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Supply Chain Risk & Innovation brochure

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Supply Chain Risk & Innovation is the new subscription publication from Innovation Forum. Bringing you insight, analysis and critical thinking on sustainable supply chain management.

This brochure lists a selection of our current subscribers, the key industries we cover, and information regarding our core audience. Also outlined are the benefits readers will receive with a subscription, and what to expect in the next couple of months.

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Supply Chain Risk & Innovation brochure

  1. 1. risk innovation risk innovation Keyindustries Ouraudience Subscriptions Current subscribersinclude… ...and many more! ›› Apparel and fashion ›› Consumer goods ›› Electronics ›› Finance ›› Food and beverages ›› Forests and agriculture ›› International trade and development Supply Chain Risk & Innovation is the new subscription publication from Innovation Forum. Bringing you insight, analysis and critical thinking on sustainable supply chain management. Continent ■ The Americas ■ Europe ■ Asia and others ■ Director ■ Manager ■ Various Seniority “Excellent analysis and challenging insight that helps me embed sustainability in our business” Aida Greenbury, managing director of sustainability, Asia Pulp & Paper "Highly practical insight I can use with colleagues and the Board to demonstrate why supply chain sustainability pays off” Richard Ellis, vice president of corporate social responsibility, Alliance Boots "Great way to keep up to speed on sustainable supply chains. Good source of trends, shifts and challenging, focused insight" Ignacio Gavilan, director of sustainability, The Consumer Goods Forum "Insightful and time-saving analysis of supply chain sustainability trends, issues and business performance" David Croft, global sustainable development director, Diageo
  2. 2. Howwould a subscription benefit me? CROSS INDUSTRY News and analysis drawn together and condensed into 25 pages of manageable, practical insight that can be used and applied in your day to day role BENCHMARK Measure your performance against your competitors, see their targets, progress and success to date CORPORATE CASE STUDIES Business lessons of success (and failure!) in implementing corporate strategy, and how you can apply them to your own brand HORIZON SCANNING Keep ahead of industry trends, risks and opportunities – a mid to long term perspective enabling you to plan your corporate strategy IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS Discover how brands have developed specific initiatives: discover the value, concerns, risks, savings and potential NGO CAMPAIGNING TRENDS First insight into new campaigns and partnerships – see why NGOs are targeting brands and make sure to avoid this in your own work SECTOR PROFILES Comprehensive and compact profiles allowing you to review risks and values, both in your own supply chain and across a range of industries FAIRPHONE: We take a look at the company’s pilot supply chain for Fairtrade-certified gold. MCDONALD’S: We find out how it plans to meet the goal on deforestation-free packaging. H&M: Our case study will give you insight into the considerations, strategy and best practices being adopted by the company. SOY PROFILE: A snapshot overview of how soy is currently produced and procured – including an in-depth look at the challenges faced by all sections of the value chain and the strategies being adopted to overcome them. ENGAGING SUPPLIERS AT SCALE: The importance of smallholder farmers in protecting your commodity supply cannot be overstated. But what can businesses do to effectively engage suppliers at scale to make a difference? COCA-COLA: Find out how the drinks giant is addressing water use in water-stressed parts of the world NESTLE: An insight into the confectionery company’s women’s empowerment efforts – a crucial programme in reducing risk and boosting productivity. NOVO NORDISK: Find out how Novo Nordisk ensures that its own ethics and staff values are shared by every single supplier. TIMBER PROFILE: An overview of the challenges associated with timber sourcing – from deforestation to the viability of standards and certification. We will also explore the companies that have succeeded in eradicating illegally- sourced wood from their entire supply chains. MODERN DAY SLAVERY: Horror stories from southeast Asia, particularly in the seafood sector, have brought the issue of slavery and trafficking to the fore. We examine how new legislation including the UK’s Modern Slavery Act has focused corporate attention in this long-read. GSK: Find out how the pharma giant is engaging its suppliers at scale and driving energy, water and waste efficiencies across the supply base. APPLE: the tech giant has worked hard to improve staff welfare at its factories. We’ll show how it’s done it. ARCELOR MITTAL: Community engagement strategies and social value creation – step inside the mining giant’s supply chain programme. SUGAR PROFILE: A snapshot overview of sugar, including production, sourcing and procurement issues, as well as the ongoing brand and reputation risks associated with consumer use. THE PROS AND CONS OF CERTIFICATION AND STANDARDS: For all the positives that labelling and certification has brought to improving standards for procurement of commodities like timber, soy and palm oil, certification as a mechanism for transformation has its limitations. What’scoming upin 2016? MARCH APRIL MAY Further details Supply Chain Risk & Innovation is published ten times a year and costs just £495 at the launch rate (reduced from £995) for a year's worth of data and analysis. Each issue is condensed into just twenty-five pages, packed with exclusive insight and intelligence ready for you to use in your day to day role. For multiple subscription packages, any questions or comments please contact Eilidh at eilidh.morrison@innovation-forum.co.uk Subscribehere!