in which the processing is done on the side of the "cloud". Note that we may be facing problems associated with "big data", currently subject of intense research. PERFORMED R&I ACTIVITIES Following the excellent results achieved by the bikeemotion® project and its consequent roadmap with a view to its commercialisation in the global market, the objective of the Smart bikeemotion project is to investigate new ways to innovate in a market that is in a process of exponential growth and innovation, while remaining aligned with a deep market knowledge that partners now hold. Thus, in 2013, the first phase of the market and competition analysis was completed, we deepened the knowledge of the state-of-the-art at various levels and the modules aimed at responding to the main objectives of the project were specified. The undertaken activities will ensure the necessary support developments in 2014, in which this vision will be translated into research, development and consequent materialisation of the solutions on the field in the form of functional prototypes. ACCOMPLISHED RESULTS IN 2013 The documentation produced by the information collected in 2013 will serve as a technology and market foundation to the implementation of the proposed solutions and R&I activities to be held in 2014. It was thus concluded the vast majority of activities related to the state-of-the-art study, generation of new knowledge and technical specification of the solutions, now being defined the implementation templates of the use cases described above. The specification and investigation of the use cases associated with this new generation of bike sharing, are based on a more efficient and greener system, which allows attacking new markets through the introduction of electric vehicles and innovative new cloud-based systems for the management of mobility in cities. Projects during the years 2013 was the year with more projects – 11 in its totality. More information can be analysed on page 34. For 2014 we expect to conclude the following projects: 1. TICE.Mobility; 2. Coollab. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 61 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 62 CO-FINANCING
  33. 33. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE Quality Assurance Quality has been a strategic strength at our company since our establishment in 2007. Our strategy has a deep focus on improving our internal processes in order to increase cost efficiency and provide quality products and services to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations. For that purpose, we have kept a continuous bet on the market’s best practices for Quality Assurance and have been awarded with quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI-DEV. ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It recognises our company ability to offer products and services that meet all customers’ requirements. We are acknowledged as a client-focused company - driven by a strong leadership, based on consistent management processes and valuing continuous improvement. The ISO 9001:2008 standard has eight quality management principles, such as Customer focus, Leadership, Involvement of people, Process approach, System approach to management, Continual improvement, Factual approach to decision making, Mutually beneficial supplier relationships, and these principles are Ubiwhere’s focus. CMMI LEVEL 3 (ONGOING) CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a process improvement approach that provides organisations with the essential elements of effective processes, which will improve their performance. CMMI-based process improvement includes identifying our organisation’s process strengths and weaknesses and making process changes to turn those weaknesses into strengths. We were the youngest Portuguese company to reach CMMI Level 2 and are continuously working on our processes to soon get to Higher Maturity levels. The ongoing process to obtain CMMI Level 3 is very important for our commitment to product quality, production efficiency, and the ability to reduce associated costs. NP 4457 NP4457:2007 (Portuguese Norm for Research, Development and Innovation) specifies the requirements for a R&D and Innovation Management System in order to help organizations develop and implement a RDI policy that increases efficiency and effectiveness within an innovation context. SCRUM METHODOLOGY In the area of Project Management we have also been carrying out the Scrum Methodology. This methodology is focused on individuals and interactions, being an interactive agile software development framework for the management of product development. It is intended that it enables teams to be self-organised by encouraging a close online collaboration of all team members with the help of daily face-to-face meetings that will be essential for the team to work as a unit to reach a common goal. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 63 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 64
  34. 34. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE Corporate Social Responsibility We aspire to be a promoter of sustainable development in the society where we live and work. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility enhances our core values, includes social personal and community level concerns, particularly as it relates to labour practices, interaction with the community and connection to higher education institutions. Our vision includes an active participation in the fundamental issues of the environment in which we operate, as well as a relentless pursuit in improving the well-being of our community, contributing decisively to environmental, economic and social sustainability. We have signed the Declaration of Principles of RSO PT Network (Network of Corporate Social Responsibility) which is the basis for our work towards a better world and better policies. The network is composed of organisations and individuals interested in promoting Social Responsibility, assuming these as part of the solution to problems from the perspective of joint and shared responsibility. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Today we want to work in environmentally sustainable companies and initiatives in all our business activities. We are looking systematically to contribute with our business performance, for sustainable development and for the preservation of the environment, focusing in the application of clean techniques, environmental monitoring and energy rationality. To help support the environment, we provide various options for the disposal of waste materials in all our offices, with specific systems for recycling paper, plastic, glass and more. Among other initiatives we have a responsibility of gathering caps for people in need, and we also like to incentive our employees to use an environmentally friendly transport (train, bicycle, and walk). UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 65 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 66 BUSINESS ETHICS The Code of Conduct and Ethics is applied to all employees in the company, regardless their employment status and hierarchical position. Throughout the company we respect all laws and regulations applicable to our business; we develop a great relationship with the media, ensuring complete, consistent, accurate, transparent, and timely information, with full respect for the duty to inform. Our relationship with customers, suppliers and other entities are conducted with transparency, credibility, responsibility, confidentiality, and reliability, actively combating all forms of corruption, both active and passive. Among other responsibilities that we all have within the company that can be seen in our Code of Conduct and Ethics, our daily attitude is an essential part of our culture and one we want to construct and consolidate.
  35. 35. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE 3 TEAM BUILDING AND TEAM UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 1 ENGAGEMENT 67 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 68 Employees The success of organisations is in its human capital. With that in mind, we provide our employees with the best working conditions which enables them to ensure mutual fidelity in relationships, and the adoption of non-discriminatory employment practices. In this area, are considered aspects related to the conditions of employment, health, hygiene and safety at work. No less important are issues related to valuing people, particularly in terms of vocational training, skills development and careers. In performing its duties, our employees should be responsible and cooperative, favouring good environment, respect and good personal relationship, whether with colleagues or with superiors, and these with their subordinates. In their professional relationship, they should promote the exchange of information and cooperation and foster team spirit. We also expect their contribution to the generation of decisions, be supportive with the decision-maker, assume their responsibilities and maintain their solidarity in implementing the same. EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AND WORKPLACE DIVERSITY All employees within the company are treated equally and not disadvantaged by prejudices. The best person for a job or a promotion is the person who earns that position based on his qualifications, experience, knowledge and work performed. We value a non-discriminatory behaviour, condemning any form of discrimination, whether on grounds of race, ethnicity, sex, age, disability, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, any form of sexual or psychological harassment, verbal or physical conduct of humiliation, coercion or threat. 2 TRAINING The employees engagement in the companies they work for are very important to achieve new and better results/goals throughout the years. It is known that a employee performs a better work when motivated and engaged with the company values and culture. In terms of overall level of engagement, in 2013 the satisfaction rate within our company was 74,38%. The average employee seniority is 2 years and the average age is 27 years old. In terms of workplace environment our employees engagement is 81,41%. We value our employees’ skills, since they are the most important resource that we have in the company. Training and career improvement is very important for us and we preserve that right to preserve that right to all of us. In 2013 we have performed 91 hours of training with the employees and the results can be analysed on page 33. Apart from that, and taking in consideration that everyone has specific needs in terms of their roles in the company, if each employee feels the need for a specific training that is not in the roadmap of trainings, all their necessities are heard, matter for us and if we see that it is important, both for them and for the company, they are free to go and share the knowledge with the other colleagues after. WORK We have a strong focus on the talent, inspiration, energy and passion of our people, since these capabilities are what drives us forward. We believe that motivating our workers lies in team building activities that generate a sense of belonging and improve the way people interact and work together. In 2013 we had our 6th anniversary, and the Christmas dinner. We also celebrate our ubibirthdays throughout the year. To keep creative dynamic we gather a brainstorming every 15 days where everyone gets to know the work in progress and contribute with ideas and suggestions for the improvement sessions. It is also at this time that new employees present themselves to their new colleagues. 4
  36. 36. SECTION THREE | PERFORMANCE SECTION FOUR SECTION | FINANCIAL THREE | PERFORMANCE INFORMATION CUSTOMERS In the extremely competitive market we live in today, achieving and keeping clients are the biggest challenges that companies face. We need to have best-of-breed resources to recognise, distinguish and interact with our customers. We value our customers’ needs and want to be where and when we are most needed. We deliver the best solutions for our customers always on time, on budget and on schedule. PARTNERS Partnership and business are always hand in hand. Having a partnership can help in several ways. One partner may have one set of talents and the other may have another set of talents and if combined, the success of the business will be even more effective regarding the share of knowledge, ideas and synergies. Our partners are very important for the success of our business, which allows us to offer the best solutions for our clients. With that in mind, we maintain a proficient relationship with all interested parties, establishing a relationship based in principles of trust and transparency, which will help in the contribution of a win-win logic for both the company and partners development. SUPPLIERS Our suppliers play an important role in our work and performance. With that responsibility in mind we have signed the “Punctual Payment Commitment to Suppliers” letter. With that we are compromised with our suppliers to: 1. Give clear and precise instructions so that payments are made until the date of invoice payment; 2. Find the necessary means and funding for the payment; 3. Request the suspension of this commitment whenever (internal or external reason) it cannot be fulfilled. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 69 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 60 70
  37. 37. SECTION FOUR | FINANCIAL INFORMATION SECTION FOUR | FINANCIAL INFORMATION Financial Information Turnover and Growth in 2013 Despite the unfavourable economic climate in recent years, we have achieved a record sales performance in 2013 with a strong increase in a turnover figure of +1M€, reaching almost 10% if compared with the year before. This result confirms the strategy followed by the company to establish itself as a provider of service excellence in ICT. Given that we began operations in September 2007, the amounts recorded in several years show a significant growth of the company. We now expect a favourable trend in the coming years resulting from income derived from business carried out in international markets. Our turnover results were achieved through a strong increase in sales in the Telecom and Future Internet industry, which compensated the less good values in the Knowledge industry. Our culture helps us to adapt to the most demanding environments and to better understand our clients’ business requirements. Our ambition is to invest, financially and intellectually, where and when our contribution is most needed. Our EBITDA and EBIT have also reached good values in 2013. Our values from the past years can be analysed on pages 29 and 30. UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 61 UBIWHERE | ANNUAL REPORT 2013 62 Turnover per Industry and Sales 300 778,99€ EBIT - 2012 366 535,65€ EBIT - 2013 869 368,68 € TURNOVER (M€) - 2012 1 003 009,58 € TURNOVER (M€) - 2013 293 922,32€ NET EARNINGS (M€) - 2012 372 669,58€ NET EARNINGS (M€) - 2013 232 712,49€ EBITDA - 2012 395 601,38€ EBITDA - 2013 71 72