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Where Buying A Home Is Really A Bargain

Homes advertised as a bargain aren’t necessarily a good deal. Only 55 of the 100 biggest U.S. housing markets where properties described as a “bargain” are actually listed for a lower price. In general, homebuyers in faster-appreciating and expensive markets can expect smaller discounts on bargain properties. This is due to the fact that in tighter markets, sellers don’t need to offer as many concessions – price or otherwise – when demand outstrips supply. However, in cooler markets with slower home price appreciation, the opposite is true. Buyers in such markets can be much pickier with the characteristics of their properties, so sellers are much more likely to offer discounts, accommodations, and concessions to prospective homebuyers. See more at: http://www.trulia.com/blog/trends/

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Where Buying A Home Is Really A Bargain

  1. 1. Markets With The Biggest Discount On Bargain Properties Homebuyers in Midwestern and Southern markets are likely to find that properties described as a bargain actually come with a discount. Of the 10 markets with the biggest discount, five are in the Bargain Belt. % Discount‘ . 10-15% I 16-20% Metros % Discount‘ $ Discount‘ Ei3bb. b93 0 Fairfield County. CT 10.4% 0 ‘From a median Iisling price with "bargain" in desciipliun. Jan. 2013 - Dec, 2015 9