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Sweeney cue annual mtg 6.12

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Sweeney cue annual mtg 6.12

  1. 1. Effectively Representing the AdvocatePerspective in Advisory SettingsAdvisory SettingsJennifer Sweeney CUE Annual ConferenceDirector June 8, 2012
  2. 2. BackgroundNational Partnership for Women & Families • National, non-profit, consumer organization with 40 years’ experience working on issues important to women and families.
  3. 3. SourcesPower in and Local Multi-Stakeholder • State patient involvement… Engagement• Best Practices in Consumer Representation• State and Federal Advocacy
  4. 4. Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Ongoing Support and Resources… • Deploy personal stories judiciously • Align with like-minded stakeholders • Stay connected with your constituents and reference them when relevant • Understand your interests *and* the other stakeholders’ interests
  5. 5. Trailblazers! Personal Experiences~ Innovation on two dimensions: • Understand the scope of work• Pioneering a new national health care model • Discern the power dynamics• Blazing a patient engagement trail • Prepare, Ask for Support • Use the decision-making process • Balance advocacy and partnership
  6. 6. Best PracticesState Advocacy Federal and …• WIIFM• Argue interests, not positions
  7. 7. Thank You! Thank you! • Questions? • Comments?
  8. 8. Jennifer SweeneyDirector, Community Outreach & Community EngagementJsweeney@nationalpartnership.orgwww.NationalPartnership.org