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Timothy Kelly's CV April 3

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Timothy Kelly's CV April 3

  1. 1. Timothy Kelly Address: 3 Corbawn Court Shankill Co. Dublin Telephone: Mobile: 085 736 4522 Home: (01) 282 1763 Email:kelly.timothy@yandex.com LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/timothykellyiadt Employment History September 2014 – March 2015 Six month Internship ESB Duties:  I worked as a data analyst for the ESB, while doing this I tracked down address coordinates from around Ireland during a collaboration between Vodafone and the ESB, which supplied broadband usage to rural areas of Ireland.  I managed the ESB’s internal social media Yammer network. My responsibilities on this project were to keep staff up to date on relevant ESB news, to encourage the uptake of Yammer in the ESB, to welcome ESB employees who were new to Yammer and to teach employees the basics of Yammer. My job responsibilities and day to day tasks frequently changed while in the ESB, as a result I am used to working in a fast moving business environment. June 2012 – August 2014 (College Vacations) Data analyst VoiceCo Networks Ltd Duties:  Researching information on companies in San Francisco. This involved extensive telephone usage as well as utilising a variety of online services such as Google Earth and VoiceCo’s proprietary database.  Updating the property manager database. This required negotiating with the property managers, who manage the buildings where the WiLine network is installed, in order to get permission to install equipment (antennae, radios, backup generators) in their buildings. I also updated their contact details, and building information for the use of the installation and maintenance teams. June – August 2013 (College Vacation) Multimedia Editor Enclude Duties:  Analysing the customer database. This involved researching potential customers’ contact details and inputting this information into our Salesforce database.  Conducting a direct marketing campaign utilising the services of Salesforce.  Producing several video tutorials on how to use Salesforce. An example of this can be seen here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQcljGyC4WM
  2. 2. Education  2011 – 2014: Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dublin. Results: Level 8 Honours Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship (2.2) Level 7 Ordinary Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship (2.2)  2003 – 2010: Leaving Certificate, Wesley College, Ballinteer, Dublin 16. Results: Business (A2), Classical Studies (C3), English (B3), History (B3), Mathematics (D1), Technology (C3). Skills.  Video Editing: I am highly skilled at video editing and have used this skill professionally. An example can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pbYL3ID8yY These showcase my ability to use special effects such as multiple custom transitions, well timed clips, a split screen effect, and the incorporation of a sound track.  Salesforce: I am currently using Salesforce to track my job applications in a structure that I designed myself.  Data analysis: I am skilled at data analysis, and I have used this while working for Enclude, Voice Co and the ESB.  I am highly skilled with both Salesforce and Yammer, due to my experience working for Enclude and the ESB. Volunteer experience  July 2010 - 2014: Youth Leader in Dun Laoghaire Methodist Church.  June 2007: Habitat for Humanity Volunteer in Ahuachapán, El Salvador  February 2011: Shop Assistant in Enable Ireland, Bray, Co. Wicklow. Distinctions  2013: Anime Society Member of the Year IADT  2008: Literary Prize Winner, Wesley Collage Dublin.  2008: Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate, Dublin Interests  Gaming: I was a member of IADT’s gaming society.  Anime: I was the treasurer of IADT’s anime society from 2013- 2014. References Ian Patton, Manager at ESB. Tel: (087)2033-591 Email: ian.patton@esb.ie Barbara Rogas opoczka, Manager at VoiceCo Networks LTD Email: Barbara.rogas@wiline.com