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Presentació anglès

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This is the presentacion for my English classroom, INSMONTGROS.

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Presentació anglès

  2. 2. LAURAS DESCRIPTION-Clàudia LAURA - Clàudias description She is medium height. She is slim.She is beautiful. She has got long wavy dark hair. She has got blue and green eyes. She has got a small mouth, she has got a small nose. She has got freckles She is always smiling and is very friendly, cheerful and optimisticShe wears a T-shirt, green pants with pockets on the sides and a pair of purple boots up to the knee.
  3. 3. NADIAS DESCRIPTION- Clara● NADIA - Claras Description●● Clara Kent is four years old. Her parents are from Italy and England. She lives in Greenland.●● She is very beautiful and very smart. Shes short, and she has a normal wlight.●●● Her hair is straight brown. She has thick eyebrows. Big, blue eyes and a small nose. She has a really small mouth. Her face is round.●●● She usually wears blue shorts, green blouses and green and black shoes.●●● She is Kind, generous, smiling, a little naughty, and a little dumb shes a happy-go-lucky girl.●
  4. 4. SERGIOS DESCRIPTION- Ronnie● SERGIO - Count Ronnies Description●● Count Ronnie Kent is 35 years old. Hes from Italy, and his birthday is on 31st of December. He was born in 1977. He lives in Greenland.● Hes very tall and strong. Hes got short black hair and beautiful green eyes. Hes got one tattoo on his left arm.● He wears blue underpants, black jeans, a white t-shirt and black shoes.● As for personality, hes good, friendly, talkative and eager, but sometimes, hes the opposite.●
  5. 5. ADRIÀS DESCRIPTION - Noel● ADRIÀ - Noels description●● His name is Noel. He is ten years old. He lives al 3, Elm street. He telephone number is 4564810.● He was born on 2002.● He is short and slim. He has blond hair and brown eyes. He has got piercing.● He usually wears green clothes. He wears t- shirt. He wears skirt and red shoes.● He is frendly and grateful.
  6. 6. CLÀUDIAS DESCRIPTION - KatyKatherine Dianne Whitehouse, was born in England in summer 1988.She has red flaming hair, which Count Ronnie, his new husband, describes as “on fire!”. She has beautiful green eyes that matches her husbands. Hernose is springy, and it looks really cute with her few freckles.A drunk Irish-man, at a club said once he confused her with the Irish fairy of beauty. Shes got lips that make Ronnie quite dizzy with her kisses full ofpoison. Now, every nerd will shout out: “Like Poison Ivy!!” She likes her breath to smell like fresh mint.Shes quite fit, she likes to keep her body thin and she goes to the gym every Wednesday with her friend and neighbor Melany.She usually wears tight short clothes that expose her body.As for personality, she is a very caring person, she loves to go to hospitals to help the needed, and pick blood for her husband...He is, actually, a vampire. The history of the discovery of that fact was this: she discovered this because she has been dating with him for ten years. Forthe fourth anniversary, she said: “How come you are as beautiful as the day I met you?” He responded “I hope you dont react badly, but its because Im avampire...” He just got it out there, like, BAM. She was shocked... she didnt reply for a long time. When she did, she asked him things about vampirisim,and why he never told her before... After Ronny answering all of her questions, she requested a bite, for immortal life, for immortal beauty. He said: “noneed for that, you will always be beautiful for my eyes”.And that day the romance ended on theyre relationship and the rough passion started.Well, as I was saying, she loves people, all kinds of people. She is very kind and loving. She loves little kids, and shes very provocative.