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Display Advertising Technology

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This presentation walks through the history of display advertising and shows the progression of ads technology over the past decade. At the end I provide some suggestion on where you can start advertising with a smaller budget (Under $50K /month)

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Display Advertising Technology

  1. 1. Display Advertising Technology Tony Passey
  2. 2. What will we learn right now? 1. Evolution of Display Advertising 2. Retail, Ad Networks, Exchanges 3. Logistics of Ad Serving 4. How does retargeting work? 5. What are some options for budgets under $50K a month?
  3. 3. First: Who is Tony? Serial Entrepreneur CEO of Firetoss (formerly PoleVault) Marketing Professor Eccles School of Business U of U Graduate
  4. 4. The Old Way
  5. 5. The Digital Way
  6. 6. Display Landscape
  7. 7. Ad Networks • What is an Ad Network? – An Ad Network is a network of ad inventory or display spots on a group of sites. – Typically the network has a specific focus like sports or financial products. Example: Dean Media – Chicago – They are an agency that secures ad buys on a variety of financial sites and sells the inventory to clients throughout the year.
  8. 8. Google Display Network (GDN) • Demand Side Platform (DSP) with Real time bidding (RTB) – Adwords • Supply Side Platform (SSP) – Adsense • Network consists of MILLIONS of sites
  9. 9. Ad Exchanges
  10. 10. Facebook Exchange (FBX) • Facebook has so many unused impressions that they went straight to their own exchange. • Billions of impressions every day. • Consumers are on Facebook more than any other site.
  11. 11. How Ads are served
  12. 12. Retargeting
  13. 13. Moment later you see Ads
  14. 14. Retargeting is Driven by Bids • Images are pre-saved to an ad server • Once you are “seen” on the site, a bid is automatically placed for you to see the retargeting and the ad is served when and where the criteria is met. • Because the ad is specific to the user, most people will bid MORE. That is why the majority of ads you see are retargeting now.
  15. 15. Budgets under $50K a month • Retargeting is a must! • Pixel Relationships – retargeting people that go to another website but fit your profile – Typically trade or pay to place pixel • Facebook – Custom Audiences • You use other data you have to advertise against – 3rd party data and look alike campaign on Facebbook
  16. 16. Continued • Display against your data – You need to have a large data set such as email list or database of clients • 3rd party data – Your data gets matched to other “non-customer” data • Data profiling on your site – Place tracking pixel – Multiply the data set against larger data sets – Advertise against that data
  17. 17. @tonypassey tony@firetoss.com linkedin.com/in/tonypassey