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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 10

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Chapter 10 of The Calypso Family Apocalypse.

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The Calypso Family Apocalypse Ch 10

  1. 1. The Calypso Family Apocalypse Chapter 10
  2. 2. Welcome back. Last time we saw the third generation finish college. Lets see what there up to now. "Tammy, you came! Mmmmm"Isaac and his brothers and sister arrived back on Tuesday, so Isaac was able to invite Tammy over.
  3. 3. "Tammy, Will you move in with me?""Id love to, Well have lots of babies, wont we?" "Well at least three." "Good, I love babies."
  4. 4. I had Brandon make Tammy a nice dress. Poor Tammys hair got lighter when she aged. "Its all this radiation. Its really kills my hair." Isaac, come back. Youre not done.
  5. 5. "I love you, Tammy. Even if your hair did change color." "I love you, too. Can we go have a baby now."Yeah, sure. Go ahead, theres no jobs in the paper today anyways.
  6. 6. "He he he, That was fun. Can we do it again." "Honey, We woohood in college." "We did? I dont remember."I guess the radiation must have damaged her memory.
  7. 7. Well heres our happy heir, and his lovely wife. Tammy Calypso Stats: 8/5/7/0/5Shes a Family sim, and already wants a baby.
  8. 8. Our ghost problem seems to be getting worse. You really shouldnt hang around here at night."I was just walking by. Tell your ghosts to leave me alone." I cant. They dont listen to a word I say.
  9. 9. Who scared you? "I dont know. It happened so fast."I missed seeing who scared him, that and I just cant remember who did it."
  10. 10. Looks like the baby is on the way."I just wish he or she would just quit upsetting Mommys tummy."
  11. 11. I would give you some lines, but Poseidon is really angry and wont let us worship any other gods. So I guess youll have to be mute. "..."
  12. 12. "Look! I Popped!"I see, she was really happy to be having a baby.
  13. 13. Ive been trying to avoid roaches. But someone tipped over the trash can and I didnt notice until it was too late. Its hard when you have eight people in the house and a cat and one on the way. "Die, you stupid bugs. Its freezing out here, how can they stand it." Roaches are the bane of all simkind, they can survive almost anything. "What kills them?" Well, eventually stomping will, I think.
  14. 14. "Look! Its almost time! I cant wait!"
  15. 15. "This is getting to be too much." "What do you suggest we do about it, Electra?""Someone is going to have to sacrifice, and lift Paranormal." "But Who?"
  16. 16. "Well, I cant do it, Im lifting Adventure. Thats a very important lift."
  17. 17. "I cant do it, either. If I dont lift Journalism then we may never find the jobs we need."
  18. 18. "I think Ian should do it, Intelligence can be done later, its not that important." "Fine, if Paranormal even comes up in the paper. Ill do it."
  19. 19. "They seem to have everything well in hand dont they, Brandon?" "Yes, dear. They do. Im sorry that we wont be here to see it." "Do you think well get to meet our first grandchild?" "I dont know."
  20. 20. How are you Jacob. "Im Ok. I dont have much too do around here. Ill be glad when its my time." Im sorry you didnt get to have much of a life. "My life was Ok. I was platinum through most of it." But you didnt get to move out and have kids of your own."I dont think I really would have wanted kids. I liked helping with my niece and nephews but I liked it best when I could just hand them back to their parents."
  21. 21. "Youre having another baby, it’s not fair. I want to have babies." Quit haunting my family, go away, leave us alone.
  22. 22. "Theres still nothing in the paper."All thats been showing up is jobs that have already been lifted.
  23. 23. "Hi, baby. Youre going to come out and see Daddy today, yes you are, yes you are."
  24. 24. "Peek-a-Boo, I see you."
  25. 25. "Isaaaaac, quit eating and watch me have our baaaaabieeeee."
  26. 26. "Oooooooo"
  27. 27. "Aaaaaaaw"And we have a little boy.
  28. 28. Michael Calypso has his Daddys black hair and green eyes. I was hoping for something different. "He beautiful, I love that he looks like his daddy."
  29. 29. Hi, Essie. Have you come to see your great grandson? "Not really, I just want to scare someone."
  30. 30. "Please stop scaring me, Frozen guy. Im trying to give my new son his bottle." "No, this is my fridge. You cant use it."
  31. 31. "Booga booga booga."
  32. 32. "Its ok, Mikey. Someday soon we wont have to worry about these ghosts any more."
  33. 33. Please tell me you found a job we can use. "Nope. Still nothing." Darn
  34. 34. Whats going on, Steph. "The frozen guys grave went missing." What. Howd that happen?Sometime during the night his grave disappeared, I didnt notice it till Steph started jumping in the air inshock. She kept doing it over and over. Then townie walkbys started disappearing when they walked by the spot that his grave used to be at. I had to use the batbox to fix my lot. I dont know if his grave will ever show back up. Truthfully, I dont miss it. But if I ever figure out a way to fix it, I will. (I do know how to fix it, I figured it out later when another grave went missing. This happens much later.)
  35. 35. "Hes beautiful, he looks just like Isaac when he was this age." Im glad you got to see him. Todays the day, isnt it. "I think so."
  36. 36. "Hi, Mikey. Im your Grandma."
  37. 37. "Boo, I see you."
  38. 38. "I love you Brandon. Take care of them for me." "I will."
  39. 39. "Give me one last kiss."
  40. 40. "Im going to miss you, dear.""I love you, well be together again soon."
  41. 41. "Is he going to be alright, Grim.""He will be fine. I will be returning for him soon."
  42. 42. "Right now it is your turn. Come with me."
  43. 43. "Come, your final reward is waiting."
  44. 44. "I love you, dont forget me."
  45. 45. "This Job Suck, you had better get to work on lifting Paranormal before you are buried in Ghosts." Im trying Grim, but its really hard to get a job that will not show up in the paper.
  46. 46. "I miss her."
  47. 47. Stephanie CalypsoNever got her LTW, but was able to be happy anyways. She reached Lifetime happiness the day before her younger twins left for college. She is survived by her husband and her four children and one grandson.
  48. 48. "Are we cursed or something, there hasnt been a good job in the paper since I got here." No, its just hard when you can only take the first job. "We can look at the first two. We all have college diplomas." I know, but there have still been no jobs showing up, even on the second one.
  49. 49. Well, the sadness cant last around here when we have a birthday boy to toss.
  50. 50. "Happy Birthday, Mikey. Get big for Daddy, now." "Weeeee"
  51. 51. Michael stats 8/10/4/3/7Hes lazy. And he doesn’t have his father’s ears.
  52. 52. What are you doing, Ethan. "I wanted to be scared by Stephanie, but shes not out right now."I sent him down to be scared, but I didnt realize that Stephanie wasnt out. He was scared by Kali and Essie before I got him back upstairs.
  53. 53. "Mommy." "Awwww, good Mikey."Tammy loves to spend time with her son. But she dreams of being a teacher or even the education minister. "I love kids, I want to make sure my kids are getting the best education they can get."
  54. 54. "I go play now."
  55. 55. "I go n potty, daddy" "Good boy, Mikey."
  56. 56. "Hi, Grim. Im glad you came back for me. Im ready to see Stephanie again." "Come, She is waiting for you." Brandon lived two day longer then Stephanie.
  57. 57. Everyone was really broken up about his passing, It made getting good pictures hard.
  58. 58. Brandon Calypso is survived by his brother, four children and one grandchild. He lifted the Military restrictions for us, and took the military career reward to the grave with him.He never got his LTW of seeing six kids married, but had reached lifetime happiness the day he married Stephanie. He will be missed.
  59. 59. "Without jobs, our live mean nothing. We just sit on these couches day after day." "I know, but what else is there to do. We learned all our skills in college." "I know, Ian. Im just getting really frustrated." "Come on, Mikey. Walk for Mommy."
  60. 60. "Me do good, Mommy?""Yes, Mikey. You did good."
  61. 61. "Is tired."Mikey is wearing one of the custom outfits that his grandfather made for him.
  62. 62. Are there any jobs in the paper today, Ian."No, but I feel really fulfilled today. I may not have a job yet, but I think Ill have one soon." Ian reached Lifetime Happiness today. I just wish we could find the jobs we need.
  63. 63. "Kitty, Me luv you." "Meow cant breath "Parsi is the only cat that has ever climbed upstairs in our house. All the other cats have avoided the upstairs. Must not have wanted to be strangled by toddlers.
  64. 64. "Honey, since none of us have found a job yet. Do you want to have another baby?" "Do I! Oh, Yes! I wanted another one when Mikey became a toddler."I wanted to space the children a little, but just not too far apart. Mikey should be a child before his sibling is born.
  65. 65. Well, is there any jobs we can use in the paper today."Well, Paranormal has finally shown up. Im taking it." Good, maybe our luck is finally changing.
  66. 66. "Hi, Grim. Im ready." "What is with you people, none of you fight to survive anymore?""We dont have much to live for. Besides, until Paranormal is lifted, were not allowed to resist you." "What a drag, I havent had a good challenge in ages."
  67. 67. "How is your family managing to be so fulfilled in life." "I guess its because our Creator is good at micromanaging us."Yeah, I make sure that I fulfill wants for all my sims. I try to keep them all happy.
  68. 68. "Oh well, heres your drink, lets get back to Hades. Your family is waiting to see you."
  69. 69. "Mom? Dad? Is that really you?"
  70. 70. "Meow I sad "
  71. 71. Jacob Calypso Lifted Education for us. I sometimes forgot that he was around. He didnt get much face time. He never got his LTW. I forgetwhat it was. He managed to be happy anyway and died platinum. He was Permanently Platinum for the longest time. He was happy to go.
  72. 72. I did not send his family out to see him off because I wanted to get good pictures. They did mourn him each in their own way. "Uncle Jacob, Ill miss you."
  73. 73. "Uncle Jacob would have liked to see you grow up, but he wouldnt want us to be sad." "Mommy, sad?""Just a little, Mikey. Why dont you make Mommy happy again and grow up big for me." "Ok, Mommy."
  74. 74. "Help Mommy blow out the candles, Mikey." "Otay, Btbtbtbt."
  75. 75. "I tingly, Mommy."
  76. 76. "Look how big I got, Mommy." "Oh, he looks just like Jacob." "Mommy?"Its Ok, Mikey. Everyone is just a little sad tonight. Im sorry that your birthday had to fall on the same day that someone died.
  77. 77. "I miss him so much, Creator. Hes the one who taught me to be more serious." I know, but life has to go on.
  78. 78. "Dont be sad, Daddy. I love you.""Oh, Mikey. Youre such a good boy."
  79. 79. "He trying to stop us from haunting isnt he." Yes, and I hope he does, too.
  80. 80. "They liked my work, I was promoted to Hypnotist." Cool. When do you work next? "Tomorrow." Good.
  81. 81. "Daddy, this is hard. Why cant I just sit and be lazy?" "Do you ever want to leave this house, Mikey?" "Yes, but what does that have to do with anything.""You have to get all your body points and if you are lazy then you will never get to leave the house." "Ok, Daddy, I wont be lazy anymore."I had Isaac encourage Mikey to be more active. He now has ten active points. I cant stand lazy kids. And it makes getting those body points much easier.
  82. 82. "Ohump, it feels like she bounced of my spine." She? "I know I shouldnt get my hopes up. But I would really like a girl this time."Me too. Id like to pass the family on to a girl this time. I want a little variety. Id like it if she had your hair too. Im sick of the same color hair all the time.
  83. 83. "Dont even ask, you already know the answer."
  84. 84. Hi Mikey, how you do at school today? "I did Ok, but I havent got an A+ yet."Just give it time. Im sure that you will get there soon.
  85. 85. "I was promoted to Medium. I help people talk to they’re loved ones."Why dont you have a talk with our loved ones? Tell them to stop scaring the family. "They wont listen to me."
  86. 86. Ian goes back to work. I hope he can get another promotion. "I dont see that there will be any problem."Yeah, no problems, unless he gets a chance card. But let’s not jinx it.
  87. 87. "Thanks, Daddy. This make lots more sense now." "Thats what Daddys for Mikey."
  88. 88. "Ok, Daddy, I think that as active as I can be.""Good, why dont you work on your skills for a while. Unless youre too tired." "I think I can skill for a little while."
  89. 89. Our ghost problem seem to be getting worse, I think that they can sense that Ian is working on putting them out of business.
  90. 90. How was your night? "It was good, I got another promotion, Im a douser now."It must be hard to be a douser in these times. After all, with all this snow, its a wonder your dousing rod doesnt just point you to the nearest snow bank. "It does, but my boss doesnt seem to care."
  91. 91. Hey, Ethan..."Hold that thought, I have to get Isaac down here now.... ISAAC!!!" "Coming."
  92. 92. "This is great, I cant wait to finally get to work."I was so relieved that Journalism finally showed up in the paper.
  93. 93. "Oh, just one more day before I can hold my little girl in my arms."
  94. 94. "Well, Im off to work, wish me luck."Good luck, Isaac. Bring us a promotion.
  95. 95. "Im home, early. I got a chance card and they promoted me to Obituary Writer." Thats great, you still have lots of time, Why dont you head back to work. "Ok."
  96. 96. "Bye, Ill be bringing another promotion home, just you wait and see." Dont jinx it. but good luck.
  97. 97. "Im home again. I got promoted to Horoscope Writer." Thats wonderful, when do you work next? "I have the whole weekend off."Aw crud. I was hoping that you would work through the weekend.
  98. 98. Hey, Ian, You look happy. Did you get your promotion?"Yes, I did. Im a Police Psychic now. But guess what." What? "I have the whole weekend off." Aw crud, not you too.
  99. 99. "This ones for Electra. ELECTRA, Come down here."
  100. 100. "Finally, I hope I can finish this before I grow old. I dont want to miss out on my chance for a life with my boyfriend." I hope so to. "Guess what, I have the weekend off too." Crud. Someone must be conspiring against me. Oh well, at least they now have the jobs they need. Well, all except for Ethan.
  101. 101. "Ohooooooo, Its time. Shes coming nooooooooooow"
  102. 102. "Owwwwwww. Hurtssssss." "You can do it, Tammy."
  103. 103. "Aaaaaaaaaaah"
  104. 104. "Oooooooooh"
  105. 105. "You did it, Shes beautiful." "No, we did it." "Lets name her Jessica." "I like it. Jessica it is."Jessica has her mother skin and hair and her fathers eyes. I hope she has her father’s ears, but I cant tell at this time.Well, thats all for chapter ten, I will have the next chapter out as soon as I can. I have played quite far ahead.