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'The Future of Apps' Travelport Digital Webinar

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The changing face of mobile engagement - we take an in-depth look at the changing mobile travel landscape and the use of apps as we know them; exploring how native apps are evolving in response to the growing needs of the ultra-connected traveller.

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'The Future of Apps' Travelport Digital Webinar

  1. 1. Your presenters today
  2. 2. We are experts at delivering customer-centric mobile travel solutions that drive end-traveller engagement
  3. 3. Travelport digital customers
  4. 4. Mobile is omni-present Smartphone penetration 63% by 2018 87% of people always have their smartphones on them We check our phones 150 times a day #1 most indispensable items travellers carry with them are mobiles
  5. 5. Are apps dead? • Messaging Apps • Bots • Voice
  6. 6. In this webinar Are apps dead? The changing use of apps Why apps are still key
  7. 7. What is the future of apps? VOICE 9% Twitter Poll @tvptdigital BOTS 18% APPS ARE THE FUTURE 24% NO APPS, JUST MOBILE 49%
  8. 8. You don’t need an app for that
  9. 9. There’s an app for that
  10. 10. The mobile landscape has shifted Voice Messaging AI Bots Mobile
  11. 11. Bots
  12. 12. Bots
  13. 13. Bots
  14. 14. Bots “It was a good couple of years, but we've decided to stick with what we do best - email” Everlane spokesperson Source: Recode March 2017
  15. 15. Bots
  16. 16. 2,500 apps released every day Source: Statista March 2017 6.5 million apps available in leading app stores PWAs
  17. 17. PWAs
  18. 18. PWAs
  19. 19. Share of average time spent per day with smartphone internet among US smartphone users, in-app vs. mobile web 2016
  20. 20. Voice
  21. 21. Voice 85% of iOS users didn’t even use Siri in 2013
  22. 22. Voice 50% of searches will be voice by 2020 20% of Google searches on Android are now via a voice query 30% of searches will be done without a screen by 2020
  23. 23. Voice Discoverability /diskʌv(ə)rə’biliti/ noun the quality of being able to be discovered or found. “the legal discoverability of information” COMPUTING (in relation to online content) the quality of being easy to find via a search engine, within an application, or on a website “a good way to gauge your discoverability is to type your name into Google”
  24. 24. Voice
  25. 25. A new era of app usage Voice Messaging VR AIWearables Bots AVT Tablets Mobile AR
  26. 26. You do need an app for that
  27. 27. Generation X Generation Y Generation Z
  28. 28. Travellers expect an experience that is: • Connected - Seamless • Immediate - Now • Personal - Me • Reliable - Trusted • Engaging - Delights
  29. 29. The complete trip experience
  30. 30. Multiple touchpoints for engagement PROMPT Plan Your Trip Search Best Fares & Book Organize Airport Transport Upgrade Your Seat Or Add Luggage Proceed To Security Mobile Itinerary Updates PROMPT Flight Cancelled Mobile Boarding PROMPT Go To Baggage Belt 10 Book Your Hotel Mobile Check-in Real-time Agent Interaction PROMPT Purchase in-flight Entertainment PRE-TRIP AT THE AIRPORT48 HRS BEFORE IN-FLIGHT DESTINATION POST-TRIP Personalised Trips /Feedback
  31. 31. The benefits Trip Information Giving real-time trip information, such as flight status updates Contextual up-sell 30% of travellers are likely to buy ancilliaries within 48 hours of flying Preparation Providing information on travel essentials before a trip reduces traveller anxiety Booking inspiration 40% of travellers make a booking when on a trip
  32. 32. The enhanced app experience
  33. 33. Voice • Siri voice search Assistants • Today widget • Google Now Location • Apple Location Services • Google Location
  34. 34. Phone Services • Camera • Apple Wallet Communications • Rich push notifications • Actions and responses • Offline local push
  35. 35. App Streaming Apps convert 3x more product viewers than mobile web App Snacking is an increasingly common phenomenon 40% of US travel website visits are now coming from mobile The length of app sessions has shrunk by 5%, however conversion rates have grown by 10%
  36. 36. Why do you NOT have an app? Revenue Satisfaction Retention
  37. 37. Why apps are still key
  38. 38. App Fatigue
  39. 39. App growth in numbers “In 2016, worldwide downloads exceeded 90 billion, an increase of more than 13 billion across the iOS App Store and Google Play” “The total time spent in apps worldwide increased by over 150 billion hours year over year, reaching nearly 900 billion hours in 2016” 900 billion hours
  40. 40. Reported cumulative Apple app store data (billion)
  41. 41. In-app booking increasing 54% of travel bookings are within an app App conversion rates are 3.5x mobile web
  42. 42. Apps drive revenue Deliver personalised, context based, limited time offers
  43. 43. Apps drive revenue Understanding context drives revenue
  44. 44. Apps drives engagement Understand where on the traveller journey a user is
  45. 45. Engagement is about relevance
  46. 46. Closing thoughts • Travel brands are using apps to cut through the noise and engage with their customers • Relevance and customer understanding is key to delivering true customer engagement • The native app is living and breathing
  47. 47. Thank You Questions?