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10 reasons to move to Saas Software Vendors

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Have you wondered why should you switch from your On-Premise Software Vendor to a Saas based Vendor?
Discover it here!

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10 reasons to move to Saas Software Vendors

  1. 1. 10 Reasons to move to Saas Software Vendors ToolsOnCloud.com
  2. 2. © ToolsOnCloud.com On-Premise softwares not only requires you to purchase the software but it also involve additional support costs including additional hardwares, maintenance & support staffs, network maintenance & monitoring and many more. But in Saas, everything is included in your subscription fee which reduces your Upfront Capital Expenditure. Ultimately a reduced Total Cost of Ownership with focus on OpEx instead of CapEx! 1. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  3. 3. © ToolsOnCloud.com 2. Faster Deployment & Greater Agility Developing and Deploying On-premise softwares from scratch can take a significant amount of time depending upon your requirement and process complexity. It will lead to delays in your time intensive projects which means loss of potential revenue. But in Saas, Everything is ready! It helps you deploy your applications faster thus helping you to reach market faster and better.
  4. 4. © ToolsOnCloud.com 3. Higher Scalability Today your team size is 10, tomorrow it might become 100. Today your client base is 20, tomorrow it might become 200. With On-premise, it becomes an additional work for your IT team to customize the software for scale. But with Saas, you can instantly scale up or down without worrying about the application. Everything is taken care by the Saas service provider.
  5. 5. © ToolsOnCloud.com 4. Upgraded Software with latest Ground-breaking Capabilities With ever evolving technology, Softwares you use would continue to provide innovative features with every upgrade. With On-premise softwares, the task of upgrading the softwares after every technology upgrade is highly impossible for the internal IT team considering the complex procedure it involves around Servers, Applications, Databases, Networks, Down Time and many more. But with Saas, you only need to sit and relax! Your service provider will take care of everything.
  6. 6. © ToolsOnCloud.com 5. Regular Backup and Accountability With On-Premise, it becomes a manual work for your IT Team to take regular backups. Most of the time, it is done only upon request and not as a regular process in order to save on backup storage costs. But with Saas, the Service Provider takes responsibility of your DATA. Most of the Saas service providers take backup everyday. Some even take backup of the backups and store it in different servers in order to ensure its availability even in case of complete local data center shutdown in case of emergency. With Saas, Business must go on...
  7. 7. © ToolsOnCloud.com 6. Access to Industry Benchmark Practices Saas softwares are designed and developed as per the benchmarks of the best practices followed by the majority businesses in your Industry. But On-premise softwares are too much customized which deviates its procedures from the Industry standards leading you away from the best practices of your Industry.
  8. 8. © ToolsOnCloud.com 7. Anytime, Anywhere and Any Device With Saas, your application never leaves you Alone. With Internet, you can access the Saas application 24 x 7 from every nook and corner of the world using any internet device including your Smartphone. No need to waste time going through a range of VPNs and Firewalls as in the case of On-Premise Softwares.
  9. 9. © ToolsOnCloud.com 8. No Vendor Lock-in With Saas Model, you get a freedom to pay your subscription on monthly basis or on transaction basis. This means, No Vendor Lock-in as in the case of On-Premise. Not feeling satisfied with the Saas software? Just move on! No Strings attached!
  10. 10. © ToolsOnCloud.com 9. Easy to Use - Gentle Learning Curve Unlike On-Premise software, Saas softwares are made for use by large number of users from different companies across the Industry. Due to this, all Saas vendors spend a significant amount of development time on improving User Experience (UX) thus resulting in a User Interface (UI) which helps you learn the software faster. Just a Clean and Clutter free UI!
  11. 11. © ToolsOnCloud.com 10. Saas is not the Future - It's the Present Saas is having the highest adoption rate in the Industry. With Lowest entry barriers in terms of Cost and Integration capabilities, Saas is no longer a new buzz word. Almost all fast moving technology companies are using one or more Saas applications for their business. Are you still behind? With increasing competition, You have to Run Fast!
  12. 12. Thank you For more such piece of Info, Visit ToolsOnCloud.com