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How to be a travel agent in 11 steps

Are you eager to join the travel agents league? Let us take you through some of the steps of how to become a travel agent!

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How to be a travel agent in 11 steps

  2. 2. If you’re eager to join the travel industry but are not sure about what it takes to be a travel agent let’s get you through some of the steps BLOG.TTS.COM
  3. 3. Some attributes of successful travel agents: •  Outgoing personality •  Passion for travel •  Highly developed problem-solving skills •  Patience and diplomacy •  Tech savviness •  Flexibility and adaptability 1 – DO A SELF-ASSESSMENT BLOG.TTS.COM
  4. 4. •  Know the travel industry before you step into it •  Research the challenges of being a travel agent, career opportunities and income potential •  Subscribe to our blog for regular updates on the industry here 2 – GET TO KNOW THE INDUSTRY BLOG.TTS.COM
  5. 5. •  Plan, study and train to become a travel agent •  Complete high-school or equivalent: this is the minimum educational requirement for entry into the travel industry 3 – STUDY HARD BLOG.TTS.COM
  6. 6. •  Take specific courses in the travel industry •  They will help you to be better prepared to enter the industry 4 – TAKE INDUSTRY COURSES BLOG.TTS.COM
  7. 7. •  Requirements for becoming a travel agent vary from state to province to country •  Some areas require a certification or license 5 – KNOW THE REQUIREMENTS BLOG.TTS.COM
  8. 8. •  Develop or refine your interpersonal skills from verbal to non-verbal communication: listening, problem-solving, decision-making, assertiveness skills •  You should hone your behind-the- scenes skills like organization and attention to details 6 – DEVELOP INTERPERSONAL SKILLS BLOG.TTS.COM
  9. 9. •  Walk in your clients shoes and experience some of their travel challenges and delights •  Acquire first-hand knowledge •  Being bi- or multi-lingual might help 7 – TRAVEL OFTEN BLOG.TTS.COM
  10. 10. •  Keep up with technology and trends and find the solution that best suits you •  TTS Consolidator for the non-IATA and home- based travel agents •  TTS Web Agent for those who want to work from home accessing the GDS from their home desktops •  Travelport Mobile Agent so you can handle every situation on your mobile and be accessible 24/7 8 – BECOME TECH SAVVY BLOG.TTS.COM
  11. 11. •  Consider focusing on a specific geographic location or type of travel •  Create a niche business based on your skills 9 – BE A DESTINATION SPECIALIST BLOG.TTS.COM
  12. 12. •  The only way people will know about you is by networking •  Build your client base, develop working relationships with suppliers and connect with industry peers 10 – NETWORK BLOG.TTS.COM
  13. 13. •  Join industry-related organizations •  These groups offer training and further education opportunities •  Industry organization allow you to continue to network 11 – CONTINUE YOUR TRAVEL EDUCATION BLOG.TTS.COM
  14. 14. KEEP IN MIND: Travel industry is always changing & Being a travel agent rarely gets stale BLOG.TTS.COM
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