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Organisational evolution meets technology disruption

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Organisational evolution meets technology disruption

  1. 1. organisationalevolution David Favelle Consulting Director technology disruption
  2. 2. Themes1 Today’s IT departments2 Emerging IT Service portfolio3 The IT organisation of the future4 Some useful models5 The roadmap organisational evolution meets technology disruption
  3. 3. TODAY’S IT departmentInternal Tech silos Lifecycle silos Procurement islands Struggling to engage Innovation bottleneck Resisting technology disruption organisational evolution meets technology disruption
  4. 4. 2 speed IT departmentHere or coming soon to your business Cloud: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS BYOD Social Mobile Big Data The long tail of traditional IT  bespoke  on-premises  underinvested organisational evolution meets technology disruption
  5. 5. emergingCRITICAL SKILLSneeding maintenance human performance requirements On premises infrastructure and application management service management & project management CAPABILITIES NEW SKILLS & ROLES needing renewal needing adoption business analysis emerging technology: architecture & integration Cloud, Mobility, Social, Big Data ‘social’ service management business technology consultants security & IT risk management cloud infrastructure management technology orchestrators IT user experience project management business risk managers technology disruption meets organisation evolution
  6. 6. emerging organisational OPERATING MODEL gapsplan-build-run architect-source-integrate-manage SERVICE MANAGEMENToperational processes lifecycle phases INTEGRATIONin-house application clusters SaaS and on-premise hybrid, portability ENGAGEMENTSLA and business analysis technology led innovation organisational evolution meets technology disruption
  7. 7. closing the roles&skills gapdefine your IT services portfolio roadmap and sourcing strategycreate your resource strategydevelop your resourcing and professional development plan organisational evolution meets technology disruption
  8. 8. build an adaptable hybrid operations capabilityBusiness & Internal capabilities, Integrator & BrokerEnd Users public & partners SaaS PaaS IaaS Private user/device support Cloud Cloud bridging service operations Existing IT capability service transition PUPM billing SSO & security integration business continuity organisational evolution meets technology disruption
  9. 9. adopt a lifecycle operating model Programmes & Project Execution Strategise & Plan IT Services Govern Services & Lifecycle and Manage IT Business Strategy Disruptive Transform Innovation (WHAT) Innovations the portfolio Technology Business IT & SourcingLine of StrategyBusiness Service (HOW)Strategy Pipeline Plan Service Engage Business Change Portfolio & Portfolio New Investment Capabilities the Requirements BusinessCorporate Define & BuildStrategy Transition Operational Run Service IT alignment the Service Operate & Support alignment Assure & Optimise Business CatalogueBusinessOptimisation Business & IT Service Operations
  10. 10. establish an SMOfor end 2 end controlBusiness Engagement Service Management Governance Model Model Office (SMO) Model LoB Partners & Relationship Managers LoB Service Owner 1 Service Reporting Design & Transition Assurance IT Investment Committee LoB Service Owner 2Line of Service Level Management Service Riskbusiness Management& LoB Service Owners nenterprise- Demand/Capacity Service Billingwide Forecasting (Run) IT Services Operationsservices Committee Enterprise Service Owners 1…n Continual Service Improvement Operations Asset/Vendor Process Owners Owners Suppliers
  11. 11. Align your structure to the operating modelBusiness advisorICT governance facilitatorInnovator and entrepeneur CIOIT risk managerTechnology value managerInvestment portfolioRelationship management business partner business partner business partner business partnerBusiness AnalysisService Management Corporate BU1 BU2 BU nGovernanceRisk IT Design and ManagementFacilitatingDesigningPlanning CTO PMO SMO VMOManagingImproving Implementation and Operational TeamsProject execution ApplicationService transition Service Infrastructure Service Desk Development Data Centre Data CommsService operations Management Operations & SupportContinuousimprovement technology disruption meets organisation evolution
  12. 12. a program for getting it done TRANCHE 1 TRANCHE 2 TRANCHE 3 blueprint & quick wins build capability extend & optimise Workstream 1IT Capability & Governance Blueprint Monitor & Direct Monitor & Direct Workstream 2 Build Extend & improveIT, processes & standards Design Workstream 3Professional development Strategy Build Extend & improve & skills Workstream 4 Build & IT automation tools Review Align & optimise implement organisational evolution meets technology disruption
  13. 13. key3takeaways establish the service portfolio target Design your champion 2 Speed IT business & IT shop & establish a collaboration change programme
  14. 14. finding the variables HEADROOMWhat are the in my Demand & Supply equation?Where am I spending my budget? for all of this % RTB, CTB, TTBWhere are we spending our time? % BAU Vs Project Vs InnovationWhat can be delayed or stopped? Revisit your risk appetite and processes Get the business to govern demand based on their priorities
  15. 15. organisationalevolution David Favelle Consulting Director technology disruption