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7 Inspirational Quotes About Entrepreneurship

Taking your innovative business idea from concept to creation can be difficult. While every business is different, we hope that these seven quotes will inspire you to keep pressing on in your journey towards entrepreneurship.

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7 Inspirational Quotes About Entrepreneurship

  1. 1. Rejection is an opportunity for your selection. Bernard Branson
  2. 2. Entrepreneurs see what others can't, do what others won't, and accomplish what others dream. Ryan Lilly
  3. 3. A true business opportunity is the one that an entrepreneur invents to grow him or herself. Not to work in, but to work on. Michael E. Gerber
  4. 4. The type of person you are is usually reflected in your business. To improve your business, first improve yourself. Idowu Koyenikan
  5. 5. There is no problem you can't take absolute advantage of. Ehab Atalla
  6. 6. Successful entrepreneurship begins and ends with customer wants and needs, not what you want and need. Joseph C. Kunz Jr.
  7. 7. Doing, not learning to do, is the essence of entrepreneurship. Guy Kawasaki