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Masonry Restoration Contractor Des Moines IA 816-500-4198

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he Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers Des Moines Iowa is a Historic Masonry and Fountain Restoration Company Des Moines Iowa specializes in all types of masonry brick repair, masonry restoration, fountain installation, water features designs Iowa. Whether being a simple problem when tuckpointing can complete the repair to complicated masonry rebuilds. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers/ Masonry Restoration Company Des Moines Iowa / Water Features Designs Des Moines Iowa has the knowledge and expertise to complete any level of rebuild.

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Masonry Restoration Contractor Des Moines IA 816-500-4198

  1. 1. Masonry Restoration Contractor Des Moines IA Our main goal is to provide an honest and reliable business. To achieve this, The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers Des Moines IA will continue to go above and beyond the expected, providing our clients with a skilled workforce, exemplary craftsmanship and unmatched customer satisfaction. 816-500-4198
  2. 2. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers offers a wide range of repair and restoration services. If you are a building owner, property manager, general contractor, architect, engineer, developer or in any way associated with a building or structure, we can provide the service that your project deserves. Evaluation, problem solving, preparation of itemized proposals and establishing budgets customized to meet your needs are only the beginning of what we offer. After careful planning, we implement the services needed. Our trained and dedicated craft workers perform these repairs/services with only the most proven methods and materials of the highest quality. We do this in the safest, least disruptive and most cost effective manner possible. Only with these standards can we earn and retain our clients business. Give us a call today to discuss your next project.
  3. 3. SERVICES: • Stone Masonry Reconstruction & Restoration • Brick Masonry Reconstruction & Restoration • Terra-Cotta Masonry Reconstruction & Restoration • Historical/Landmark Restoration • Masonry & Concrete Cleaning • Concrete Restoration • Water Repellent and Elastomeric Coating Installation • Stucco Restoration • Sealant Repair & Installation • Architectural Cast Stone Replication& Installation • Waterproofing Installation– Liquid-Applied and Membrane • Wood Restoration, Repair, Replication & Refinishing • On-site Investigative Inspections & Specification Development • Flashing System Installation – Metal, Membrane, Fluid • All Types of Commercial Water Features – ( Landscape Water Features ( Installation , Restoration ) • Historic Fountain Restoration • Building Restoration
  4. 4. PHOTO GALLERY Not sure exactly what is needed? Call us and we will be happy to come out and perform an assessment for you. We perform all forms of Concrete Repair & Brick Repair Restoration. Contact us at 816-500-4198 You can count on The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers Des Moines IA from the first phone call to the completion of the project. We are the best in Midwest because we care the most... Every step of the way ! SERVING ENTIRE MIDWEST REGION COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL
  5. 5. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers Des Moines IA specializes in addressing these concerns. Our in-house professionals utilize years of experience, the latest technology and the most cost effective methods to develop a maintenance or repair program tailored to your structure's needs and most importantly, your budget. As a full service restoration contractor, our services range from small masonry jobs to complete façade renovations on multi-million dollar projects. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers Des Moines IA / Masonry restoration contractor Des Moines IA will not only restore and protect the structural integrity and original architectural aesthetics but also extend the useful life of your building. CALLS US NOW FOR CONSULTATION AND ESTIMATE 816-500-4198