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1st Annual UNH Peeps Show! Peep Your Way to Health

2010 Peeps Show at UNH in Durham was a success! The community was encouraged to create dioramas depicting what it means to be healthy. The only rule was that the dioramas had to use Peeps. Here are the results. Enjoy!


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1st Annual UNH Peeps Show! Peep Your Way to Health

  1. 1. Peep Your Way to Health 2010<br />University of <br />New Hampshire<br />Peeps Show<br />
  2. 2. In April 2010, the University of New Hampshire did a great job putting on the 1st Annual Peeps Show – Peep Your Way to Health. <br />Everyone in the UNH community was invited to create a diorama of what it means to be healthy. The only rule was that the diorama had to include PEEPS! <br />Health can include any component of the Wellness Wheel. <br />There are 8 components to wellness: environmental, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, occupational, social and intellectual. <br />16 WONDERFUL dioramas were submitted by students and staff!<br />The dioramas were all on display in the MUB for viewing. <br />A highly-esteemed panel of judges then voted on the best dioramas in the individual and group categories. <br />ENJOY THE SHOW! <br />
  3. 3. An individual category means 1-2 people worked on the diorama. <br />Enough talking! Lets see the winners and all the submissions! <br />And there were GRAND PRIZE and RUNNER UP WINNERS<br />Check out these great dioramas submitted by individuals!<br />DRUM ROLL PLEASE……<br />
  4. 4. Kripeeplu Yoga is the Yoga of <br />consciousness.  Kripeeplu puts great <br />emphasis on proper breath, alignment, <br />coordination of breath and movement, and <br />"honoring the wisdom of the peep."  Peeps <br />work according to the limits of their <br />individual flexibility and strength. Using <br />this form of yoga peeps create a harmonic <br />relationship with breath and life, strength <br />and flexibility, and live mindfully.<br />Kripeeplu Yoga <br />Individual Submitted by: <br /> Christina L. Rowland, Staff <br />
  5. 5. Individual Submitted by:<br />Annie Seekins (student)<br />Muscle Building 'Mallows<br />As you can see these four peeps are staying healthy and in excellent shape (seriously, check out those muscles) by making the time to exercise. While the bunnies are busy lifting weights, running on the treadmill and doing push-ups, the chick seems a bit preoccupied with his reflection. Although it is great if your motivation is not pure vanity, the most important thing is that you make a plan to exercise and stick to it. <br />
  6. 6. Individual Submitted by:<br />Josephine Hingston, Graduate Student <br />Gardening Peeps <br />The best exercise is outside! Growing your own food keeps you active and in tune with nature and the systems of living things - plants, like people, need proper nutrition and nurturing environments. Planting, weeding, watering, and fertilizing generates experience in the long-term efforts involved in creating and maintaining a healthy garden and a healthy self - there are no quick fixes or magic pills: it is a gradual, daily effort with wonderful rewards! These peeps are careful to protect themselves from the sun, but are also getting their daily dose of sunny vitamin D. Gardening grows delicious fresh vegetables and fruits, beautiful flowers, healthy and strong muscles and minds, and companionship with living things.<br />
  7. 7. Individual Submitted by:<br />Thomas Vassillion (Student)<br />Saving the World One Peep at a Time <br />The United States Peep Corp requires their Peeps to stay physically and mentally fit. U.S. Peeps, like civilian peeps, use physical activity as a way to stay physically fit and mentally ready to tackle any situation they encounter in everyday life. U.S. Peeps know that it is not just about having a hard body that makes someone healthy.<br />
  8. 8. Individual Submitted by:<br />Leah AkeyEthan ArchunidaStudents <br />Foosball Peeps<br />The diorama is a mini fooseball table with peeps playing the roles of the fooseball players. Fooseball represents a game that is physical to play but takes teamwork and mental strength. Also, the peeps look really cute in it :).<br />
  9. 9. The group category means 3+ people worked on the diorama. <br />And there were GRAND PRIZE and RUNNER UP WINNERS! <br />AGAIN! Enough with the talking! Show me PEEPS! <br />Check out these great dioramas submitted by GROUPS!<br />DRUM ROLL PLEASE……<br />
  10. 10. Ballin? with the Peeps? shows people with various abilities <br />actively engaging in a sport that promotes teamwork, <br />Healthy competition, and social interaction in an <br />environment that is supportive and promotes equality. <br />The diorama displays a holistic approach to health as it <br />includes individuals with an array of abilities experiencing <br />emotional, mental, and physical well-being.<br /> <br />GroupSubmitted by: <br />Students in Occupational Therapy 610<br />Kayley Herman, Jess Scialabba, Crystal Reid, Shelby Talyor, Alyssa Curcio<br /> <br />Ballin? With the Peeps?<br />
  11. 11. GroupSubmitted by:<br />Students in Occupational Therapy 610<br />Megan Murnane<br />Lisa Granwehr<br />Alicia Zajac<br />Sam Smith<br />Lauren Campbell<br />A Peep Into Nature <br />There are many dimensions to health, but we often forget the importance of play and leisure. Having the opportunity to enjoy nature with others leads to a healthy mind, body, and spirit<br />
  12. 12. Healthy Peeple Rewarded @ UNH<br />UNH supports its employees during National Public Health Week and all year by sponsoring the Healthy Rewards Program for faculty and staff.  Our peeps are participating in the program to promote healthy futures.<br />Group<br />Submitted by:<br />College of Liberal Arts (COLA), BSC, Staff<br />Kay Cichon<br />           Angele Cook<br />             Cindy Corriveau<br />Christine Etter<br />Sapi Lugalla<br />Kit Nardello<br />Sue St.Louis<br />Kaushalia Tailor<br />Eileen Williams<br />
  13. 13. Group<br />Submitted by:<br />Students involved in Students Promoting Nutrition Information (SPIN)<br />Jennifer DeZenzo <br />Viviane Nguyen<br />Sarah Frederickson<br />Balance Your Peeps…Look At Health As A Whole<br />Our diorama depicts peeps on a see saw balancing fruit and vegetables on one end and ice cream and cookies on the other. This illustrates our philosophy that “all foods fit” in moderation and eating is a balance act. We also have a peep “de-stressing” enjoying the sunshine on a swing wearing sunglasses. We also have a peep enjoying physical activity by jumping rope. All three of these peeps illustrate the importance of looking at the whole picture of how you take care of yourself, incorporating nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction.<br />
  14. 14. Group<br />Submitted by:<br />Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)<br />Amy Culp<br />Mary Mayhew<br />Kim Mayo<br />Julia Laroche<br />Nicole Bathalon<br />Maggie Wells<br />Theresa Marquardt<br />The Clothesline Project <br />As April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP) thought it would be great to create a peep size Clothesline Project. The Clothesline Project is a visual display that bears witness to sexual violence and relationship abuse. Each shirt is decorated to represent a particular experience, by the survivor themselves or someone who cares about the survivor. The project lets each survivor tell their story in their own unique way, using words and/or artwork to decorate their shirt. Once finished, they would then hang their shirt on the clothesline. This very action serves many purposes. It acts as an educational tool for those who come to view the Clothesline; it becomes a healing tool for anyone who make a shirt - by hanging the shirt on the line, survivors, friends and family can literally turn their back on some of that pain of their experience and walk away; finally it allows those who are still suffering in silence to understand that they are not alone.<br />
  15. 15. Group<br />Submitted by:<br />The Gables Community Assistants <br />Luke Miller <br />Chelsea Goldthwaite<br />Bess Brooks<br />Linnea Fargo <br />Chris Prisley<br />Nate Talbot (STAFF) <br />SPeepF 30<br />This diorama is about safety in the sun!  Peeps need to wear their SPeepF 30 to avoid sunburns and even skin cancer! <br />
  16. 16. Diversity Peeps<br />This diorama is about being accepting of all the peeps around us.  Variety is the spice of peep life!<br />GroupSubmitted by:<br />The Gables Community Assistants <br />Wes Bates <br />Euna Kim <br />Tom Kennedy <br />Trevor Williams <br />Craig Martin <br />Caitlin Ahearn <br />
  17. 17. Head out into the sun to get your daily dose of <br />Vitamin D! Not too much and not too little! <br />Good for your all around health to hit the <br />beach and exercise or meditate! Use our <br />natural environment to your benefit! <br />Sunshine is the best medicine.<br />Group Submitted by:<br />Team Sunshine at UNH Child Study and Development Center<br />Beth Gachowski, Tracy Gagnon, Alice Snow (Staff)<br />Sunshine is the Best Medicine<br />
  18. 18. Group Submitted by: <br />Students in Occupational Therapy 610<br />Kylee Berry, Amy Ma, Alyssa Riley, Carolyn Gilooly, Colin O'Donnell<br />Peep Park: A Place for Play,<br />Pleasure, and Participation <br />In our diorama, we portray the idea of staying healthy through engagement in play and leisure, as <br />well as social participation, which we believe are key elements for quality of life. At Peep Park we <br />encourage inclusion of all "peeple" of different abilities to participate in a wide range of activities.<br />
  19. 19. Playing Peeps<br />Play is an important aspect of everyday life, and can be done year round. It helps promote a healthy <br />and active lifestyle in a diverse society. <br />Group Submitted by: <br /> Students in Occupational Therapy 610<br />KatreanaCloutier, Ashley Moser, Melissa Petterson, Erin Taxiera and Jillian Gullotti<br />
  20. 20. Staying active and participating in <br />enjoyable activities is important to health. <br />Different adaptations make it possible for <br />peeple to get involved and stay healthy.<br /> Group Submitted by: <br />Students in Occupational Therapy 610<br /> Jessica Floyd, Jen Acheson, Jamie Uhlman, Kerri Murphy, Melanie Lockhart<br /> <br />Everyone Can Play<br />
  21. 21. Don’t forget a special thanks to the organizers! Health Services, the Discovery Program and Residential Life! <br />…and the panel of “highly-esteemed”judges! The one and only President Mark Huddleston, Mary Westfall, Richard Preyser, Jerry Collins and Gnarlz the Mascot! <br />Seriously…this was so much fun! UNH is a great place to live, work, study, play and be healthy! <br />See you next year! <br />Our cousins, the Peeps, really put on a show! <br />AND thanks to all the UNH PEOPLE who participated in the 1st annual UNH Peeps Show! <br />Congratulations to all our winners! <br />You are some creative Peeps! <br />