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Evaluation Question 2

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Evaluation Question 2

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Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. Q2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. I believe that my video, digipack and advert are a very effective combination for promoting my artist. This is because I planned and produced my digipack and my poster to look ‘similar’ featuring the same clothing, the same location, with my artist at the centre of image. My artist is in the centre image for my digipack and my poster and is the first thing that the audience see. In addition, once they have seen one, the digipack for example, and then see the poster days later, they will instantly know that this is promoting my music video as the artist’s image is again repeated and therefore recognisable. If they have seen the music video before the digipack or poster, they will also instantly spot similarities such as the alleyway/underpass scene that is common in the video and is the location for the poster, as well as the artist’s identity that is strongly promoted throughout all products. In conclusion, no matter which product my target audience see first, the next one they see will be relatable and recognisable. I will now show you some examples of my ‘consistency’ in order to achieve this response.
  3. 3. Consistency - Font & Identity Consistency was the main focus for my digipack and poster as I wanted all the elements to look similar and therefore recognisable. This also helps potential members of my target audience who aren’t familiar with my artist to link them together and become more familiar – in terms of promotion I attempted to literally repeat the same images and themes so people simply cannot unrecognised it. Here are some screenshots of my digipack and advert highlighting the use of the same font ‘Luna’. The title of my album was printed in this font first for the effect I required, a ‘free hand’, ‘handwritten’ effect that I would go on to repeat throughout my texts. For example, the same font is seen in the centre of my advert again stating the title of the album, and again seen on the back of my digipack as the songs are also written in the same font. This makes the title of the album and the songs included look unique for the promotion of my music video, so they stand out and become related to my product. This font also gives the product a personal touch, as if my artist had written the words for his audience and for this type of solo artist is important for that connection with the fans for the success of his music. To assist my promotion campaign the identity for my artist was clear, centre frame and again repeated. This is so my audience were able to associate the words and images to an appearance so without one or the other they would know who it was and/or what is was about. For example, if they saw the title of my music video in a magazine, poster or online, they would know who the artist is and be able to picture their identity – creating a recognisable, ‘popular’ image therefore fitting the genre.
  4. 4. The question mark was also another repeated element that ran consistently throughout my ancillary texts. It is seen in the inside cover and on the back of the image on the poster. The question mark assists the meaning of the album title as it’s a question and was a choice I made to again create another recognisable feature that is recognisable on all my products. Pop music is all about the repeatability of images, words, symbols, catches, hooks and the line in the song ‘what do you mean’ one is a question and two, is repeated more than 8-10 times hence the repetition of the question mark.
  5. 5. Links - Technology Social media promotion is also a big element of advertising today with the way that people integrate their use of physical prints, with smartphones and computer websites and online videos. For my ancillary texts, I chose to add ‘QR codes’ to the prints so that viewers can ‘scan’ them with their smartphones that will take them to a certain web page related to what they are viewing. For example, the QR code in the poster, when scanned takes the viewer to the YouTube link and page of the music video, and the QR code in the back of the digipack brings up the ‘justinbiebermusic’ website where songs, tickets, posters etc. can be bought and videos can be watched. This was again another repeated, consistent feature across my texts and was a necessary feature for my target audience especially the teenage to young-adult ages who are tech savvy and heavily involved in social media.