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Referrals and User-Generated Content: the power of these tools in travel

Understand how travel agents can provide their travelers not only with trips but also with culturally enriching experiences, with the help of referrals and user-generated content (UGC).

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Referrals and User-Generated Content: the power of these tools in travel

  2. 2. Where do Millennials find their trip inspiration? BLOG.TTS.COM
  3. 3. •  When individuals who have traveled to a given area post about it on social media and also simply by referral •  This personal link is the way most young people nowadays decide on places or trips they would like to go on WHAT IS USER-GENERATED CONTENT (UGC)? BLOG.TTS.COM
  4. 4. •  Learn how to use UGC’s potential power correctly •  Learn how to be able to use the earned content and visual-generated content to be able to help promote trips for their clients THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY NEEDS TO: BLOG.TTS.COM
  5. 5. What is visual user-generated content? BLOG.TTS.COM
  6. 6. •  Pictures, videos and any visual appeal related to the trip people went on •  Influence of the uptick in smartphone usage and social media •  Visual referrals are more important than a good advertising campaign: it’s the modern-day version of word-of-mouth VISUAL USER-GENERATED CONTENT BLOG.TTS.COM
  7. 7. How can travel agents use this content to help facilitate inspiration for new travelers? BLOG.TTS.COM
  8. 8. •  Get inspiration themselves about places to offer their clients •  Ask individuals who create UGC to provide them with high-quality content •  Word of mouth is still the single most important UGC available •  Seize the social media buzz created by life- changing trips and use it as promotional tools OPPORTUNITIES FOR TRAVEL AGENTS BLOG.TTS.COM
  9. 9. What does the future hold? BLOG.TTS.COM
  10. 10. •  Travel agents can learn how to use the new power of social media and the expanded word of mouth UGC to provide their clients with culturally enriching experiences •  The impact on their clients lives will return as positive impact on their businesses through referrals and UGC •  The future is User-Generated Content (UGC) FUTURE BLOG.TTS.COM
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