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What is Attraction Marketing?

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I describe what attraction marketing is to help you grow inside of your business. This allows you to expand and move into a place where you can scale your business to much larger levels.

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What is Attraction Marketing?

  1. 1. What is Attraction Marketing and How Can You Make it Work for You? Original Source: http://work-with-cesar.com Looking to actually learn what attraction marketing really is? Just imagine: All of a sudden people start banging on your door, constantly calling you and literally chasing you down with their credit cards in hands begging you to join your business. All the while this is happening, you're relaxing and enjoying quality time with the people that you love and taking the view of the most magnificent horizon that you've ever seen. This is the basis (and the end result) of what attraction marketing can give you, and if you're ready for your personal breakthrough make sure to continue reading through this entire post to see what secrets you can steal and use for your business as easily as possible. By now you're probably wondering... "Who are you?" Well, first of all my name is Cesar and I've been marketing online now for 10 months and I'm up to the point where I have a small team built online. I've struggled so much before actually going online, running around chasing friends and family. I finally came across an attraction marketing
  2. 2. system that has allowed me to capture my first few leads online, and even get sign ups without leaving the comforts of my home! However, here's another question that you may have... "Where did you learn these secrets, Cesar?" Visit http://work-with-cesar.com to learn more now. My wisdom and knowledge comes from the Costa Rica Intensive product inside of the Empower Network. In this specific webinar our teacher is Dave Sharpe, which according to his own words, "Was an ex-alcoholic and drug user who turned around his life when he was about to take his last shot of heroin until it fell down the toilet." Shortly thereafter he left behind his drug addictions to live a better life. So here's what you want to do to start making attraction marketing work for you: First, you want to learn to tell your story and what you want to do when telling your story is you want to sell the fact that you got a result.
  3. 3. So, for example if you did a Facebook PPC ad and you end up getting 20 leads in a day that is an AWESOME result! So, in the beginning if you achieve small results like that and crank a video and talk about your results that you have accomplished. But wait! You must talk about this (one) thing before you talk about results. In his teachings, David Sharpe says that people identify more with pain than people do with results. For example, Dave Sharpe shares his journey in the beginning of his pains and struggles Remember this clearly and make a mental note of this. When you're first starting out in your business be sure to actually talk about where you came from (personal struggle) to where you're at now (the results you're receiving), and when you can communicate that and share it with people you will experience more results inside of your business. All of this said and done all you have to do now is just take action and work towards producing a result inside of your business, one which you can share because once that happens you will be able to compound your efforts. One result leads to more results, etc. etc. Did you love this post? Be sure to SHARE THIS with the people you love. Be sure to also visit my attraction marketing blog here: http://work-withcesar.com