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Raising the (SEO) Bar in Video Marketing

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http://tier10lab.com/2011/07/14/raising-the-seo-bar-in-video-marketing/ -- Video marketing is not really a new hot topic, but is still vital when trying to grow your business. Online video marketing has now been around for a number of years, and is an area that’s always evolving. Technologies that allow businesses to apply videos to [...]

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Raising the (SEO) Bar in Video Marketing

  1. 1.    Raising the (SEO) Bar in Video Marketinghttp://tier10lab.com/2011/07/14/raising-the-seo-bar-in-video-marketing/July 14, 2011By Hamilton WaldronVideo marketing is not really a new hot topic, but is still vital when trying to grow your business. Onlinevideo marketing has now been around for a number of years, and is an area that’s always evolving.Technologies that allow businesses to apply videos to their business model are also growing, making iteven more important to get involved in some way for any business.To put it simply, people enjoy watching online videos. Most people would rather watch a video thanhave to read. While that isn’t an absolute rule by any means, if your company, product or servicerequires any sort of long-handed explanation, it would be wise to take the time and put it in a video.When you bring up the connection of video marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), it isbelieved by many that video marketing has evolved beyond SEO. Social video marketing has becomethe huge driving force not just for video SEO, but for all video online.Video SEO, in theory, is just an extension of regular SEO. After a few trial years of experimentation, itbecame more and more evident that videoSEO is more about best practices forpublishing video on your website, andoptimizing your own website as it is. Makeno mistake though, SEO as a standaloneweb entity is still very important.SEO originally relied solely on searchengine results, and that was the primarymedium. With the emergence of socialmarketing sites like Twitter, online trendshave been just as detectable on Twitter asthey have on Google. Take it one step in thedirection of video marketing, and YouTubejoins the mix. YouTube is essentially the second largest search engine, because as you probablyknow, people are searching non-stop on YouTube.If someone wants to rank well on YouTube, the primary objective is to describe your video properly and tohave a good title. A quality video title and description will usually get you in the game, but if you reallywant to stand out, it’s important that your video has comments going, making sure that people are sharingyour video, and that there’s plenty of “thumbs ups.” When a video goes viral, these things tend tohappen organically, but it is also very possible to create your own luck, and have a finely-tuned marketingstrategy to get these results.  
  2. 2. Video marketing is all about marketing a message through your video, and in order to do that, you needto distribute your video to its intended target audience. So even though SEO is most likely always goingto be a strong component of video marketing, social sites like Twitter and Facebook are arguably just asefficient.And it’s not like these two entities, SEO and social, can’t co-exist. They’ve actually come together quite abit recently. In the past 6 months, Google and BING have confirmed that they’re looking at Facebook“likes” and Twitter “retweets” to influence rankings in organic search. Ultimately, that will eventually trickleinto video marketing as well, if it hasn’t already.Image Source: mashable.comhttp://www.Tier10Lab.comhttp://www.twitter.com/Tier10Labhttp://www.facebook.com/Tier10Marketinghttp://www.Tier10Marketing.com