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Release interativo tiago rubens en

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Release interativo tiago rubens en

  1. 1. BIOGRAPHY Born in Porto Alegre, on a cold af- ternoon on 19th June 1980, Tiago Rubens gained his first musical influen- ces and experiences on the ‘gaucho’s’ coast, where he grew up close to the sea and nature. However it was on the road that the composer, musician and producer discovered his true ar- tistic identity. Experimentation, adventure, curiosity and restlessness were the fuel that made him dodge his probable musi- cal path. After attempts to compose groups and unite like-minded people, which doesn’t always work as people have different interests and focus, Tiago felt that his path was to follow a solo career. “When I realized that I could write, play and sing, I realized my auto- nomy and invested myself in this idea, knowing well that the project would never end - something that usually happens when a band goes through difficulties.”
  2. 2. BIOGRAPHY This assurance came when he entered the Faculty of Arts in 2008. There, he delved deep into research of Brazi- lian literature, poetic structures and the creation of literary texts. Acade- mic life enriched his music with poe- tic depth and theoretical knowledge. Names such as Vinicius de Moraes, Julio Cortázar and Caetano Veloso incited this connection, creating a greater interest for regional, Brazi- lian and Latin. Influenced by the nurturing of a col- lective authorial scene, and known to aggregate and organize movements, Tiago currently seeks various forms of proliferating artistic and cultural events involving music in the region, creating opportunities to spread his music and collaborating with the work of other artists. Today, with four years of solo career behind him, two EP’s, a record laun- ched, already awarded for his work, Tiago and his team are working on the promotion of their latest show, entitled - Subtropicarnaval.
  3. 3. DISCOGRAPHY 2012 SUBTROPICARNAVAL LISTEN DOWNLOAD 2011 TIAGO RUBENS (EP) LISTEN 2010 MENESTRÉIS (EP) LISTEN The first two EP’s served as a valuable laboratory, and clearly an opportunity to strengthen the partnership with his friend and producer Thiago Heinrich. After the release of the EP, Tiago packed his bags and decided to experience Brazil and all its plurality. There was born the album “SUBTROPICARNAVAL”. “Subtropicarnaval. So natural. King of revelry in the holy land. Kid charm. Peace from the encounter in the sound I heard. Lovely groove. Well-being. Samba trace. Child’s soul. Strong beat. Brazils. Uni- verse being. Go singing to grow. And looms large in the verses, makes us live – about the maximum of being able to do, see, review, transcend. You know, it reminds me Cartola, Cicero, Beirut, Baleiro, Gil, Caetano, Moraes Moreira. Complementing influences? Mixture of dreams. In the south of blue sky. Confetti, glitter, heat, taste of love. Tiago Rubens singing happiness, life, subtropicarnavalizing shamelessly. (O Jardim Elétrico - Page dedicated to modern Brazilian music) The album was recorded and produced in partnership with producer Thiago Heinrich in the city of Parobé, Rio Grande do Sul, during 2012. With eight tracks, three of which had been released on earlier EPs. The highlight is “Temporal”, which earned the composer the best music award with lyrics and best arrangement of the 4th Festival of Public Radios of Brazil, in 2013. The track became part of the playlist on FM culture 107.7 and then picked up by several radio stations in Brazil resulting in a far-reached audience for the newly released work.
  4. 4. THE SHOW WATCH The Subtropicarnaval show, as well as the disc, weaves a poetic and cultural journey of diverse ‘Brazils’ that coexist in our country. The nuances, the rhythms and the lyrics are a plurality which transforms the show into a rich presentation as much for the body, as for the mind. The repertoi- re, the disc in its entirety, plus new songs and reinterpretations of new and already established artists of Brazilian popular music. “With the beautiful scenic work of Akemi Ueno and Christiano Pozzer highlighted, Tiago Rubens did the night show, playing the Subtropicarnaval disc repertoire with ownership. In addition to the well- -tuned André Paz (bass and vocals) band, Bruno Coelho (percussion), Duda Cunha (drums), Felipe Cemim (mandolin and cavaco), Gabriel Gorski (guitar), Thiago Heinrich (accordion) and Valentina Trindade (percussion and vocals), Tiago (voice, guitar and ukulele) had the company of a good team of guests. Like the singers Jéf - winner of the Breakout Brazil show in 2014, who sang ‘O Equilibrista’ - and Rafa Caetano – in Alvo Certo. The group Quintal - with the voices of Pramit, Raquel Leão, Tati Portella and Sander Fróis, the last two were Chimarruts band members - enriched the voices in the final song, Emanar, much applauded, in an emotional moment for musicians and audience.“ Review of the show at the Teatro Renaissance by Luís Bissigo (Music Coordinator of the Porto Alegre City Council)
  5. 5. OTHER PROJECTS In parallel to his solo career, Tiago Rubens collaborates and participates in projects with other artists such as: . ESCUTA - O SOM DO COMPOSITOR Collective of popular music composers, an artistic and creative collective that does not seek for an aesthetic or ideological unity among the participants. QUANTO VALE? Project created by composers Pramit, Tiago Rubens and the duo Quiçá, se Fosse, by André Paz and Roger Wiest, in which they present a show where the audience is instigated in converting the art of subjectivity into monetary value. AUTORAL SOCIAL CLUBEArtistic collaborative initiative of Porto Alegre, created by Tiago Rubens, which includes new and well-known names from the music scene in Rio Grande do Sul. QUINTALFive friends: Sander Fróis, Tati Portella and Tiago Rubens from Porto Alegre; Pramit and Raquel Leão from Belém in Pará, who joined their influences and copyright compositions in one group. OUTROS ROMÂNTICOS Re-reading project of the composer Caetano Veloso’s work.
  7. 7. 55 51 9234.2401 valetrindade@gmail.com | Valentina Trindade 55 51 8400.5390 osrubens@gmail.com | Tiago Rubens Publishing and art: Akemi Ueno and Tiago Rubens Translation: Juliana Menezes Photography: Giovanna Pozzer, Samuel Gambohan, Luiza Girardello, Nathalia Grill, Guilherme Carlin e Roberta Sant’Anna