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2012 10 10 ima at ietl congress

A return of experience over 10 years of experience in the telematics field and the european eCall.
IMA is a leading company in Europe for roadside assistance and telematics services.

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2012 10 10 ima at ietl congress

  1. 1. XIII European Traffic law days 2012Pan european eCall : a protection for road user A feed back over a 10-year experience as an e Call ServiceProvider Luxembourg, October 10th 2012 – Antoine TrarieuxFor Your Assistance, Only One Border… Planet Earth
  2. 2. IMA and Telematics Services PSAP *Operational PSAP* Approval PSAP* Launch eCall launches Approval Aftermarket Approval in France for a solution German OEM eCall for PCA 9 countries UK for PCAResearch anddevelopment V Call project Safetrip project Aftermarket solution Road safety / e Call b call SVT Satellite communication eCall for Car + SMS mode for the deaf Manufacturer 1998 2003 2007 2008 2010 2012 2015 * PSAP : Public Safety Answering Point 2003-201210 year experience as a service provider in safety & security in 10 european countries IDEC - Wednesday 10th october 2012
  3. 3. Mandatory eCall 2 coexisting paneuropean standards 112 eCall TPS eCall Relevant PSAP’s Service C provider Roadside Operators Local PSAP’s * IMAR sos OEM* Traffic information sos Identification Value chain Localization of the Service Qualification Provider Filtering or Transmission* PSAP : Public Safety Answering Point * OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer ie Car manufacturer IDEC - Wednesday 10th october 2012
  4. 4. IMA TPS eCall feed back over e Call management1. Interoperability The key points in eCall - With the client 1. Speak the appropriate language2. Adaptability - With the PSAP’s 2. Knowledge of PSAP’s local organization (Area of intervention and abilities)3. Reactivity 3. Capability to filter and direct 87% filtering calls handled (excluding test calls )4. Transparency 4. An open and scaleable organization IMA’ s European PSAP’s database = more than 1800 entries for 10 countries IDEC - Wednesday 10th october 2012
  5. 5. IMA’s Feedback as a TPS Service Provider Necessity of e Call’ filtering : French market eCall transmitted whole eCall : 7754 Alerts Handover PSAP’s 19% 1051 alerts 87% FilteringbCall39% 29.9% Rescues eCall 7% Police 42% 42.5% Accidents with injuries 6% PSAP’s 10.8% Silent calls Suspected Accidents 16.9 % Silent calls Source : Survey of the Direction de la Sécurité Civile – September 2011 indeterminate IMA’s DATA Important Caveat : : It should be noticed that PSAP’s internal organization and procedures may be different regarding the countries. In this regard an alert may be filtered in one country and transfered to the PSAP’s in another country regarding local organization. IDEC - Wednesday 10th october 2012
  6. 6. One vision of mandatory eCall reality (French market) 3 477* eCall Target French PSAP’s Interventions Fatalities (337 000) 24 270* Heavily injuries 247 152* Minor injuries eCall Reality ? (potential demand on PSAP’s) 3 000 000 accidents per year 30 000 000 Vehicles insured In case of accident, the vast majority of the consumer will get a better service as already provided by assistance / insurance companies*Source : Statistiques de la Direction de la Sécurité Civile – Ed 2011 IDEC - Wednesday 10th october 2012
  7. 7. Conclusion TPS eCall Multilingual Relevant PSAP’s 112 eCall organization Roadside operators sos Traffic PSAP’s information Identification Manual sos or Service Localization Automatic provider Qualification Filtering or Transmission ? Accident ? Roadside assistance management Reach 112 Pan european TPS eCall offers a realistic solution to ITS’ DirectiveFurther cooperations between stakeholders (OEM, state members , insurers, service providers ) remain necessary to improve the service to end users ! IDEC - Wednesday 10th october 2012
  8. 8. Key points regarding IMA TPS eCall experience Operating rescue services will remain the sole responsability of Public safety organization in the State Members of EU . Call filtering is a necessity – regardless of eCall standard - to avoid anoverflow of PSAP’s by drivers involved in, or witness to, an accident even if no injuries .It is already an important part of Roadside Assistance Companies activity !Freedom of choice for the consumer and free and fair competition must beguaranteed through an enhanced cooperation between Car Manufacturers and Insurance Companies under supervision of State Members. IDEC - Wednesday 10th october 2012
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention ! Further information : http://www.imagroupe.eu/ antoine.trarieux@ima.eu