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Hypothesis Driven Development - Arnstein Teigene, Documaster

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In this talk, Arnstein Teigene, who is Head of Product for Documaster will discuss Hypothesis Driven Development from vision of a proposed explanation for a phenomenon to execution and how do you measure, test and learn to move forward

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Hypothesis Driven Development - Arnstein Teigene, Documaster

  1. 1. Hypothesis Driven Development This bit intentionally left blank
  2. 2. Me @ Documaster x Schibsted x FINN.no x Opera Software
  3. 3. Vision
  4. 4. Execution
  5. 5. In this presentation 1. identifying an opportunity 2. articulating a solution 3. minimising the risk of running off a cliff
  6. 6. “A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon” https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lennuliiklust_uurimas.jpg
  7. 7. 1. What game are we playing? 2. How do we keep score? 3. What are the next three things to nail? *Adam Nash Product Mgmt 101
  8. 8. Insight Solution Execution
  9. 9. “The horse was the dominant form of human transportation for 5000 years. [...] So for 5000 years, if you wanted to make a contribution to personal transportation it was a better saddle, better breeding, better hooves. And then in one generation everything changes with the internal combustion engine. Much of the time the right strategy is to improve what you’ve got, and some of the time everything changes.” Reed Hastings / CEO Netflix
  10. 10. By Business Model Alchemist - http://www.businessmodelalchemist.com/tools, CC BY-SA 1.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11892574
  11. 11. Leadership group We should have an app
  12. 12. 90% of startups fail No market need 42% Ran out of cash 29% Not the right team 23% Get outcompeted 19% Pricing issues 18%
  13. 13. What’s so hard about this?
  14. 14. 1. The observation https://hiveminer.com/Tags/bike%2Cchecking
  15. 15. (is it worth solving?) Reach Impact Confidence Effort (and what’s the consequence of not doing it?) https://www.intercom.com/blog/rice-simple-prioritization-for-product-managers/
  16. 16. 2. The proposed solution
  17. 17. User story: As a user, I can backup my entire hard drive. Job story: When I’m looking for something on FINN.no I want to save my search be notified of new entries so I can be among the first to know and get a good deal Problem / solution proposal: Going to the grocery shop is a pain. Let people shop from home and get their orders delivered.
  18. 18. 3. Testability and measurement (failing early)
  19. 19. Measure and test. There’s not one, but many ways of collecting data points GV’s design sprint
  20. 20. Identify leap of faith assumptions
  21. 21. Faking it
  22. 22. The law of large numbers
  23. 23. Don’t get stuck in the office (NIHITO and GO APE)
  24. 24. What’s so hard about this? Execution.