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What successful travel agents are doing everyday

Find out what successful travel agents are doing every day to improve their business lives and how you can improve yours.

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What successful travel agents are doing everyday

  2. 2. What are the successful travel agents’ habits? BLOG.TTS.COM
  3. 3. •  No more days stuck behind their office desks •  They embrace flexibility: set up, reserve and book a trip from anywhere •  Available 24/7 on their mobile devices •  They use apps like Travelport Mobile Agent 1 – MOBILITY BLOG.TTS.COM
  4. 4. •  Best use of their time •  100% focused on the clients •  They use analytic software like Agentivity to get more organized, save time and master self-management 2 – SAVING TIME BLOG.TTS.COM
  5. 5. •  They present a wider variety of options to make good travel choices •  They offer their customers different packages than traditional ones, thus being more competitive 3 – OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING BLOG.TTS.COM
  6. 6. •  No matter the size of the agency they always present themselves as true professionals •  They use solutions like TTS Consolidator, making them able to offer the same rates and prices as their IATA counterparts •  They are able to save their customers money and to compete with bigger firms 4 – PROACTIVE PROFESSIONALS BLOG.TTS.COM
  7. 7. •  They focus their time on being a travel agent and helping their customers •  They care about branding their agencies •  They farm out their branding work with tools like TTS Corporate Managed Services 5 – FOCUS ON BEING A TRAVEL AGENT BLOG.TTS.COM
  8. 8. BLOG.TTS.COM
  9. 9. BLOG.TTS.COM
  10. 10. tts.com youtube.tts.com linkedin.tts.com facebook.tts.comblog.tts.com googleplus.tts.com