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Startup Weekend B2B (Geodometer)

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Acquired 8 pre-orders for yearly subscriptions in 12 hours.

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Startup Weekend B2B (Geodometer)

  1. 1. Tracking & Reporting Mileage Sucks Drivers hate keeping mileage manually Businesses lose out on tax benefits Inaccuracy everywhere
  2. 2. What if we could simplify mileage tracking and reporting?
  3. 3. Simplicity is Here! Our solution is automatic. Our solution is accurate. Your data is preserved and secure.
  4. 4. Small Businesses and Consultants Home contractors Real estate Financial planners Other field-based services
  5. 5. We’re Reaching Them Through Digital marketing Telemarketing Email campaigns Established channels
  6. 6. Our Pricing Plan $10/user per month Pre-sales starting today!
  7. 7. People are Interested 8 pre-orders sold Many more prospects
  8. 8. There are Competitors Out There
  9. 9. The Dream Team Dave Connor Alex Jason Nelson Gordon Tyler Ryan Designer Developer Developer Developer Marketing Management Sales Developer