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The Gladrags Legacy: Chapter 14- Fireworks

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The Gladrags Legacy: Chapter 14- Fireworks

  1. 1. The Gladrags Legacy:<br />Chapter 14- Fireworks<br />Hi! Welcome to Chapter 14 of the Gladrags Legacy. When we left, both sets of twins had just grown up, and Aragorn had become a child. Ok, so this is where the plots start... Sort of. I have a feeling that this generation will take a while, and I can’t really do the heir poll until the end because only then will you see the children as adults properly. So, be prepared for a long ride, with plenty of fireworks...<br />
  2. 2. This is literally all he does. All day, every day. He just loves nature (how deliciously character appropriate), and the only time he stops is to clean the work surfaces in the kitchen.<br />
  3. 3. ... I wanted to include this picture, but haven’t thought how to caption it. Sigh...<br />
  4. 4. Awwwww. Smeagol is so cute, every time I look at him he’s doing something amazingly adorable. I wonder what his brother’s doing?<br />
  5. 5. “Help!”<br />That’s a bit more like my sims. Frodo, put the cat down!<br />Who am I kidding? All of these slides have just been stalling before their birthday.<br />
  6. 6. Time for the cake!<br />
  7. 7. They are, undoubtedly, a little creepy. Especially Frodo... I’m starting to worry about the children of this generation. I’m sure they’ll grow into their looks... *rocks-back-and-forth-hugging-knees*<br />
  8. 8. “Let’s play cops and robbers!” squealed Galadriel.<br />“Ok. I’ll be the police, arresting you for crimes against fashion.”<br />Oooh, he burned you Galadriel!<br />“Yeah, but he doesn’t mean it with me. He’s genuine when he talks about you.”<br />*sniff*<br />
  9. 9. I think the stress of being a working mother of five is getting to Timon...<br />“C’mon Legolas! Let’s go play!”<br />Timon?<br />“She’s gone. And I’m back!”<br />Who are you?<br />“Mr Huggy!”<br />Mr Huggy?<br />“Yes. Now, come and play.”<br />And if I refuse?<br />“I’ll sing Justin Bieber at you.”<br />No! I will not give in!<br />“You know you love me, I know you care...”<br />*whimper*<br />
  10. 10. There isn’t much use for this picture, but I love taking photos of him  He’s just so nice! It’s insane!<br />
  11. 11. “Peow! Peow! Peow!”<br />“Argh, you got me!” Aragorn mimed a dramatic death scene which made Pippin giggle.<br />“Wow Aragorn, you’re good at this!”<br />He clambered back to his feet and grinned.<br />“Where’s Merry gone?”<br />“Oh, she said something about the garden. I was eating a sandwich.” she said, in way of explanation.<br />“Maybe she’s gone to look for the fairies? They live in our garden.” he teased.<br />“Really?!” she gasped.<br />Aragorn hesitated. “Yes. Lots.”<br />“Wow... It sucks that as soon as me and Merry grow up, it’s your birthday Aragorn.”<br />“Yeah... I’m a little nervous actually.”<br />“Don’t be!” She smiled widely. “It’ll be the best time of your life! Full of excitement and wonder!”<br />Aragorn scanned her light blue eyes for any sarcasm, but she seemed honest.<br />“C’mon,” he said. “It’s time for the cake.”<br />
  12. 12. “Mrs Broflofski? What are you doing?”<br />“It’s an alternative meal for those of us who don’t eat anything that’s come from animals. I’m a vegan.”<br />“But it’s a turkey!”<br />“It’s tofu! Duh!”<br />“So you wont be having cake?”<br />“Milk and eggs you little sod! Milk and eggs!”<br />“But... No-one in our house is a vegan except you. Are you seriously going to eat all that?”<br />“Yes.”<br />“HOW?”<br />“I’m a vegan. Being a vegan just makes you better than most people.”<br />“Wow...”<br />
  13. 13. Hallelujah! He’s attractive! Woop! I was getting worried! Anyway, he’s rolled Fortune and has a secondary aspiration of Popularity. <br />
  14. 14. Meanwhile, Frodo and Smeagol have been busy making friends. This little fella is Samwise. <br />“So, you want to play Sam?”<br />“Yes Frodo! I love your garden!”<br />“Thanks! Lets play tag!”<br />
  15. 15. And this is Smeagol’s new friend, Deagol. <br />“So, Miss Cripslock says we can set up our own stall at the school fair. You want to be on mine?”<br />“Yeah!” Smeagol cried. Smeagol has a heart of gold, he’d help anyone who needed it. “What are we selling?”<br />“Cakes! Lots of them!”<br />“Brilliant!”<br />
  16. 16. “Whee!” squealed Frodo. Aragorn stopped. “Awww, c’mon, once more, please?” <br />Aragorn grinned. “Fine.”<br />“Yay!” Frodo stood on Aragorn’s feet again and he walked around the garden. “Aragorn?”<br />“Yeah?”<br />“Why do they call you “Strider” at school?”<br />Aragorn froze. “Err, I don’t know. I hate it.”<br />“Because Jess in my class says her older sister likes you. All her friends do, and they call you Strider.”<br />Aragorn blushed furiously. “They don’t Frodo.”<br />“They do. Jess showed me her sister’s diary. She’s got your name in there loads. In hearts.”<br />Aragorn flushed a deeper red, and ignored the comment. “Let’s talk about something else.”<br />“You really like it out here don’t you Aragorn?”<br />“Yeah,” he sighed. There were two birds in the tree beside them. Aragorn held out his hand and made a chirruping noise. They both turned, gave him a puzzled look, and flew down to Frodo and Aragorn.<br />“Wow Aragorn! Did you make them do that?”<br />“I didn’t make them do anything.” He looked thoughtfully into the distance. Such a delicate balance.<br />
  17. 17. Legolas and Galadriel are due to grow up! Let’s see... <br />
  18. 18. Phew! They all seem to become less scary when they are teens. Galadriel looks particularly pretty. Legolas rolled romance, and Galadriel got... Popularity, I think. <br />
  19. 19. “Thanks so much for inviting me over Strider.” Stacey sighed. Aragorn winced at the use of the nickname.<br />“Please don’t call me that. I hate it.”<br />“Ok... Aragorn.” Aragorn smiled, and Stacey had to resist the urge to swoon.<br />“So you want to discover the outdoors?”<br />“What?... Um, yeah, sure! The outdoors, trees, dirt, whatever!”<br />“Well, you can find out a lot of things from your garden, but you’ll have to go hiking if you...” <br />Stacey’s thoughts wandered. It wasn’t as if he was even that attractive. That was first on her imaginary checklist for “possible boyfriend material”. I mean, he wasn’t bad, but not her type at all. He wasn’t high up on the school’s social ladder, filling the position of “kind, alternative boy who no-one knows much about”. He kept to himself when he could, except when he was being followed by his many legions of female fans, who had very little idea about why they were stalking him. He was... Intriguing.<br />
  20. 20. “... And that’s your basic tracking system.” He beamed at her, apparently thrilled at the opportunity to teach Stacey the art of tracking.<br />“... Brilliant!” she smiled sweetly. “Aragorn, you’re so clever. I wish I could be as clever as you.”<br />Aragorn blushed. “Oh, you’re cleverer than I am, believe me.”<br />“And you’re so sweet too!”<br />“I...” Aragorn put his hand on the back of his head nervously.<br />Stacey moved closer to him, and Aragorn instinctively took a step backwards. Confused, Stacey walked closer to him and tried to lean in. Aragorn, really panicking now, grabbed her arms. With surprising strength, he held her back.<br />“Let go!” Aragorn released her. “What was that for?”<br />“I... You were... I didn’t...”<br />“I thought you wanted to...” There was an awkward silence.<br />
  21. 21. “But... I thought you were giving me signs. You always smile at me, and help me with work and...”<br />“I was just trying to be friendly. I’m sorry Sta-”<br />“Forget it. It’s fine.”<br />“Are you sure?”<br />“Yeah.”<br />“I wont mention this to anyone, I promise.”<br />“Thanks.” It would have been better if he wasn’t being so bloody nice about it. Why didn’t he react? Was he really not bothered about it? He could have at least shouted.<br />“I... I am really sorry Stacey.”<br />“I know.” He should have shouted. What kind of bastard is so nice after something like that?<br />She’d made it horrifically awkward! He should be angry! And he’s standing there, as bold as brass, totally fine with the whole thing. The slimeball! It was her right to be angry! “I’m gonna go...”<br />“Sure, ok. I’ll walk you out.”<br />“Stop being so nice!” Aragorn froze. Stacey blushed. “Err...” She walked quietly out the room. Aragorn sighed. That was going to be awful tomorrow.<br />
  22. 22. “God damn it I’m sexy.” Legolas was performing his ten minute nightly ritual. “I mean, look at that. Sex on legs I tell you. What man wouldn’t want this? None I tell ya!”<br />He strutted around in the bedroom.<br />“Legolas.” Galadriel had entered the room. Legolas let out a high pitched yelp. <br />“You scared me G!”<br />“You scream like a girl.”<br />“You smell like a boy. What’s your point?”<br />“Touché.” Legolas stopped preening.<br />“So, have you heard about Aragorn?”<br />“No!” she said, desperate for detail. <br />Legolas grinned. “Well!” he began. “Apparently, Stacey Brampton, you know, the girl with the beanie hat-”<br />“-The one that was over here yesterday?!”<br />“Yeah! She tried to kiss him in his room.”<br />“NO WAY!<br />“YES WAY!”<br />“Oh my God! How’d it get out?”<br />“Well Aragorn hasn’t told anyone, you know what he’s like, he wouldn’t want to embarrass her, but she told Jennie and Jennie told Adam and Adam told Becky and Becky told me!”<br />
  23. 23. “Aragorn’s got girls all over him at the moment though.”<br />“Lucky bitch.” said Legolas. “I wish I had that.”<br />“Legolas, you’re gay.”<br />“I meant with guys, duh!” He gave her a little shove. She shoved him back.<br />“You’re such a slut Leggy!”<br />“Don’t call me Leggy!” He began to tickle her. <br />“Stop it! Stop it!” she giggled.<br />“Mwahahahaha.”<br />Galadriel felt a little guilty about talking about Stacey. <br />It wasn’t like it was her fault, and like she was the only one who’d tried. But that’s what she and Legolas did all day, it was their job. Someone had to be the bitchy ones, and Legolas seemed to enjoy it... As much as she loved Legolas, he could be cruel and unkind but that just made you love him more. And yet he was impossibly loyal, and kind, and... Well, not intelligent, god knows, but... Intuitive. If he was on your side, then you were fine. You just had to deal with his warped sense of humour. If not... God help you. <br />
  24. 24. Ok, I’ve lost the pictures of Frodo and Smeagol’s actual birthday, but this is what they actually look like. They do seem to have lost their freakiness, thankfully, and are now normal. Frodo’s a family sim, and Smeagol’s knowledge.<br />
  25. 25. “Hey Smegaol!” Deagol was visiting.<br />“Hey Deagol.” <br />“So, we’re gonna get loads of junk together, and, like, sell it to raise money for the school’s new gym equipment.” Deagol, now he was a teen, was becoming increasingly influenced by those around him, and had adopted the language of his peers. “Dude, you in?”<br />“Yeah, definately.”<br />Deagol gave him an impish grin. “Excellent-ay. I thought, who’s like the best at organising crap, and it hit me. I thought, DUH! Your best friend is totally awesome at stuff like that!”<br />Though Smeagol wasn’t remotely bothered about physical education, the equipment had gotten into such a state of disrepair that it was now dangerous to use them.<br />“The sales in about a month, so we’ve got loads of time.” The plan was already forming in Smeagol's head. He was Smeagol, master of fundraising.<br />“That’s cool. Thanks for asking me.”<br />“No problem man. No problemo.”<br />“Wanna play pinball?”<br />“Cool.”<br />
  26. 26. Galadriel couldn’t sleep. It was late, but she wasn’t tired. She just didn’t feel satisfied with life now. All she ever did was bitch with Legolas and talk about meaningless things with her friends. It felt... Wrong. She should be doing something meaningful. Something that counts.<br />Which is why she heard the faint noise from outside. Walking to the window, she peered out the glass into the garden. Faintly, she saw the outline of a person on the swings in the garden. How strange... Should she go out and look? Her head said no... But something in her gut told her she’d regret it if she didn’t.<br />
  27. 27. There was a boy with spiky black hair sitting on the swings. He didn’t seem to be enjoying himself, he looked like his mind was on other things. There was anger behind his eyes, and he looked as if there was a small lid holding back a boy full of rage. He was wearing a tight black T-Shirt with black, pinstripe trousers, black fingerless gloves and black converse. He almost blended in with the background.<br />Galadriel was puzzled. He hadn’t realised she was there, at least, he hadn’t acknowledged her. She cleared her throat.<br />“Excuse me?”<br />The boy looked up, startled, and jumped off the swing.<br />“What are you doing in my garden?” The boy looked familiar, but she couldn’t place him. A face swam into focus.<br />“Celeborn? Is that you?”<br />“Galadriel?”<br />
  28. 28. Celeborn looked surprised, then angry. “So what if I’m in your garden? It’s a free country! I can do what I like! I don’t care if you-”<br />“-I don’t mind! I’m just surprised!”<br />He stopped, and smiled. “Oh. Ok.”<br />He walked nearer to her. “I didn’t know you knew who I was Galadriel. You’re like Queen Bee at school.”<br />Galadriel’s face fell. “I don’t want to be. It’s so boring. All the girls talk about it makeup and clothes and boys.”<br />“Rough. So...” he grinned at her. “Which boys do they talk about?” Galadriel hesitated. “C’mon, I wont tell anyone. Who would I tell anyway? I’m a nobody, remember.” He said it in a casual way but his eyes were filled with contempt.<br />“Oh, you know, the usual. It’s really boring.”<br />“I bet.”<br />“Hey, you started that petition against the banning of hair dyes, right?”<br />“Yeah!”<br />“I thought that was brilliant!”<br />“Oh... Thanks!” Celeborn looked touched. <br />
  29. 29. “I... Like your pyjamas.” Celeborn mumbled. Galadriel blushed, realising this was all she had on, and wondering why this bothered her so much.<br />“Err, thanks.” She smiled, and he smiled back.<br />“We should hang out some time. You’re not how I thought you were.”<br />“You neither. And yeah, we should. When are you free?”<br />“Oh, pretty much anytime. I don’t really keep a diary.”<br />“Tomorrow, after school?”<br />“Sure.” He moved closer to her. “I think we could be friends.” For one, impossibly long moment, their eyes were locked on each others, before Celeborn spoke. “I’ll see you then.” He walked back into the trees, gave her a little wave, and disappeared. Once she was sure he was gone, she gave out a little sigh. This had been a good start. And she wanted it to be a good start.<br />
  30. 30. Frodo and Sam lay down on the grass. <br />“Are you sure this is going to happen Frodo?”<br />“I’m sure! Aragorn told me!”<br />“Cause wherever I lie down there’s something sticking in my back.”<br />“Well, just imagine you’re in your bed, with a soft mattress and a lovely feather pillow. It’ll help.”<br />Sam did so. They stared up at the sky, waiting. “Why isn’t Aragorn watching it?”<br />“I don’t know. He says he’s gone to watch it with a friend, but he wouldn’t tell me who.” Frodo looked puzzled, and hurt.<br />Sam patted him on the shoulder. <br />“Don’t worry Frodo. He’s got to have some secrets. He’s probably off with a girl and he’s embarrassed.”<br />“Thanks Sam.” He smiled, and Sam grinned back. Frodo turned his head back in time to see the shooting star. “Sam! Look!”<br />
  31. 31. “...It’s beautiful...”<br />“I know... Are you going to make a wish Sam?”<br />Sam laughed. “Don’t be daft, Frodo.”<br />“It works! Seriously!”<br />“Ok. What are you watching for?”<br />“Can’t tell you that Sam. It wont come true.”<br />“I hope mine comes true,” Sam whispered.<br />“Me too.” Frodo gazed up at the sky again. Sam watched Frodo intently, studying every detail of his features. He really hoped it came true.<br />
  32. 32. “Legolas!” He yelped once more. He’d been peacefully watching TV when his sister had interrupted him. What was it with some people?<br />“What?!”<br />“Look, you know I said I was bringing a friend home today?”<br />“Yes!”<br />“Well, promise you’ll be nice. Promise.”<br />“I’ll be nice! Is he your boyfriend?” <br />Galadriel flushed scarlet. “No!”<br />Legolas winked. “Ok. Sure. Where is he then?”<br />Celeborn walked into the room, almost nervously. Galadriel smiled at him, and he smiled back sheepishly.<br />“Celeborn, this is my brother Legolas. Of course, you know him, duh, you go to the same school!”<br />Celeborn smiled weakly. Legolas got the feeling that he wasn’t Celeborn’s type of person at all. And the feeling was mutual.<br />“Hi Legolas.” He muttered.<br />“Celeborn.” Legolas nodded curtly. There was a definite Atmosphere.<br />
  33. 33. “So...” said Legolas, in a feeble attempt to make conversation. “You’re in that debate club at school, right? Where they talk about important stuff, right?”<br />Celeborn noted the italics in his voice. “Yeah. Things that are happening. It’s about time someone started doing something about the major issues. Make our voices heard.”<br />“Ah. That’d be the ones who meet in the maths classroom during their lunchtimes?”<br />Celeborn gave him an icy glare. “Yes.”<br />“Maybe I’ll come along sometime.”<br />It was cruel, but it was just his way. However, Celeborn wasn’t used to Legolas’s slightly twisted sense of humour. He went on the defensive. “No offence, mate, but it wouldn’t really be your show.”<br />Legolas’s smile faded. “What do you mean?”<br />“Nothing.” He smiled at him.<br />“No, go on.” Legolas smiled back, but there was humour in it.<br />“Well, we’re more into... Matters of great importance. You know, things that happen on the news. Not the style network.”<br />Legolas glared at Celeborn.<br />
  34. 34. “Ah, that’s what I thought. I can’t believe you’d even mix with a moron like me. We tend to get dumber as we climb up the social ladder. Occasionally you get a clever one that attaches themselves to a more popular person, but that’s usually because they want something. Protection, popular friends... Or something more.” He glanced at Galadriel. “And of course, you would never do that, would you Celeborn? There isn’t anything you want from Galadriel?” He smiled nastily.<br />“What are you saying?” Celeborn said coldly.<br />“You know what I’m saying.” <br />“Oh really?”<br />“Need it spelling out Mr Intellectual?”<br />“If it’s not too much of a challenge for you.” <br />Legolas almost growled. “Maybe, somewhere, deep down, the only reason you’re being nice to Galadriel is because you want her to be your-”<br />
  35. 35. “-Celeborn, why don’t we go to my room?” said Galadriel, quickly.<br />Celeborn looked as if he was about to launch himself at Legolas. He glanced at Galadriel’s worried expression, and his anger seemed to fade.<br />“Great idea.” He gave Legolas one last burning glare, and walked to the hallway. Galadriel stayed in the room, gave Legolas a hurt look that seemed to say “You promised” and followed Celeborn out the room.<br />
  36. 36. “Best behaviour ok?”<br />“Of course dear. So who is this guy anyway?” Celebros asked.<br />“He’s just a guy from work. He’s really friendly, and kind, but he’s a little...”<br />“Eccentric?”<br />“Insane.”<br />“Ah. My kind of guy then.” He grinned.<br />“Just be nice, ok?”<br />“I’m always nice!”<br />“Look, here he comes.”<br />“Hello there!” The man’s voice boomed. “How are you on this fine evening?” He was wearing a leotard. A very tight one. Celebros wasn’t sure where to look.<br />“Er, I’m fine thanks. I’m Celebros, Timon’s husband.”<br />“Glad tidings Mr Gladrags, glad tidings indeed. I am Gandalf the Grey, but you may simply call me Gandalf.”<br />“Err, why are you called Gandalf the Grey?”<br />Gandalf gave him a look that would have been reserved for a simpleton or a small child. “My leotard.”<br />“... Of course. Come meet our children.”<br />
  37. 37. Celebros led him into the dining room. “This is our eldest son, Aragorn.” Aragorn held out his hand politely, but Gandalf hugged him tightly instead.<br />“I am Gandalf the Grey, but you may call me Gandalf. I LOVE children!”<br />“Erm, I’m not technically-”<br />“You are a most charming young man, Aragorn.” He released him. “You seem to have a way with people.”<br />“That’s what they tell me.”<br />Gandalf grinned madly. “I must teach you the ways of my ancestors. I am a great wizard.”<br />Aragorn glanced over Gandalf’s shoulder. His mother gave him a “play along” look.<br />“Oh, really? That must be interesting...”<br />“Oh it is, my boy, it is!”<br />“... And why are you called Gandalf the Grey?”<br />Gandalf looked over his shoulder at Timon and Celebros, smiling as if to say “Kids!”.<br />“The leotard.”<br />“... Oh, of course.”<br />
  38. 38. “So! What shall we be doing tonight?”<br />“Er,” Celebros began. “ We were going to go to this nice Italian place by-”<br />“What a fantastic garden you have!” He pressed his face up against the window, eyes wide.<br />“Um, thank you?”<br />“You’re welcome! We don’t need to go out with a garden like that! It’s huge!”<br />“Er, there’s a back garden Gandalf.”<br />*GASP* “Really?!”<br />“... Yes.”<br />“With so much space, I can test out my latest inventions.”<br />“Uh oh.” Timon muttered.<br />“What?” Celebros whispered. <br />“This can never be good.”<br />“Surely he’s not that bad?”<br />“Last time he destroyed half the building.”<br />“What was he making?!”<br />“An electronic pencil sharpener.”<br />“If I die tell the children I love them.”<br />Timon chuckled. “Wait, where’d he go?”<br />
  39. 39. “Who is this guy?” Legolas hissed. <br />“Gandalf the Grey.” said Aragorn.<br />“Why is he called Gandalf the Grey?”<br />“The leotard.”<br />“That is not grey. You can’t just say grey. That’s more like Half Rice Cake to me.”<br />“What?”<br />“It’s practically bei-” His mother’s hand clamped over his mouth.<br />“Do not mention the B-word.”<br />“What, bei-”<br />“Gandalf is friendly enough, he can be your best mate provided you don’t get on the wrong side of him. He’s very protective of the leotard. The only thing that they found of the last person to call his leotard bei- the B word was their belt.”<br />“Really?!”<br />“Yeah. And that was up a tree.”<br />“Oh my God.”<br />“Wasn’t even a tree near here.”<br />Gandalf turned around. “It’s ready!”<br />
  40. 40. Fireworks littered the floor. Gandalf looked triumphant.<br />“Gandalf...” Timon said slowly. “Where did you get those fireworks from?”<br />“Oh, I carry fireworks with me all the time!” He said brightly.<br />“Where?” Legolas glanced at the lycra leotard. Gandalf didn’t seem to hear him.<br />“Gandalf?” said Timon.<br />“Yes?”<br />“Where did you get that bonfire?” she said weakly.<br />“Well...” He smiled guiltily. “You had so many trees... I thought...” <br />Timon gazed at the gap where a large pine tree had been earlier.<br />“Right.”<br />“You don’t mind?”<br />“Of course not.” Her mind was on autopilot. Let him do what he wants and just stick around to clean up the mess. It was easier that way.<br />“Let’s get down to business!” He snuck up to the fireworks. “Now, some of you are going to explode, but I want you to know thatI love you all equally. Ok?”<br />
  41. 41. “He’s insane.” said Legolas flatly.<br />“Yes, but frankly he’s a genius.” said Aragorn. <br />“I suppose...”<br />“Relax will you? It’s a nice evening. Let’s just watch the fireworks.”<br />When Legolas thought about it later, he remembered it happily. Watching Gandalf gleefully set off his fireworks, laughing with his brother, he had felt happy. It was wrong that the moment couldn’t last forever.<br />
  42. 42. Celeborn waited patiently on Galadriel’s bed. She’d called him saying there was some “surprise” waiting for him if he went to her house after school. Galadriel hadn’t led him up here, it was Smeagol. He liked Smeagol. Everyone liked Smeagol, it was built into his personality. He would have been annoyed about it if he wasn’t so bloody likeable. He shut his eyes, trying to block out the glare of the pink in the room. Apparently Legolas had decorated. It didn’t surprise him in the slightest.<br />“Have you got your eyes shut?”<br />He smiled. “Yes.”<br />“Ok... One, Two, Three, Open!”<br />Celeborn opened his eyes. Galadriel wasn’t recognisable. Her previously shining gold hair was dyed black with streaks of pinkish purple. She’d obviously gone to town on the whole look.<br />“Do you like it?” She looked nervous.<br />“It’s...” He couldn’t quite put it into words. Galadriel’s face fell. <br />“You hate it don’t you? Oh god, I can’t pull it off. I must look awful.”<br />
  43. 43. “No!” He jumped off the bed. “You look really great! Honestly!”<br />“Really?” She gave him a small smile.<br />“Yeah! You look... Really beautiful.”<br />“Aww, thanks Celeborn!” <br />He blushed. “No problem.” He muttered.<br />“Do you think I went a bit overboard? I thought the outfit was nice but the hair’s been worrying me. Do you think I should have cut it some other way? I was considering a different style, but...”<br />Still a bit of the old Galadriel in there then. You could still see it in her. Her eye makeup was applied with precision, her hair effortlessly shiny... She’d taken her time on this. Was she trying to impress him? No, don’t be arrogant. She’s just excited about this. But if she was trying to impress me... Well, it’s worked. She’s not. But if she was...<br />
  44. 44. “Sarah Jessica Parker! What the hell has he done to you?” Legolas stormed into the room.<br />“Learn to knock Legolas!” Celeborn growled. “And I haven’t done anything to her.”<br />Legolas ignored him. He was too busy taking in Galadriel’s new hair. “I turn my back for five minutes and you turn her into... Into this.”<br />“Hey, that’s unfair Leggy!” she said, hurt.<br />“What did you do? Yesterday she was my masterpiece! Hair: amazing, clothes: fabulous, shoes:” He paused, apparently seething with anger. “Incredible. But now, you’ve gone and turned her into this... Thing!”<br />“I haven’t done anything! This was her own decision, I didn’t even know about it until 5 minutes ago!”<br />“Oh sure. I’ve seen you, sniffing round her at school, it’s like you’re her pet!”<br />
  45. 45. “You can’t control her all her life Legolas. She’s her own person, stop forcing your influence on her!”<br />“I’m trying to change her? Earth to Celeborn, she was like me before you showed up. You changed her, not me.”<br />“I’ve shown her an alternative way. Something less materialistic and cruel.”<br />“Oh, you think you’re so smart don’t you? Another thing you and her don’t have in common.”<br />“Hey!”<br />“I’m sorry G, but you know it’s true. You’re stupid. We both are.” For a moment Galadriel looked outraged, but when she thought logically she knew he was right. “He’s too nerdy for you. He used big words like “particularly” and “delicatessen”. Smarty pants.” Legolas spat the word like it was a disease.<br />“Oh, go back to your Cosmo quiz Legolas.” Celeborn growled. <br />
  46. 46. “Maybe I will. I’ll lend it to Galadriel. Maybe there’ll be one called “How to tell if your new best friend is trying to get you into bed. Then maybe she’ll realise what a bastard you are.”<br />“I...I... How can you say that... Screw you Legolas.”<br />“I’m only trying to protect my sister from guys taking advantage of her.”<br />“I’m not taking advantage of her!”<br />“Just because you haven’t yet doesn’t mean you wont.”<br />“I don’t... Think about her like that.”<br />“Sure you don’t. I’ve seen the way you look at her, you pervert.”<br />Celeborn looked as if he was about to throw something. “I’ll stay away then.” He stormed out the room and slammed the door behind him.<br />“Good riddance.” <br />
  47. 47. Galadriel was shaking with anger. Legolas shrunk slightly under her blazing stare.<br />“What did you do that for?!”<br />“I... I was just trying to help...”<br />“Well just don’t next time.” She ran out the door. “Celeborn!”<br />“Galadriel! Come back!” But she’d already left the house. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it...” He knew what he’d done was wrong. But it was so obvious, how could she not see what he was after... Still, calling him a pervert... A dark cloud of shame loomed over him. God knows what he was going to do now.<br />
  48. 48. “Hey, Mum, can I ask you a favour?”<br />“What do you want for the sale?”<br />Smeagol grinned at her. “Just a couple of things. Any perfume... Makeup... Old jewellery?”<br />Timon laughed. “I’ll have nothing left by the time you’re done. Go on then, just don’t take anything too valuable. On second thoughts, bring ‘em to me afterwards. I don’t trust you.” She winked.<br />
  49. 49. Right... He’d got some books and necklaces from Aragorn... He’d eventually gotten Legolas to give him some of his clothes after he’d said an emotional farewell... Galadriel had practically given him her entire wardrobe-after her makeover she said she didn’t need her old clothes... Frodo gave him some of his old toys... He’d got a lot, but it wasn’t enough. Whatever he did, there was no way he’d save everyone in the world, and he knew that. It didn’t mean that he had to stop trying though.<br />He glanced around the room. Old shoes... He knew for a fact that those black heels were far too small for his mother, she complained about them so much. And she hated those ear rings, a present from a colleague she couldn’t stand. Smeagol always listened, and it made him all the harder to refuse. He had a knack for telling if you were lying to him. Plus, for some reason, you wanted to please him. You couldn’t bear to disappoint him. It would be like kicking Bambi.<br />
  50. 50. “Makeup... Check. Jewellery... Check. Perfume...” He scoured the shelves and drawers, but found nothing. Hmmmm... Finally, he found a small rack of bottles in a side cupboard. “Ah ha!” He pulled one out at random. It was lilac, and was decorated with black swirls and patterns. He unscrewed the top and sniffed it. <br />“That’s not perfume, it’s ginger beer!” He laughed. It was his favourite drink. Suddenly the room felt very hot, and his tongue was very dry. <br />
  51. 51. Surely, it couldn’t hurt if he drank one bottle. Just one bottle? She had a load in there. What did it matter? He picked up the bottle again, and drank the contents in one. There was surprisingly little in it.<br />“Ahhhh.”<br />His fingers began to tingle slightly. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. The bottle began to glow emerald green and left sparks behind it as it moved.<br />“Oh god...”<br />
  52. 52. Pain lanced through his body, making him writhe and twitch. He began to rise slowly into the air, the green glow expanding and threatening to envelop him. He let out one cry of pain before he was lowered to the ground. Smeagol collapsed.<br />He made a loud clunk as his head hit the floor, and he slipped into unconsciousness.<br />
  53. 53. Something watched Smeagol sleeping.<br />Him. He will be... sufficient. For now, he is the strongest of them all. We can always toss him aside when he ceases to be useful...<br />