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Thunderbike Triumph Tiger 885i Crashbars Fitting Instructions

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Instructions for fitting Thunderbike crashbars to the Triumph Tiger 885i. Model years 1999-2000

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Thunderbike Triumph Tiger 885i Crashbars Fitting Instructions

  1. 1. Important Safety Note:In New Zealand (where this kit is manufactured and complies with NZ law) weassume all people still alive and still breathing have some degree of common sense.If you slip on a banana skin in NZ, you cant sue anyone - youre considered an idiotfor not looking where youre walking. These fitting instructions assume the same, soI wont waste your time with senseless instructions like: "Triumph Crash Bar - Do NoEat" etc. I will however provide warnings where there are genuine safety concerns,but if you have any doubt at all, take responsibility for your own safety, read themanual and/or ASK!This kit complies with New Zealand standards and conditions only. We have notsought, and have no intention of seeking certification and design approval for foreigncountries. So if that sort of thing concerns you, dont buy it.We do however, guarantee the quality of our workmanship.If you spill your coffee on these instructions, you can download a new copy or viewthem on our websiteConventions:LHS and RHS refer to Left Hand Side and Right Hand Side, as the rider sits on thebike. Front refers the front end of the bike, and rear refers to the back end of thebike. Well, if you cant work these two out, you shouldnt be left alone without adultsupervision...Tools needed:
  2. 2.  A Metric spanner/socket set, (specifically a 17mm and 19mm combination spanner and matching sockets)  A T55 Torx bit and driver for the top engine/crash bar mount bolts, and a T40 to remove the stock lower crankcase bolts.  A wife or partner/friend to bring more tea/coffee/smokes or yell at when you skin your knuckles.Righto Lets get started. Light a cigarette or make yourself a cup ofcoffee/tea/chamomile, (or all four), and sit down and read this through before youstart. No beer. This is a Beer Free Zone for the next hour (they should take only anhour to fit if youre doing it right).You should be holding one pair of crash bars, and 8 x M8 washers, used above thebottom mounting plate - 2 per bolt.Remember you are dealing with thread tapped into aluminum - the rule of thumbwith aluminum is that if you cant run a bolt into a thread at least four turns withyour fingers, you are forcing it. Stripped threads can result. Take care, go slowly,and if in doubt, call on a professional for help.We strongly suggest you fit the crash bars when your engine is cool, not hot, toavoid burns from hot components.Step One:Fit one side at a time. If you undo the engine mounts on both sides, the engine willdrop. So one side at a time is the best. The right hand side is easier than the left, ifonly because you dont have to fiddle with the coolant hose.So we suggest you fit the right hand side first. The pics below show the fitting of theRHS. The only difference between the two sides is that on the left you have thecoolant hose to deal with, and a stock spacer to remove on the top rear LHSmounting.Firstly, remove the two top engine mounting bolts - the front one supports theradiator, and youll need a T55 Torx bit and driver.
  3. 3. Then remove the two lower crankcase bolts - youll need a T40 Torx bit and driverfor this job. (This pic shows the LHS lower crank case bolts)The crash bar is now ready for fitting. To make the job easier we suggest you pre-assemble the bolts and washer on the lower mounting.Youll need your Silicone Sealant now. Smear a thin film of Silicone Sealant on theupper and lower surface of the lower crash bar mount around the bolt holes.Offer the crash bars up to the right hand side of engine. Fit the top mount and boltsfirst. On the RHS insert the front bolt/washer into the bar before fitting to the bike.Do up the bottom mount bolts (the ones supplied in the kit) lightly, so the bars arefitted loosely to the bike.The bars should still be loose and able to be wiggled on the bottom bolts. Push thebars up to the two top mounting points and loosely fit the top front mounting.Move to the rear top mounting point. If you have an alignment problem, loosen thealuminum top bolt and this will enable you to slide the bolt through easily.
  4. 4. Loosen the mounting if you need to and slide the mounting bolt through.OK, all the mounting bolts are now loosely fitted, right? Now its time to torque themup. Progressively tighten the bolts until they are snugged down. Torque the twolower bolts to 28 Nm and the two top bolts to 80 Nm. Dont mix them up!Torque the bottom firstSnug the lower bolts down, then torque them to 28 Nm. (push the hose away withyour thumb)Torque the top bolts to 80 Nm.OK, that should be it. Before proceeding to the next side, stop for a second and thinkthe job right through, and read the notes over again. Is everything tight?
  5. 5. Last Step:Thanks for purchasing your crash bars from Thunderbike.Hope you never need them!