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Sales infographic | Infotron

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WHO > Infotron | Startup
WHY > Rebranding & redesign
WHAT > Sales brochure infographic style
WHEN > 2012

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Sales infographic | Infotron

  1. 1. Spreadsheets support strategic decisions in more than 90% of all companies. Spreadsheets form a risk when they become difficult to understand and are collectively maintained. This is where Infotron comes in. Our software analyzes your spreadsheets, making sure they stay error free and easy to understand. So you can focus on your business. Infotron is a university spin off that developed software to check spreadsheets. Spreadsheets that are uploaded to Infotron's Spreadsheet Analyzer are checked by several scientific guidelines, like complexity of formulas, logical links and the occurrence of fixed numbers. website www.infotron.nl e-mail felienne@infotron.nl 1800 b.c. The first kind of spreadsheets were the clay tablets of the Babylonians. In these early days of mathematics people already used a spreadsheet-like lay out for calculations. 1494 The system drastically improved when the ‘double-entry bookkeeping system’ was invented. 1979 First digital spreadsheet software called VisiCalc. 1985 Microsoft introduces Excel for Macintosh. Two years later it is introduced for Windows. 2010 Infotron starts with spreadsheet analyzer. Spreadsheet Analyzer INVENTORY Inventory scan 1. Inventory: We determine how many spreadsheets the organization has and where they are stored. 2. Interviews: We perform short interviews with key spreadsheet users to learn more on spreadsheet use within your company. 3. Analysis: We analyze all spreadsheets, checking for errors, integrity problems, optimization opportunities and data sources. Furthermore a visualization is created. 4. Report: We create a tailored derisk plan for all the spreadsheets in the organization. Self scan 1. Upload: You upload your spreadsheet to our online analyzer 2. Analysis: We analyze all spreadsheets, checking for errors, integrity problems, optimization opportunities and data sources. Furthermore a visualization is created. 3. Report: Within seconds you get a standard derisk plan, right in your browser. No install or configuration needed, just sign up and go. UPLOAD ANALYSIS REPORTINTERVIEWS ANALYSIS REPORT INTRODUCTION 70% Reducing the chance of getting errors in spread- sheets by 70% Less errors 88% of the total amount of spreadsheets contain errors Errors 95% of the American companies use spreadsheets for financial reports Reports 50% of spreadsheets are used for decision support Decisions 50% Saving users up to 50% of their time spent on spreadsheets Time saving 2days The average employee spends 2 days a week working on spreadsheets Time THE SOLUTION WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS? THE PROCESS THE ISSUE 5+ Spreadsheets can have a long lifespan: an average spreadsheet stays in use for 5 years 11 Spreadsheets can grow large, they have 11 worksheets on average, and 500 formulas FACTS 13 During its lifetime, an individual spreadsheet is used by an average of 13 different employees people 55million users 61% of the American workforce, which amounts to 90 million people, use spreadsheets tabsyears History 1. Errors Check the spreadsheet for actual errors: like division by zero, wrong formula types or non-existent names. 2. Integrity Determine the integrity of the numbers and formulas: can this spreadsheet be trusted? 3. Optimization Show what formulas could be improved to make the spreadsheet more efficient. 4. Data connections List all data sources the spreadsheet uses. 5. Visualization Show the visual structure of the spreadsheet, in terms of worksheets and their relations. 2000 b.c. Present Improved awareness Insight in spreadsheet quality Less risk of errors How do we derisk spreadsheets? 10,000,000,000Yearly about 10 billion dollar is lost because of errors in spreadsheets Sources B. Rittweger and E. Langan (2010), Spreadsheet Risk Management in Organisations M. Hall (1996), A Risk and Control-Oriented Study of the Practices of Spreadsheet Developers F. Hermans et al. (2011), Supporting Professional Spreadsheet Users by Generating Leveled Dataflow Diagrams F. Hermans et al. (2010), Automatically Extracting Class Diagrams from Spreadsheets C. Scaffidi et al. (2005), Estimating the Numbers of End Users and End User Programmers Created by Text