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  1. 1. “Leading Change” CHANGE AGENT PROPOSAL January 18, 2013 Professor Dawn Sime By: Trina Savage
  2. 2. CHANGE AGENT ACTION PLAN: Hiring New Part-Time Office Staff School of Arts and Sciences ASSESS: • The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) is growing rapidly with each term that occurs. • In the past ten years since the opening of SAS has grown over 40% with the amount of students enrolled. • Office staff consists of the Office Manager, a Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean and one Graduate Assistant (is part time, 20 hours per week) • SAS currently has 56 full-time faculty members and 67 adjunct (part-time) professors. • The current office staff of 2 ½ supports the faculty. CLAIRFY: • Other schools have a dedicated “Faculty Secretary” to work directly with the faculty and support their needs while the office manager and administrative assistant work directly with the deans on budgetary items, travel arrangements, and other administrative duties as needed. • The School of Arts and Sciences needs this position to more effectively support the faculty as to not let their assigned duties slip behind. DIAGNOSE: • Deans & faculty members have brought this topic up in faculty meetings recently, so they would be on board with this change. • The main obstacle I see for implementing this proposal would be from a budgetary standpoint, since everyone is on board and this would be a welcome change to everyone involved. • Faculty members would have their needs met in a timelier manner than the feeling of “take a number”, almost like being at a deli and taking your service number. • Of course, it would go without saying, that if for some reason the secretary is busy and cannot get to the requests, office staff would help out in emergency cases, but this would alleviate a lot of backlog that is being experienced by all. PLAN: • We are prepared to show a work load of both the office manager and the administrative assistant that will substantiate the need for a part-time faculty secretary. • Also included in this request is that the office manager is a long time employee and has as part of her schedule to have 6 weeks off during the summer months, from mid-July to late August, she is not here. Most days leaving the administrative assistant alone during the working hours after the graduate assistant leaves for the day.
  3. 3. • Having this other secretary in the office will allow more time for the administrative assistant and get more of her priority work done that needs to be completed before the opening day of school. • We spend more than 20% of our time supporting faculty requests rather than doing our own work. 1) Hire part time secretary to help in covering office during the absence of full time staff such as summer leaves, scheduled leaves and/or sick days. 2) Alleviate the work load from full-time staff from faculty requests to concentrate on budgetary items, payroll and scheduling. 3) The graduate assistant hours are from 9am – 1pm Monday through Friday. The part time secretary would ideally work from 12:30 – 4:30pm Monday through Friday. 4) The part time secretary would take on the following tasks from the full time associates: a) Textbook Adoption forms b) Conference Room Scheduling c) Maintain and update Office Hours Schedules d) Maintain and update Faculty Class Schedules e) Maintain Adjunct Professor Mailboxes f) Sort all incoming mail g) Support faculty with both printing and copy requests h) Request and maintain syllabi from faculty members i) Create and maintain SAS Arts flyers for upcoming events ANNOUNCE: • Once the proposal is submitted and reviewed by management and the Provost office, and approval is gained, both office manager and administrative assistant will announce a job posting to find qualified candidates. EXECUTE: • Training will commence upon hire with the new secretary upon hire • I would hope to have the new hire on board and trained by the Fall 2013 term MONITOR/EVALUATE: • Both office manager and administrative assistant will monitor the results of the new hire to show that their workloads have been lightened so that they can concentrate on their job outline and be able to work more effectively as well. • Administrative Assistant will show that having the new hire in place will have a direct benefit specifically during the summer months when office manager is on her annual leave. • Faculty secretary will be supervised by both office manager and administrative assistant and job performance evaluation will be performed by both.