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HR Trends update November 2

  1. HR Trends 16 November 2017
  2. 9 trend areas Short desciption From hierarchy to network / from closed to open The invasion of smart tech Globalisation/ Localisation From X to Y to Z: more generations in the workforce Making fun is serious business Purpose before pecunia Increasing speed: fast eats slow From Big Bang change programs to small experiments From intuitive HR to evidence/ fact based HR Version 2.0 | copyright HR Trend Institute
  3. 1. changing shapes of organizations
  4. flatter
  5. from individuals to teams to networks of teams
  6. holacracy flatarchy wirearchy teal teams are the basis
  7. Different talent sources Internal talent pool Online Intermediary Alumni Start-ups Self employed Talent Sharing
  8. from fixed jobs to fluid roles
  9. job crafting job piling 9
  10. the end of traditional recruitment profile recruitment selection offer onboarding start
  11. you hire a candidate and her network
  12. 17
  13. Explore your potential
  14. 2. smart tech
  15. man/machine collaboration 20
  16. 27
  17. 28
  18. Joy & pride
  19. 37
  20. 39
  21. A computer with a roof (“The Edge”)
  22. Jimmy, Intel’s 3D printed robot
  23. Digital Intelligent Assistants
  24. Enterprise Behavioral Matching
  25. algorithm aversion 47
  26. 3. Globalisation/ Localisation
  27. 4. from X to Y to Z: more generations in the workforce or: individualisation
  28. from collective to segments to individuals
  29. Job Profiles Personas A real individual approach
  30. Techie Tom Director Consultant Entrepreneur Independent Demographics: • Dutch • 51 +/- 13 • Some money on the bank • Family, children are students Goals: • Make a difference • Have fun/ learn a lot • Inspire HR professionals • Become a guru Challenges: • Too many ideas • Not enough focus • New = good Fears: • Getting old • Not being able to run • Routine What he likes: • Simple solutions • To be involved • Brainstorming • Being on the stage
  31. 5. making fun is serious business
  32. gamification
  33. the consumerisation of HR
  34. from ptb to cx
  35. 59 The Employee Experience (or Journey)/ EX
  36. Exploration Onboarding Organization/ Teams Performance / Productivity Growth Offboarding Persona 1 Persona 2 Persona 3 Persona N Tailored Employee Journeys for each of the personas What are the moments that matter for Persona 1? What are the moments that matter for Persona 2? What are the moments that matter for persona 3? What are the moments that matter for Persona N?
  37. gamification
  38. 63
  39. 64
  40. 65
  41. 66
  42. 70
  43. 73
  44. 75
  45. 76
  46. 6. purpose before pecunia
  47. change the world list (fortune)
  48. 80
  49. At AMAZON meetings start with 30 minutes silence
  50. Zappos HQ in downtown Las Vegas “Casual Colision”
  51. Sitting is the new smoking Visser, Rietveld & Rietveld
  52. 7. From slow to fast
  53. Performance management trends Process • Faster feedback • No more annual reviews • No performance ratings • Accenture, Deloitte, Nokia Measurement • How to measure performance? • How to predict top performers? Performance Consulting
  54. Performance: not a Bell curve, but a Power Law distribution Performance Number of people
  55. Would you hire this person again?
  56. 92
  57. 93
  58. 8. from Big Bang change programs to small experiments
  59. 96
  60. Tribes/ Chapters/ Squads
  61. 9. from intuition to evidence-based
  62. The Vitesse example
  63. Accenture Sweden: diversity
  64. - - Twitter: @tomwhaak - Flipboard: The Future of HR - Pinterest: The Future of HR 103
  65. some final remarks
  66. Human nature does not change (so fast) What are people looking for? • Security • A sense of belonging • Clear goals • Being heard • Challenges • Success • Support from the top • Attention • …….. • ……..
  67. Back up slides
  68. The HR Plan A. What is the strategy? A’. What are the current issues? B. What are the capabilities need to strengthened? • Leadership • Technical/Functional • Operational C. What is the required culture, to avoid issues and to be successful? D. What is the gap with the current situation? Clever use of People Analytics E. What are the priorities? What is the plan? • Focus! • Preference for high impact/ low effort initiatives F. What capabilities and what organisation are needed in HR to implement the plan? • Mission/ vision • Roles & responsibilities • External partners • Program/ project mgt • Communication • Measurement • HRIS Recruitment/ Selection Staffing/ Succession Mgt Training/ Development Talent Development Performance Man Compensation & Benefits Internal communication HR Trend Scan Clever use of People Analytics
  69. 108
  70. Basic architecture HR HR Trend Institute 2016 CHRO Innovative HR Service Providers HR advice Designing and driving the HR agenda in the business Pool of limited number of high level HR advisors (HR generalists). Focus: HR strategy: what are the most effective interventions (organisation/ people) that will help the strategy implementation? Yes: • Strategy • Workforce planning • Staffing key positions • Succession management • Talent development No: • Employee relations/ individual advice • The go to person for all kind of HR related questions HR Operations Delivering world class HR services to management and employees Manager and employee self service portal (HRIS) HR specialists HR call center Comp & Ben, incl global mobility Recruitment Analytics Talent Training & Dev. HR Administration/ Payroll
  71. 1. Profile • What are the relevant characteristics of top performers? (inside/ outside) • What personalities fit in our culture? • Based on data, not assumptions Candidate pool 2. Machine: go find candidates! 3. Chatbot: test the appetite, and do some simple checks (24/7, a bot with personality) 4. Online tests, assessments and experience (24/7, fun to do) 5. Meet some people! Hire the best Employer Branding Community Management Preparing the pool 6 . Onboarding 7 . Work, learn and develop 8 . Track performance, and use data to refine the profile
  72. Capability Pool 2 Capability Pool 2 Capability Pool 3 Capability Pool 4 Capability Pool 5 Capability Pool 6 Capability Pool 7 Sourcing/ Staffing The Organization, build from teams
  73. 112

Notas do Editor

  1. Het volgende trend gebied. “Making Fun is serious business” Dit het Google kantoor in Amsterdam Zuid. Geheel ingericht in Nederlandse stijl. Google wil trouwens graag dat iedereen naar kantoor komt! Ontbijt en lunch worden gratis geserveerd.
  2. Bij Zappos kan je via internet schoenen kopen. Zappos heeft het hoofdkantoor neergezet in ‘downtown’ Las Vegas. Dit is een achterstandswijk, in schril contrast met he gebied waar de bekende hotels en casino’s staan. Door hun hoofdkantoor hier te plaatsen, helpt Zappos het gebied te ontwikkelen. In de buurt onstaat nieuwe activiteit: printshops, coffee shops etc.
  3. Scrum (zo genoemd naar de scrum van rugby, dus geen afgkorting) is een werkwijze die is gestart in IT. Aan het werk, en het werk uitvoeren in ‘sprints’ van een paar weken. Snel terugkoppeling naar de klant, waar nodig aanpassingen maken, en weer door naar de volgende sprint. Scrum (of andere methodieken van ‘Agile’ werken) zijn sterk in opkomst. Ook in het gebied HR goed toepasbaar!