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How To Write A Cover Letter

  2. 1. YOUR CONTACT DETAILS ● Letterhead with your name. ● Contact details including your physical address, telephone, email address and link to your professional social media profile.
  3. 2. APPLICATION DATE ● The date when you wrote the cover letter.
  4. 3. HIRING MANAGER’S NAME & TITLE ● The Hiring Manager's name and title if known.
  5. 4. CONTACT DETAILS OF THE COMPANY ● Company name and hiring department if known. ● Company’s physical address, city, state and zip code.
  6. 5. SUBJECT/REFERENCE ● Include the job title on the subject or reference line. ● Include any unique job reference number shown on the job listing.
  7. 6. SALUTATION/GREETING ● Address your cover letter to a specific person e.g. “Dear Mr. Brown:” or “Dear Ms. Smith:” ● If you don’t know the name write “Dear Hiring Manager:”
  8. 7. OPENING/INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH ● Say why you are interested in this company. ● Indicate where you saw the job posting and the date of the posting. ● If you have not stated the job you are applying for on the subject line, then specify it in this paragraph. ● If someone referred you then mention their name here.
  9. 8. SECOND PARAGRAPH ● Explain in bullet points specific stories, examples and quantifiable results that you have achieved. ● Show how you would provide specific value or direct contributions to the Company. ● Demonstrate a keen understanding of what problems, situations & challenges the Company wants to resolve.
  10. 9. THIRD PARAGRAPH ● This is the closing paragraph. ● Restate your enthusiasm for the position, wrap up and ask for an interview. ● Thank the reader for example - “Thank you for your time and consideration.”
  11. 10. COVER LETTER CLOSING ● Write the word “Sincerely” followed by a comma. ● On a new line include an electronic scanned signature. ● Include your name below your signature.
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