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  1. Five tips to help you get rid of the Procrastination
  2. Most people have a love-hate relationship with procrastination. We always come up with bizarre emotions to bring ourselves some fleeting moments of joy and temporarily dissolve our stress. But when deadlines approach, though, these moments of relax often become regrettable. Here are five tips to help you reduce this tough bad habit.
  3. Pepple often procrastinate because they think that they have enough time to put off the work and enjoy their moment. This, however, tends to be backfire when the deadline becomes one day away and the essay has yet to be started. In order to stay on track, you should constantly set and update goals. It can be beneficial to mark all deadlines in a plan and think about how much time you need to meet them all. Update your plan for the upcoming two weeks so that you do not get overwhelmed. Additionally, make a daily schedule in order to reach necessary goals before bed. 1. SET GOALS
  4. In order to keep productivity and sanity in a high level, set breaks at the end of a period so that you can reward yourself. Breaks like eating a snack or having a walk are proven to increase productivity and keep you focused, and it will make a progress of study in a more efficient way! 2. REWARD YOURSELF
  5. Sometimes you may begin to think that the work you are handling is not what you ultimately want to do. You may consider the work or class pointless and useless to your future. However, when these thoughts arise and you started to think of fleeting away, remind yourself the very reason of taking the work. 3. REMIND YOURSELF OF WHY YOU'RE DOING
  6. Some of the most common distractions are those found on the internet – social media sites, websites and videos. If you do not need the internet to do your work, turn it off so that you will not receiving notifications while completing your work. If you feel the need to check messages and websites often, set times when you do so rather than constantly staying connected. 4. TURN OFF THE INTERNET
  7. Being productive all day doesn’t work – you do need breaks. So, in order to balance productivity and amusement, plan times to go out with friends or do something relax to coordinate your school work. Ideally, relax plans should be made after a significant portion of work is completed. This way, while you are working, you can keep in mind that once you finished your work you can go out and don’t need to worry about your assignments. 5. HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO

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  1. To sum up, procrastination is a bad habit. It can destroy your routine life or even drag you to a failure. So stop being procrastinate by taking my five advice above and live a fulfilled life every day.