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Skill Development - The Ultimate Promotional Tool

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There's a new focus on training and skills development, as employees become more proactive and self-reliant in managing their careers.

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Skill Development - The Ultimate Promotional Tool

  1. THE ULTIMATE PROMOTIONAL TOOL WHY UPGRADE SKILLS? MOST VALUED SKILL DEVELOPMENT 57% 47% 42% GEN Y IS MORE LIKELY TO BE MOTIVATED BY THE PROSPECT OF A PROMOTION WITH THEIR CURRENT EMPLOYER Gen Y 63% Gen X 57% Baby Boomers 50% Promotion with current employer The prime reason for undertaking training in the Americas and APAC is to gain promotion with their current employer. However, it’s a different story in EMEA, where about half of employees focus on gaining a promotion, and are almost equally motivated by a desire to switch employers or even enter a new field of work. Advancement at another company Enter a new field of work No longer “front-end loaded” onto a career, nor the sole responsibility of the employer, workers recognise that skills are a lifelong pursuit of development and renewal. 48% 66% 68% EMEA EMEA APAC APAC AMERICAS AMERICAS TRAINING FOR PROMOTION WITH CURRENT EMPLOYER, BY REGION Continued education/training On the job experience Seminars/webinars MOST LIKELY Math—28% LEAST LIKELY WHICH FIELDS ARE UPSKILLING TO PURSUE A NEW FIELD OF WORK? Engineering—26% IT—26% 18%—Science 19%—Healthcare 22%—Education 58% 70% 26% % 60of workers globally, are either actively seeking further education/training, or are considering it.