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AppInChina Summary of Services

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A brief overview of the services provided by AppInChina, which include localization, distribution, integration, hosing, monetization, and user acquisition for apps and games in China. Our Beijing-based team helps overseas companies succeed in the Chinese marketplace

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AppInChina Summary of Services

  1. 1. The most trusted way to succeed in China.
  2. 2. Our Services Localization Distribution Monetization Integration Hosting User Acquisition
  3. 3. Our Services E-Commerce Customer Service SaaS WeChat Mini Programs
  4. 4. Localization Prepare your mobile app and company for the Chinese market. Legal Compliance Our Beijing-based team stays on top of ever-changing Chinese laws so you don’t have to worry about anything. Intellectual Property (IP) Protection We make it easy to register for a Software Copyright Certificate, trademark and copyright protection, Internet Content Provider license, and more. Chinese Translation AppInChina provides translation services as part of our comprehensive publication and distribution package.
  5. 5. Distribution Tap a 1.1 billion-user Android market by publishing to the top app stores. App Store Publishing Our international, English-speaking team will take you through the process of launching your app on the top 15 app stores. Copyright Certificate A Software Copyright Certificate (SCC) is required to publish your app in China. We will acquire one for you so you retain all rights to your app. Reclaiming & Protection AppInChina can continuously monitor the Chinese app stores for unauthorized versions of your app and have them taken down for you.
  6. 6. Game Publishing China’s games market is expected to top $46 billion by 2024. Game Distribution Launch your game on the top 15 Android app stores, Apple App Store China, Steam, and/or console. Game License (ISBN) A game license is required to publish your game in China - a long and complex acquisition process and thorough content review.
  7. 7. Monetization A quick and simple one-stop solution for accepting payments in China. In-App Payments Accept WeChat Pay and Alipay and manage them in English on your client backend, with API support. We also pay all Chinese taxes on your behalf. In-App Advertising We help you install the best ad networks for China so you can generate revenue from ads targeted specifically to Chinese consumers.
  8. 8. Integration Your app will function seamlessly within The Great Firewall of China. SDK Analysis & Resolution Upload your SDK through the client dashboard and we will scan it for dependencies that would prevent your app from working efficiently in China. Comprehensive App Testing As you localize and fine-tune your app for the Chinese market, our team will conduct on-site usability tests for real user feedback.
  9. 9. Hosting Secure your data on Chinese soil, remaining compliant and fast. Cloud Services We help you integrate a variety of options for cloud hosting in China, and can help your developers find a solution that is right for you. Legal Compliance Our Beijing-based team stays on top of ever-changing Chinese laws so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  10. 10. User Acquisition Promote your app in social media, app stores, campaigns and more. App Store Optimization (ASO) Chinese app stores operate differently from Google Play. We know the tricks and techniques to get your app maximum exposure. Organic & Paid Search We can launch a combination of paid ads and social media networking to promote your app and boost your downloads. Analytics & Metrics AppInChina’s analytics platform is easy to integrate and displays valuable data in English that you would find otherwise.
  11. 11. Other Services We provide a number of other services you need for success in China. E-commerce Chinese consumers spent $1.9 trillion in retail e-commerce in 2019. We’ll help you enter this fast-growing B2C market. WeChat Mini Programs Over 200 million people use WeChat Mini Programs, and we can build and launch one just for you to help promote your brand. Software as a Service (SaaS) From legal compliance to hosting, we can help you launch an SaaS product in China.
  12. 12. Other Services We provide a number of other services you need for success in China. Customer Service Take care of all your Chinese customers’ needs by setting up a Customer Support and Care plan through AppInChina.
  13. 13. Constant communication and expert guidance: • phone • email • messaging • client dashboard About AppInChina Our English-speaking, Beijing-based team makes a complicated process simple.
  14. 14. Our Clients Our clients include many of the world’s largest companies and most valuable brands.
  15. 15. The AppInChina Platform Dashboard to manage localization, distribution, payments and more.
  16. 16. For further details, contact: info@appinchina.co or visit www.appinchina.co