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Thought Leadership Leverage Manifesto

Thought Leadership Leverage helps thought leaders build their ideas into businesses through thought leadership marketing, content marketing, book marketing and business strategy.

Busy visionaries become busier dealing with PR firms, publishers, speaker bureaus, web developers…and the list goes on. Thought Leadership Leverage brings that all together, so thought leaders can focus on mastering their craft.

For more information on building a thought leadership marketing campaign, content marketing campaign or business strategy for marketing your book/and or content, visit thoughtleadershipleverage.com

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Thought Leadership Leverage Manifesto

  2. 2. With deep expertiseand passionin their subject areas,
  3. 3. creative energy Driving and curiosity,
  4. 4. for the individuals, teams, and organizations they serve, And a desire to make a difference
  5. 5. They make those around them better.
  6. 6. Until just a few years ago, thought leaders interacted with their audiences primarilythrough keynote speaking and book publishing.
  7. 7. But the digital age has opened the floodgates for anyoneand everyone to step up onto their pedestal and be heard,
  8. 8. leading to the slow witheringof publishingas we know it, and with it the entire economic model of authorship.
  9. 9. The changes wrought in the digital age have also made it easierfor any content to be heard. But when everyone’s talking at the same time, the audience only hears noise.
  10. 10. Ease of creation has saturatedour marketplace with inaccuracies, distractions, and downright destructive ideas.
  11. 11. But unprecedented opportunity awaits those who are willingand able to adaptto the challenges of this new era.
  12. 12. Creators suddenly have a larger canvas than ever before, with unparalleled opportunitiesto reach their audience.
  13. 13. Audiences from around the worldcan now go to content producers for thoughts, input, and clarification.
  14. 14. Creation has evolved from a one-way street to a meaningful dialogue between creator and consumer.
  15. 15. If we cultivateself-understanding and find new purpose…
  16. 16. If we develop SOLID STRATEGYand act in accordance with it…
  17. 17. If we seek others to help us on our journey… then ourVisionwill see us through these great upheavals.
  18. 18. 6 If we abandon the outdated thinking of traditional PR…
  19. 19. If we seek out the groups for whom our content is mostmeaningful…
  20. 20. If we communicate with them on their own terms…
  21. 21. Then we will see our way through the digital maelstrom to form true connections with others through Outreach.
  22. 22. If we take advantage of NEW FORMSof expression…
  23. 23. If we map out our content’s effects with rigorousmetrics…
  24. 24. If we find ways to s e p a r a t eour content from ourselves…
  25. 25. In this new era ideas matter,and with the right leverage they can be amplified further than ever before.
  26. 26. Or we can apply clear Vision, focused Outreach, and quantifiable Impact to harness the tides of innovation.
  27. 27. We are Thought Leadership Leverage, and we chooseto RISE.
  28. 28. Vision is a thought leader’s North Star, guiding us through the darkest nights and pointing us in the true direction. 10
  29. 29. Without that light, our path is dim and uncertain. But with a CLEAR VISION, there is no challenge we cannot weather.
  30. 30. IN A VISION OF LEVERAGE, WE: 1. Start with an articulateand thoughtful strategy.
  31. 31. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 2. Align strategy, tactics, and goals.
  32. 32. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 3. Assess every action according to its connectionto strategy.
  33. 33. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 4. Pair creative motivation with deliberate strategyto produce astounding results.
  34. 34. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 5. Commit to developinga businessrather than a practice.
  35. 35. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 6. Nurture strategicpartnershipsand symbioticrelationships.
  36. 36. IN A VISION FOR LEVERAGE, WE: 7. Utilize the expertise of others to emphasizeour strengths.
  37. 37. The old media approach –casting a wide net in the hope of snagging something –does not serve us.It just gets lost in the noise.
  38. 38. We ignore billboards.
  39. 39. We block ads. out
  40. 40. Effective Outreach leads us to new ports of call. When we know who to look for and where to find them, we can uncover hidden opportunitieswith our audiences, networks, and relationships.
  41. 41. 1. Understands that reach, placements, and other traditional PR metrics rely on exposure to the most people, rather than engagement with the right ones. EFFECTIVE OUTREACH IN A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL AGE:
  42. 42. EFFECTIVE OUTREACH IN A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL AGE: 2. Leverages Vision to precisely identify our audiences and meet them where they are.
  43. 43. EFFECTIVE OUTREACH IN A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL AGE: 3. Fosters relationships by offering relevant contentto enhance an existing conversation.
  44. 44. 4. Embraces the vulnerability of dialogueas a tool for growth, development, and audience interaction. EFFECTIVE OUTREACH IN A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL AGE:
  45. 45. EFFECTIVE OUTREACH IN A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL AGE: 5. Rallies audiences to action, bringing our content to lifein a wide variety of ways.
  46. 46. The current model for content production and distribution is b r o
  47. 47. Thought leaders must either carry the weight themselves…
  48. 48. …or seek help from increasingly varied sources.
  49. 49. But along with our newfound Outreach come new possibilities for Impact.
  50. 50. When we look beyond writing books and delivering speeches, we find new goods and servicesto deliver, while maintaining ourpresent trade routes.
  51. 51. OUR IMPACT IS GREATEST WHEN: 1. Our content enlightens, guides, and inspires.
  52. 52. OUR IMPACT IS GREATEST WHEN: 2. The development of mindsetstakes priority over teaching skill sets.
  53. 53. OUR IMPACT IS GREATEST WHEN: 3. Education and instructional design is woven into our content to create afoundation for growth.
  54. 54. OUR IMPACT IS GREATEST WHEN: 4. Content modalitymeets the unique interests, wants, and needs of individuals, groups, and organizations.
  55. 55. OUR IMPACT IS GREATEST WHEN: 5. Data and discovery dictate the internal metrics that drive change.
  56. 56. OUR IMPACT IS GREATEST WHEN: 6. Co-creation incitesownership, shares context, and strengthens content.
  57. 57. 7. Success is precise, sustainable, traceable, and marked by distinct behavior change. OUR IMPACT IS GREATEST WHEN:
  58. 58. Those who clingto theold modelsof creation anddistribution may yet think that their methods are sustainable forever,
  59. 59. that they can continue to serve the broad consumer market alone (even though consumer content doesn’t drive behavior change),
  60. 60. and that thinkers, authors, and speakers can continue to do what they have always done.
  61. 61. But the results that come together in the harmony of Vision,Outreach, and Impactwillspeak for themselves.
  62. 62. Traditionalists will join uswhenthey finally see the waters rising around their feet.
  63. 63. And when they do, meaningful content will far and fast worldwide. spread
  64. 64. GROWinto professional callings as theircontent finds new avenues of expression. Thought leaders, authors, and speakers will see passionate hobbies
  65. 65. They will createnew ideas at an increasedpace when they heighten their content’s leverage.
  66. 66. Andtheorganizationsservedbytheircontentwilladoptnewwaysofworkingandthinking.Theywillsee MEASURABLE behaviorchange.
  67. 67. Their businesses will perform better.
  68. 68. Their employees will be more engaged.
  69. 69. Their customers will be more satisfied.
  70. 70. They will grow fa$terand be more profitable.
  71. 71. We are in the midst of a REVOLUTIONof thought and communication.
  72. 72. Together, we develop the clarity to see our ideas to fruition.
  73. 73. Together, we break free from creative restraints to develop and deliver our content in new ways.
  74. 74. Together, we rise above the digital noise to bring meaning and connection to the world.
  75. 75. THE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP LEVERAGE MANIFESTO thoughtleadershipleverage.com 917.741.1881 info@thoughtleadershipleverage.com