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Digital Future of IT Service Providers - Converge Chennai 2015

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By Sujatha.K and Bharani Subramaniam

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Digital Future of IT Service Providers - Converge Chennai 2015

  1. 1. digital future of it service providers Sujatha.K Bharani Subramaniam
  2. 2. agenda 2 • Context Setting • Strategy Transformation • Capability Mapping • Value Proposition of IT service providers from 2011 - 2015 • ThoughtWorks alignment to Digital Services
  3. 3. digital can it be defined?? 3
  4. 4. Digital means: exploiting emerging technologies to create user / customer centric interfaces and data driven business models, leading to more agile, responsive and competitive business models. 4
  5. 5. transformation map 5
  6. 6. capability mapping 6
  7. 7. evolution of value proposition 7
  8. 8. 8 BUY/ ALIGN / build mode 8 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Zenta BPO Duck Creek Insurance CAS CPG NewsPage- Mobility aVVenta - Digital Nokia Siemens IPTV Octagon Research Neo Metrics Analytics Procurian BPO Vivre BPO PCO Innovation PLM Mortgage Cadence BFS ASM Research Govt Acquity Group Digital Fjord Digital Change Track Analytics Client House SaaS evopro- Embedded Software i4C Analytics PureApps Oracle Analytics Enkitec Oracle Engg Hytracc Consulting Javelin Digital Tquila Cloud Agilex Digital Gapso Analytics Reactive Media Digital Structure Smart Grid Axia Consulting
  9. 9. BUY/ ALIGN / build mode 9 2014-2015 • Infosys and Society of Automotive Engineers - Integrated Vehicle Health Management • Infosys and IEEE – Internet of Things • Acquisition of Kallidus – provider of digital experience solutions • Acquisition of Panaya – Automation platform • Infosys and Tableau Software – Next Gen BI and Visualisation • Infosys and DreamWorks Animation - New Gen solutions 2011- 2012 • Infosys and Gen-i – to address local ANZ clients • Acquisition of Lodestone – Management consulting • Infosys and UBM Techweb- Cloud Ecosystem After taking over the CEO role, Vishal Sikka made couple of interesting acquisitions and alliances in areas such as automation, digital solutions and IoT.
  10. 10. BUY/ ALIGN / build mode 10 • Wipro has developed a cognitive computing system, Holmes. It's also an abbreviation that expands into 'heuristics and ontology-based learning machines and experiential systems'. • Wipro had bagged a contract from Nexenta to implement Holmes, which is expected to automate the process of their customer services helpdesk by automatically generating tickets According to Wipro’s CTO KR Sanjiv on collaboration with Watson “ it will be more partnership than competition. "We are working with Watson, we have people trained on Watson. Watson can address certain kinds of use cases, Holmes certain others. Watson does not, for instance, do visual learning (learning from images). We are building Holmes in a way that it will also do visual learning,”
  11. 11. changing landscape : client stories 11 London Police Force Fights Gang Crime with Analytics AstraZeneca: Integrated Customer Information Management
  12. 12. messaging – top management 12 Our solutions are designed to help customers optimize operations for efficiency as well as innovate and drive growth in their business across markets. Our industry-focused structure – from sales to delivery – strengthened our ability to partner with our customers on their initiatives, resulting in double digit growth in all our major verticals. Our three non-linear growth businesses are software products, process cloud and iON TCS CEO Chandra’s comments during 2011-2012 It is my belief that the clutch of new technologies - Mobility, Big Data, Social Media, Cloud Computing and Robotics – what we refer to as the “Digital Five Forces”, is rapidly changing the world around us. It is shaping how we interact, respond and connect with one another as individuals or as companies and even as governments. TCS CEO Chandra’s comments during 2014-2015
  13. 13. ThoughtWorks alignment to digital 13
  14. 14. Creating Loyalty through Digital Innovation 14
  15. 15. Platform for Dominos to engage the end customers to come up with pizzas Australians would love to eat
  16. 16. Users build their own brand, create ads, promote in Facebook and other social media and tie them all with their #HashTag
  17. 17. Users get a share of sales from every pizza they create. Based on the number of toppings it varies from 25 Cents to $ 4.5
  18. 18. 18 Responsive UI Integrates with 13 systems on the back end Micro services architecture C#, Angular
  19. 19. Over 170,000 pizzas on menu 44% Increase in EBITDA
  20. 20. Innovator’s Dilemma 20
  21. 21. Day 1 - Innovation Lab in the small store
  22. 22. Day 2 - Scan and Buy is very difficult with a basket in hand
  23. 23. Day 5 – Meal Planner in iPad on the shelf with illuminating LEDs
  24. 24. internet of cows IoT…..maahhh 25
  25. 25. Thank you