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Driving B2B Engagement with Personalized Content

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Driving B2B Engagement with Personalized Content

  1. 1. Live Webinar Driving B2B Engagement with Personalized Content Thursday, November 16, 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
  2. 2. Agenda In today’s session, we’ll discuss how B2B marketers are using personalized content to to drive engagement. Topics include: What are the trends driving the move to personalized content? What are the major challenges in deploying personalized content? What’s working? How are other companies being successful?
  3. 3. Introductions Howard J. Sewell President Spear Marketing Group Jason Oakley Product Marketing Manager Uberflip Greg Kelly Manager, Partner Programs Vidyard
  4. 4. Intro: Spear Marketing Group Full-service B2B marketing agency specializing in demand generation and lead management 90% B2B technology clients worldwide across a range of categories, markets, target buyers Named to “Top B2B Shops” (Top B2B agencies in US) for 2015, 2016, 2017 by Chief Marketer Magazine
  5. 5. Trends in Demand Generation The “Pendulum Swing”: Outbound to Inbound to ABM The death of inbound marketing is greatly exaggerated Even the best outbound campaigns succeed on an “accident of timing” Most B2B companies will generate the best results with an integrated mix of outbound + inbound channels Right content, right person, right time
  6. 6. What Types of Content Work Best? Content has become devalued Nothing beats relevancy; Value over Volume Inbound campaigns will convert better when the content that visitors see is immediately relevant Outbound campaigns will drive more engagement when the content is relevant to each individual recipient channels A single, highly relevant email can be more effective than 6-8 generic, automated emails
  7. 7. “Nobody reads ads. People read what’s interesting to them, and sometimes that’s an ad.” - Howard Gossage
  8. 8. Identify key audience segments/personas and define key value propositions for each (i.e. message deck) Audit existing content and create a content “map” that identifies gaps by persona, segment, sales stage. Don’t be afraid to repurpose or recycle older content “Turkey slices” approach: focus on creating core content that can be “sliced” (repurposed) into multiple assets and versioned for different personas and segments. 4 Tips for Increasing Content Relevancy
  9. 9. Maximum Relevancy: Personalized Content “Content Personalization is a strategy that exploits visitor or prospect data to deliver relevant content based on audience interests or motivations” (Content Marketing Institute) Personalized content maximizes relevancy: content is customized for a specific individual – a Web visitor, a buyer at a key account – based on that individual’s history or behavior Examples: Web content that adapts to a visitor’s prior behavior, or an ebook that includes customer testimonials specific to a prospect’s industry or known interests
  10. 10. Personalized Content: 4 Pain Points How do I create personalized content at scale? How do I get my teams to embrace these new methods? How can I deploy personalized content in a way that people don’t find creepy? How do I prove my personalized content is working?
  11. 11. ABOUT UBERFLIP We help marketers create, manage and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey.
  12. 12. Source: “The State Of Engagement” Report
  13. 13. Audit Your Content Create Your Experience Personalize the Delivery 1 2 3 Personalizing your content experience
  14. 14. Audit Your Content Create Your Experience Personalize the Delivery 1 2 3
  15. 15. AuditYourContent 1
  16. 16. Audit Your Content Create Your Experience Personalize the Delivery 1 2 3
  17. 17. Your Content Top of the Funnel Middle of the Funnel Bottom of the Funnel By Topic By Type By Vertical By Persona CreateYourExperience 2
  18. 18. CreateYourExperience 2
  19. 19. CreateYourExperience 2
  20. 20. Your Content Top of the Funnel Middle of the Funnel Bottom of the Funnel By Topic By Type By Vertical By Persona By Account CreateYourExperience 2
  21. 21. CreateYourExperience 2
  22. 22. CreateYourExperience 2
  23. 23. Audit Your Content Create Your Experience Personalize the Delivery 1 2 3
  24. 24. PersonalizetheDelivery Paid Advertising3
  25. 25. PersonalizetheDelivery Paid Advertising3
  26. 26. PersonalizetheDelivery Email Marketing3
  27. 27. PersonalizetheDelivery On-site Recommendations3
  28. 28. PersonalizetheDelivery On-site Recommendations3
  29. 29. Enabling your teams to use new personalization techniques
  30. 30. Give the user control Keep it relevant and helpful Give it a personal touch (robots) 1 2 3 Personalizing without being creepy:
  31. 31. GiveTheUserControl 1
  32. 32. KeepItRelevant 2
  33. 33. GiveItAPersonalTouch 3
  34. 34. How to show your personalized content is working.
  35. 35. EngagementRate 1 Engaged 88% of Target Accounts with Content
  36. 36. Time&pagespervisit 2 35% 27%
  37. 37. Audit and repurpose existing content Start with verticals and personas Keep it relevant and helpful 1 2 3 Key Takeaways:
  38. 38. Most compelling call-to-action on the web
  39. 39. Video is a mega trend. In a decade, video will look like as big of a shift in the way we share and communicate as mobile has been. Mark Zuckerberg CEO, Facebook 50% of your content in 2017 should be video. Your prospects want to live inside of video. Stop hiring bloggers, start hiring producers. Brian Halligan CEO, HubSpot
  40. 40. Video: Touches our Minds & Hearts Preferred content medium More engaging, process faster, retain information longer Enables impactful storytelling Generate trust, empathy and more emotional response Effective at every funnel stage Higher CTRs, longer engagement, better conversions Engagement is measurable Seconds watched, % watched, parts skipped or replayed
  41. 41. Intro: Vidyard Industry leading video platform focused on helping every team in a business leverage the power of video! Helping clients like Salesforce, Microsoft, Marketo, Lenovo, Manulife, BNY Mellon, Honeywell & Pitney Bowes use video across marketing, sales, support & internal comms teams! Named the leader in Forrester’s annual Wave report focused on the online video platform market
  42. 42. Creating relevant and personalized experiences at scale, with video!
  43. 43. 2x lift in CTR 4x-5x lift in CTR 5x-8x lift in CTR www.vidyard.com/govideowww.vidyard.com/Personalized Using Video To Scale Personalization
  44. 44. Using Video To Scale Personalization Imagine if the days of generic & boring text-based emails were behind us.. & every email, video included, was personalized to the recipient…at scale!
  45. 45. Using Video To Scale Personalization Take a single asset, personalize elements of it & deliver to millions!
  46. 46. Enabling your teams to use new personalization techniques
  47. 47. Enabling Your Team To Win With Video Provide the flexibility to experiment with tools that humanize outreach! If your prospects want to have personalized experiences, make them personal? Example of a video created through Vidyard GoVideo promoting this webinar! Using a video creation tool allows me to: • Create a genuine message with a mass email list like I did for this webinar • Create a meaningful engagement on 1:1 basis (for cold or known prospects) • Create a relationship beyond what text can do
  48. 48. Enabling Your Team To Win With Video Learn as a team, and be yourselves. Start trying different video messages, provide sales with canned content to send, track which content results in the most engagement, and repeat the ones that work! Example of a videos created through Vidyard GoVideo Webcam Selfie Style Screen Capture The Follow-Up
  49. 49. Content personalization doesn’t have to be creepy, with video
  50. 50. Tell A Compelling Story That Scales • If you’re going to launch a personalized video campaign, ensure the content tells a compelling story that weaves in personalization If you do this effectively, your contacts: • Won’t focus on how the heck you managed to get their info inside a video • Won’t freak out when you follow-up with them based on how engaged they are • Will retain your message entirely, versus simply clicking play because their name lives behind the play button
  51. 51. Use Engagement Data To Identify Hot Leads • Based on how engaged each recipient is with your campaign, use this individual viewer data to build a lead scoring/nurture model If Gabe watches 100% of my video, would integrate this data with a MAP like Marketo Based on this, I would build a lead score that applies to contacts who watch more than say 80% of the personalized video, and ensure this contact is added to a smart list receiving a specific set of content We Call This Self-Qualification (not creepy!) The magic of video is that it allows marketers to capitalize on a prospect’s implicit behaviour. They don’t know they are triggering a lead score when the watch and receive more tailored content as a result. Talk about a win-win!
  52. 52. Are my personalized video efforts a success?
  53. 53. Measuring The Impact Of Personalization • Get started by measuring on a campaign basis, to see how personalized video impacts your open, click through & engagement rates. For example, Lenovo sent out this video to ~1M recipients and their results were incredible! 3x Avg. Email CTR #1 For Unique Viewers 65% Watched >2 mins
  54. 54. Measuring The Impact Of Personalization • For sales teams using personal video messages to scale their personalization & ABM efforts, plan to measure the impact of video on open rate, click through rate, reply rates and meetings booked! Terminus focused on target accounts identified through their platform, and adding video in their cadences resulted in: 40% Higher Open Rate 37% Higher CTR 3X Reply Rate
  55. 55. Remember… Video enables your team to tell an authentic story, at scale Be genuine & success will follow
  56. 56. If you want to summarize today’s session to a colleague or friend…
  57. 57. Key Takeaways Irrelevant content is the #1 reason consumers don’t engage Take stock of what content you have (ideally via a “content map”) Look for ways to leverage and repurpose existing content Give content a personal touch to keep it from being creepy Measure engagement to show success
  58. 58. Q&A Howard J. Sewell Spear Marketing Group howard@spearmarketing.com @hjsewell Jason Oakley Uberflip jason.oakley@uberflip.com @jasonoak Greg Kelly Vidyard greg.kelly@vidyard.com @gregjameskelly
  59. 59. Thank you for joining! An on-demand recording will be provided after today’s session