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After 25+ years and 87,329 pounds lost… legendary weight
loss expert Chad Tackett nally breaks his silence to reveal...
Angry that she let herself go…
Guilty for being overweight and out of shape for her spouse...
Ashamed to have pictures tak...
I call “nutrient synthesis”, which changed everything for her.
In fact...
WITHOUT giving up their favorite foods or feelin...
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Successful weight loss
Successful weight loss
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  1. 1. After 25+ years and 87,329 pounds lost… legendary weight loss expert Chad Tackett nally breaks his silence to reveal... The Little-Known "Nutrient Synthesis" Tweak That Helped Ginger Lose 42 Lbs In 90 Days... And Keep It Off For Over 5 Years & Counting And for a limited time you can nally discover his 25+ year secret WITHOUT paying his expensive coaching fee... Ginger’s pale lips trembled as she took a slow, deep breath and held back an avalanche of joyful tears. She had been overweight since she was in her 20’s and since then she’d tried dozens of different diets. Weight Watchers... Jenny Craig… Nutrisystem… Atkins… Keto… Paleo… and many more. “It seems like a lifetime ago that I was so overweight, I could hardly get up my own steps. I’m now in my 50’s and in the best shape of my life, thanks to you.” S E C U R E   O R D E R   GET INSTANT ACCESS
  2. 2. Angry that she let herself go… Guilty for being overweight and out of shape for her spouse... Ashamed to have pictures taken because she felt fat and ugly... Afraid that her loved ones were embarrassed of her… And sick of feeling disgusted with herself when she looked in the mirror... You name it, she tried it. Nothing. She tried nutritionists. She followed their strict, regimented, complicated plans to the T. Nothing. She tried grueling workouts that lasted well over an hour daily. She pushed through the pain, soreness and fatigue because her personal trainer told her it was necessary to get into great shape. Nothing. She Rode The Weight Loss Rollercoaster For 30 Years... Each time she’d lose a few pounds… Then rebound and gain it all back plus a few extra pounds, just to kick her while she was down. Over and over and over she failed, her con dence shattering with each new diet that didn’t work. Until one day she stumbled upon an unusual, counterintuitive secret GET INSTANT ACCESS
  3. 3. I call “nutrient synthesis”, which changed everything for her. In fact... WITHOUT giving up their favorite foods or feeling hungry all day… WITHOUT intense exercises, leaving them feeling worn down and weak... WITHOUT constantly battling cravings or hitting plateaus after just a few short weeks... The REAL reason weight loss plateaus happen and how to avoid them (and why a simple drop of water can make all the difference)... How to recalibrate your metabolism to “permanent fat- burning mode” by avoiding one key mistake most diets make… The 1 little-known secret to preventing your body from storing excess fat, EVEN if you overeat… And SO much more... I’ll also show you… This New Nutrient Synthesis Discovery Has Already Changed The Lives Of Over 10,000 People... Helping Them Lose 87,329 Pounds! In a moment, I’ll explain exactly what Ginger discovered and why it worked so well for her when nothing else did.
  4. 4. What I’m about to share is why people from all across the world… Women and men of all ages… Are nally seeing results when nothing else worked for them in the past. People like these... Those are just a few of the 10,129 people who are now enjoying at bellies, unbreakable con dence, more energy than they’ve had in years, and feel like they FINALLY have their life back.
  5. 5. years, and feel like they FINALLY have their life back. But the best part is they did this in a way that was SUSTAINABLE. These folks didn’t lose the weight and then gain it back just a few weeks later… They kept it OFF for YEARS, just like Ginger. And I’ll show you exactly how they did it in just a moment. But before I do that… Let Me Introduce Myself… I’m Chad Tackett and I’ve helped my clients lose well over 87,329 pounds of fat. My journey started a LONG time ago, waaayyy back in 1990 when I was in college. I originally wanted to be a doctor because I loved helping people. But I quickly realized that doctors are only taught to give Band-Aid solutions to problems with pills and surgeries. So I switched my major and graduated with a degree in exercise
  6. 6. science, health and nutrition and started a personal training business. Then in 1995, I started the world’s very rst online weight loss program and have since gone on to help tens of thousands of people get down to their goal weight, permanently. My clients were getting faster, better results than I had ever seen. But even more importantly, they LOVED each and every meal. They
  7. 7. even more importantly, they LOVED each and every meal. They LOVED how simple and convenient it was. And they LOVED that they were able to sustain their results for years afterward, so they didn’t have to deal with weight loss rebound. Because of that, I ended up becoming somewhat of an Internet sensation. I’ve been in 100+ magazine articles, blog posts, podcasts, and TV and radio shows, viewed by well over 100 million people in over 80 countries. And in 2008 I was even awarded Oregon State Universities “Alumni of the Year” for my innovations in weight loss on the internet and the impact I’ve made on thousands of lives across the world. But the truth is, I don’t really care about any of that. My passion doesn't come from being an Internet celebrity… It comes from watching the results my clients get. There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing my clients' excitement when they start tting into their favorite clothes, feeling con dent in their own skin, and posting photos of their new and improved life. I truly believe I was put on this Earth to show people how to get down
  8. 8. to their goal weight, take control of their health, and look and feel their very best – for the rest of their lives. And that’s exactly what I want to do for you today. So I hope you’ll spare a minute of your time to let me transform your life by explaining... Complicated to follow, which leaves you confused and overwhelmed… So restrictive you hate doing them and can’t wait until you get a “cheat day” (if you get one at all)... Impossible to sustain long-term and leave you heavier than when you started... And I think we can all agree that most diets are... Why Nearly Every Weight Loss System Doesn’t CAN’T Work If you’re like most people I know, you’ve tried losing weight multiple times throughout your life. Most diets get you excited to see the number on the scale go down. They add in little “tricks” and “hacks” to help you lose a bunch of weight the rst few weeks. This is why so many programs focus on limiting carbs. Because carbs make your body retain a LOT of water, so if you cut carbs, you can quickly reduce your weight.
  9. 9. That gets you excited to buy more of their stuff and tell all your friends. You think “ nally, this time it’s different!”... And then your results come to a crashing halt when you hit the plateau. That’s because... Most Diets Only Help You Lose WATER Weight In The First Few Weeks… They’ve developed tricks and techniques to suck water out of your cells so you lose weight quickly. But not all weight is equal.
  10. 10. These diets are only good at helping you lose WATER weight. Not fat. It’s a magic trick to convince you it’s working when it’s really not. It’s mean. It’s unfair. It’s downright despicable. Because while you might lose a couple pounds the rst week on most diets… They actually set you up for failure long-term. They Throw You Into Their “Customer Prison” And The Only Reward For Getting Out… Is Regaining The Weight These companies have entire marketing teams dedicated to nding new ways to keep you locked into their products and trapped for life. These evil geniuses center the results AROUND the products you’re buying from them… Which means, if you ever stop buying their memberships, pills, shakes, bars, apps, prepackaged foods and meal delivery services… You instantly fail and quickly regain the weight.
  11. 11. That’s why it’s NOT your fault you’ve struggled to lose weight. You’ve been spending your hard-earned money on programs designed to give you short-term results, but actually sabotage your ability to STAY healthy and t. They teach you the wrong mentality about weight loss and try to control your thoughts and actions, rather than giving YOU the ability to control your future and your body. But on top of everything I just mentioned… There’s actually one main reason that EVERY diet is doomed to fail... They Wreck Your Metabolism Your metabolism is your body’s ability to burn fat at rest. It controls how many calories you burn while you’re resting, relaxing, working, eating, and especially sleeping. It’s your body’s own fat-burning factory that runs in the background 24 hours a day, helping you burn off everything you ate… And it’s responsible for nearly 70% of the results you can expect while dieting.1 Yet most diets try to force you to practically starve yourself, which breaks your metabolism.
  12. 12. You might already know that your metabolism is directly linked to the amount of calories you eat. When you suddenly start eating a lot less calories, it thinks you’re starving. It then slows down to try and conserve your energy. This is why you often feel tired when dieting. That's your metabolism slowing down to a crawl. Now here’s why all this is so important… The average person spends about 1.5 hours eating and 30 minutes exercising each day. That means… They rely on low calories to “force” fat loss. They rely on lowering carbohydrates, even though carbohydrates (the RIGHT ones) directly increase your metabolism. That doesn’t really make much sense, does it?
  13. 13. Without giving up your favorite foods… Without torturing yourself with grueling exercise that sucks the energy out of you… Without counting calories, carbs, points or anything else… Without eating so little you’re practically starving every day… Without carving another notch out of your con dence with yet another failed weight loss attempt… And fortunately, I’ve discovered a scienti cally-proven way to do that… You’re Only Spending 2 Out Of 24 Hours Actively Controlling Your Weight... Meanwhile, your metabolism is running in the background 24 hours a day. Think about that for a moment… If your metabolism is responsible for 70% of your results like I just mentioned... Doesn’t it make sense to eat in a way that maximizes your metabolism to work FOR you rather than against you? Of course it does! And is completely sustainable for results that last the rest of your life, not just a few weeks or months.
  14. 14. It All Started Back In The Early 1990’s... Believe it or not, I actually learned it from bodybuilders. Now, before I go any further, don’t worry… I PROMISE I’m not about to tell you to eat (or workout) like a bodybuilder. But what I realized was that while everyone else in the world failed their diet time after time after time again… Bodybuilders were able to consistently get as lean as they wanted. They were using science and strategy to get their body fat down to such extraordinarily low levels. And they did it like clockwork, without fail. Their diets were so dialed in, they could consistently estimate exactly what weight they would hit on exactly what date… Many times as much as 16 weeks out! Plus, everything they did was backed by real, proven science, which was then tested and validated in real world settings with real people, not mice or other lab animals. But as great as that sounds, there was one big problem…
  15. 15. ONLY Bodybuilders Could Do It Because It Was Complicated, Time-Consuming, And Restrictive... So, I made it my mission in life to study the SCIENCE behind what they were doing… And gure out how to take their extremely effective principles and adapt them for busy professionals in a way that’s simple, convenient, and enjoyable, so it’s sustainable long-term. I began studying what they were doing. I studied the science behind their dieting systems to see what was so unique about each one of their strategies. And I tried guring out how they could eat SO MUCH FOOD and get so incredibly lean. And That’s When I Discovered The Power Of Nutrient Synthesis What I realized is that these people weren’t just eating “healthy”... They were eating STRATEGICALLY by combining speci c types of
  16. 16. I’ve discovered a simple tweak to the traditional food-combining philosophy that activates a rare process inside your metabolism I call “metabolic fusion”. foods at speci c times. Now, you may have already heard about food-combining. It’s the art of combining speci c foods, at speci c times, to achieve speci c outcomes within your body. And while it works very well for many people… This is NOT that. Fusion is the process of combining two or more elements to create a synergistic-multiplier, making it thousands of times more powerful than each of them separately. It creates some of the most powerful energy in the universe, like stars and hydrogen bombs. And the great news is... I’ve Discovered How To Activate Metabolic Fusion To Rapidly Accelerate The Fat Burning Process... Let me explain with a simple example. Most people would agree that an apple is a healthy food. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Not necessarily. You see, while an apple contains many valuable nutrients, it can also spike your insulin.
  17. 17. Insulin spikes train your body to store fat EVEN if you’re in a calorie de cit… Increase hunger so you end up eating more… AND slow your metabolism.2 Yet if you combine that same apple with other foods that block your insulin from spiking… None of that happens. That same apple transforms from making you fat… to making you both healthy and t. By making ONE small tweak, which actually happens to be eating MORE food :) See what I mean about eating strategically? You can actually eat the same or MORE calories… Yet experience wildly different results while enjoying the process. “Permanent
  18. 18. That means, you CANNOT burn fat until your insulin levels come back down.3 This is why people with high blood sugar (diabetes type I, II, or prediabetes) have such a hard time with weight loss. Their bodies consistently have high levels of insulin, so they can’t access their fat reserves. How To Induce “Permanent Fat-Burning Mode” Through Nutrient Synthesis Most people understand the basic theory that when your body is in a caloric de cit, it burns fat for energy. BUT there’s a wrinkle that most people don’t realize… And that has to do with insulin. When you eat carbs or sugar, it sends your blood sugar soaring. Your body then releases insulin to transport that sugar into your muscles and liver as a source of energy. But if your muscles don’t need that energy, it redirects that sugar into your fat cells. Unfortunately, if too much insulin is in your bloodstream, insulin blocks access to your fat reserves.
  19. 19. fat reserves. So How Do You Fix This? The key is unlocking another hormone called glucagon. This is your fat- burning and fat-unlocking hormone. It’s released when your blood sugar is LOW and you need more energy. To get this energy, it unlocks those fat reserves and begins to burn the fat that insulin had previously locked up tight.4 It also revs up your metabolism to help you burn that energy. One study showed that when glucagon levels are high, it can help burn nearly ½ pound per week extra.5 On top of everything else it does. With zero additional effort from you. But even more exciting is that... By combining speci c foods, you can train your body to maintain consistently high glucagon levels. This puts you in permanent fat-burning mode, so you burn fat while you’re reading, working, watching TV, eating, exercising, and even sleeping!
  20. 20. In fact, one study showed that this simple tweak leads to an 18% increase in fat-burning.6 In a 180-pound person, that could lead to a 32-pound decrease in weight! And in my 25+ years of experience here, I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt that those numbers are absolutely true. In fact, that’s exactly what happens for the clients I’ve worked with. Here are just a few of their stories…
  21. 21. The fact is... Weight Loss Is Nearly Impossible If You Don’t Combine The Right Foods At The Right Times This is the missing piece that every diet out there misses. You can swap pizza and ice cream for salad daily… Exercise until you can barely walk… Practice willpower so strongly you want to scream... And STILL fail because of this ONE single, simple, principle. That’s because although many diets reduce calories, which helps you lose weight at rst… They destroy your metabolism, so long-term weight loss becomes impossible. But by following this ONE simple rule, you can avoid the plateaus and
  22. 22. experience even faster weight loss that continues until the day you reach your goal weight… And NEVER rebounds! The fact is… Once you reset your metabolism to work FOR you, rather than against you… You don’t have to give up the foods you love… You don’t have to feel hungry, deprived and low on energy… You don’t have to count calories, carbs, points… You don’t need to eat different meals than your friends and family… Nutrient Synthesis Changes EVERYTHING You Know About Weight Loss… Or ANY of that dieting torture you’re used to suffering through just to enjoy a healthy, t body and nally feel great about the way you look.
  23. 23. But the best part is, it makes weight loss sustainable. Nothing feels worse than losing weight on a new diet… Only to have that diet be so miserable you can’t sustain it, resulting in weight rebound that often leaves you heavier than when you started. It’s frustrating. It’s embarrassing. It makes you feel like a complete failure. But the truth is, it’s NOT your fault. It’s the diet's fault because it wasn’t designed to help you succeed. But when you use this simple strategy of eating the right foods at the right times, you no longer need to diet. You no longer need to be “that person” who has to turn away food at parties. Instead, you can enjoy food-freedom and use a few simple tools to enjoy healthy, sustained, long-term weight loss. I know this because... This Is The Secret I’ve Used To Help My Clients Lose 87,329 Pounds Over The Past 26 Years… As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been helping people implement this strategy since 1995.. And in that time we’ve had some AMAZING results like these…
  24. 24. The problem was, I was only teaching it to my private clients. That always bothered me. I wanted to make it more affordable, so I could help impact more people. I want to give EVERYONE a chance to learn the secrets I’d discovered without having to become a private coaching client. And that’s when I got the idea to distill this life changing concept into a simple, convenient, 1-hour workshop I’m now calling… The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop™ This workshop is a short video presentation that walks you through the most powerful concept I’ve discovered to give my clients their dream bodies (and health) in the easiest, fastest, most sustainable way possible. Like Raul who lost more than 60 lbs in just 4 months...
  25. 25. Our rst goal is to help you lose your rst 10 pounds. Ten pounds of body fat is the same size as 40 sticks of butter! Imagine how you’ll feel after losing your rst 10 pounds of fat. ...and how much better you’ll look... and how much easier life will be, not having to carry that extra weight wherever you go. But here’s what you’ll really love about this workshop... It’s NOT some long, complicated book to follow or a big massive binder lled with complex rules and guidelines that you’ll never remember. That’s exactly what causes most people to fail and it’s simply not needed. Rather, this contains simple rules and a step-by-step process that’s super easy to follow… Along with all the tools to make implementing it extremely easy,
  26. 26. You don’t have to worry about giving up carbs, feeling hungry or deprived, counting calories, or any of that dieting torture that does not work long-term… You don’t need to torture yourself with long, grueling workouts that leave you exhausted… And you don’t need to read long, confusing books or sift through all sorts of con icting information that does nothing but confuse and overwhelm you... Both women and men… As young as 18 to as old as 90… Every color and every race you can think of… People with bad genes, thyroid issues, and chronic health conditions… And literally thousands more… Along with all the tools to make implementing it extremely easy, starting just a few minutes from now. It shows you how to reset and condition your metabolism to work FOR you instead of against you. Because when you do that, everything changes… You simply need to eat the right foods, at the right times. That’s it. It’s REALLY that simple. That simplicity is the #1 reason this has worked for every single type of person you could possibly imagine…
  27. 27. There are really only 2 requirements needed for this to work for you… STEP #1 Refer to the recommended food list and circle the ones you love and scratch out the ones you don't. STEP #2 The fact is, it doesn’t matter what circumstances you’re in right now. That’s it! That’s all you need to lose your rst 10 or more pounds… And KEEP it OFF for good. In fact, it’s really as simple as… You must be a human :) 1 You must be ready to make a change 2
  28. 28. Combine the right foods together, at the right times, by following our simple meal guidelines. STEP #3 Enjoy each and every meal - at home, restaurants, social events, on the go, or wherever. Here’s Why This Unique Approach Works When Everything Else Has Failed
  29. 29. Let’s be honest here… There are a million and a half diets out there. I’m sure you’ve tried several of them over the past few years and just can’t get one to “stick”. Well, after talking to countless people who failed diet after diet over the past 26 years, I’ve discovered there is one main reason the vast majority of people fail… Trying to force your lifestyle to t a restrictive diet simply does NOT work. You’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole. You’re ghting against the tide. You’re rowing against the wind. So doesn’t it make SO much more sense to ip it and customize the diet to YOUR existing lifestyle? Most people fail their diet because they’re trying to customize their lifestyle to the diet… Instead of customizing the diet to their lifestyle. Please re-read that again because it’s that powerful.
  30. 30. Of course it does! That’s why I spent years tweaking and perfecting my system so it’s easily customizable to your existing lifestyle, personal preferences, and challenges that might otherwise hold you back. It was created speci cally to be simple, effective, enjoyable, and sustainable. Because the best diet is the one you don’t consider a diet… It’s simply your everyday life. So by customizing it to your lifestyle, it skyrockets your chances of success. That’s why this approach delivers better results than any other method I’ve tested over the past 26 years with thousands upon thousands of clients... On top of that… Listen To The Results This Workshop Has Created For People Just Like You… Many, if not MOST, of my clients were extremely skeptical before trying this workshop. And as I mentioned earlier, that’s because most diets' only goal is to train you to become a customer for life. I don’t believe in that. I’d rather give you simple tools and guidelines to follow. I’d rather teach you how to customize YOUR OWN lifestyle so it’s sustainable for the rest of your life. To give YOU the power to create your own future, rather than relying on someone else to do it for you.
  31. 31. And that’s why this program delivers such tremendous results. Take a look for yourself...
  32. 32. This isn’t JUST about weight loss. This is about getting YOUR LIFE back. It’s about the intangibles like feeling young, vibrant and ALIVE again. Or being able to do activities you haven’t done in a long time. Or just simply not stressing over food constantly.
  33. 33. These are some of the things people have said after my workshop... Here are a few more thoughts from workshop attendees showing you what you can expect… "I was actually excited to see myself in the mirror this morning!" "I just went on a hike with my family and it felt so good leading the pack!" "I just had lunch with friends and they all asked me if I lost weight!" "I actually look forward to being in photos now and sharing them on social media!" "I went on a bike ride and felt comfortable wearing shorts. That’s a rst!" "Not huf ng and puf ng after walking a ight of stairs is such a relief!" "I just tried on my favorite pair of jeans and they almost t perfectly!" "It’s such a relief not having to think about my weight and stressing over food!"
  34. 34. stressing over food!" "My doctor actually just told me he was proud of me!!" It’s SIMPLE to follow, so you don’t have to deal with confusing, con icting information that does nothing but frustrate you... It’s EFFECTIVE, so you can burn more fat while at rest and get more results without worrying about destroying your metabolism or dealing with the dreaded “rebound weight” if you fall off track... It’s ENJOYABLE, allowing you to eat your favorite foods without constantly obsessing about how many calories you’re consuming... It’s SUSTAINABLE because it’s based on science instead of miserable rules and restrictions and without taking over your life and ruining your social events, vacations, and meals with friends and family… It’s CUSTOMIZABLE to your own lifestyle and preferences, which means you can easily follow it forever without ever feeling like you’re “dieting”... After all, it’s completely different than anything else you’ve tried in several distinct ways… Now You’re Probably Thinking This Is Going To Cost A Fortune... If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve probably tried multiple diets
  35. 35. costing hundreds of dollars over the years... Apps that have monthly subscriptions and are frustrating and tedious to use... Expensive meal kit delivery services costing up to $3,000 or more per year... Various supplements that can cost as much as $500 - $2,000 per year, depending on what you’re using… And pre-packaged meals, bars and shakes that again can run you $1,000 or more per year... If you add that all up, you’re likely spending somewhere between $4,000 - $6,000 per year trying to achieve the slim, healthy, t body you’ve always dreamed of…
  36. 36. Yet have nothing to show for it. And that’s not to mention the emotional costs of constantly feeling frustrated and discouraged… The physical cost of low energy, back and knee pain, stiff joints, and sore muscles… Or the psychological cost of constantly obsessing over your weight or feeling angry towards yourself for not being at your ideal weight. I understand how painful that is. I know how hard you’ve been trying because I’ve talked to thousands of people just like you. You’re probably just about ready to throw in the towel and give up. But I won’t let you do that. I’ve seen too many of my clients transform their lives. I know the consequences of giving up and not taking action. Once you decide to give up, that’s it. Game over. Unshakeable con dence... Almost limitless energy... Pain-free joints… Excited to see yourself in the mirror and photos… Less doctor visits and health worries… Fun times with family and friends, doing the things you love… Wearing all your favorite clothes again... You’ve just taken away all hope for ever achieving your dream of enjoying a healthy, t body and all the bene ts that come along with it, such as…
  37. 37. And SO much more! Which is why I put together The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop™. You’ll learn how to combine the right foods, at the right times - in a simple step-by-step format… Plus the tools that make implementing it easy and convenient. That’s Why I’m Discounting The Price Of The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop™ By 94.87%! As I just showed you, you’re likely spending somewhere between $1,000 - $3,000 per year trying to lose weight, improve your health, and look and feel your best. And that’s not even including wasting money on the things you don’t need, like fast food, buying the wrong groceries, coffee drinks to give you energy, protein bars, shakes, supplements, and all those other things you try hoping they’ll improve our health. I’m sure you can agree that you’d easily spend $1,000 a year on all those things, if not much more!
  38. 38. This is something we normally sell for $527 and it’s worth every single penny. After all, you’re likely already spending thousands of dollars every single year… So $527 for guaranteed results or your money back is a no-brainer, obviously. BUT I have good news, because… I’m testing a new strategy and offering a 94.87% discount on The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop™! Now you might think that sounds a little weird… Well, I want YOU to be our next success story that we can brag about. The story that inspires others to take action, just as these videos on this page inspired you. After all, why would I give such a HUGE discount when I normally sell this for $527? Well the fact is, even though I have SO many success stories already, I’ve realized that the best way to spread my mission is by letting our success stories do the work for us. You’ve seen the success stories on this page. The amazing videos of people just like you who struggled with weight their entire life, then tried this approach and transformed their lives. They're inspiring, right? They give you hope and con dence that this is so different than anything else you've tried.
  39. 39. So for a limited-time, I’m reducing the price to remove any possible excuse to not try this. This way, I can maximize the amount of success stories. And that’s why, for a limited time I’m letting you practically STEAL this workshop from me for just $27 instead of the usual $527. But I’m not done yet :) In addition to the huge discount we’re currently offering… When you order The Lose Your First 10 Lbs Workshop, you'll also receive... 8 FREE Bonuses Worth $356 Just For Committing To Your Own Weight Loss Today! The main workshop contains all the information you need to get the results you’re after. You’ll discover the simplest, most effective, most sustainable and enjoyable way to enjoy a healthy, t body for the rest of your life. But I want to make implementing this into your life as easy as possible, which is why you’ll also get... FREE BONUS #1
  40. 40. Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs CheatSheet $37 Value This short, simple cheat sheet shows you exactly which yummy carbs help rev your metabolism and burn fat… and those that slow your metabolism to a crawl and destroy your chances of slimming down. There are no complicated rules. There aren’t 100 different things to remember. There is no con icting information. This breaks down exactly what carbs to eat, and which ones to avoid, all backed by science instead of vague theories. FREE BONUS #2
  41. 41. Easy-To-Follow Carb Timing Guide $25 Value Along with what carbs to eat and what not to eat, you also need to know WHEN to eat them. That’s why this guide shows you everything you need to know in 1 single page. Again, nothing dif cult, complicated or confusing to remember. Just a few short, simple rules that sparknew re in your metabolism to help you burn more fat 24 hours a day, even when you’re relaxing and sleeping! FREE BONUS #3
  42. 42. 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge $57 Value Momentum creates motivation. That’s why I put together a 5-day jumpstart challenge to guide you through the steps and give you the momentum you need to help you drop 3-5 pounds in the rst week. That will prove to you that this truly works, and will inspire you to keep going and continue losing weight, week after week. FREE BONUS #4 Exclusive
  43. 43. Exclusive Facebook Group $47 Value Did you know one of the biggest factors in long-term weight loss success is having a supportive community? That’s why you’ll get access to our private Facebook group. You’ll have constant support and reassurance from like- minded people who used to struggle with their weight, and are now following the same simple, proven system as you… 1 You’ll get access to new content like recipes, mindset tips and others to help keep you inspired and motivated... 2 Plus, you’ll get inspired and motivated by others to lift your spirits and help you get even better results... 3 FREE BONUS #5 Q&A Video Calls With Chad
  44. 44. $77 Value In this workshop we get a lot of questions from people going through the program. That’s why we’ve decided to record our past Q&A calls AND let you attend live Q&A calls to get answers to the questions you might have, before you even need to ask them! This helps you hit the ground running for faster results and permanent success. FREE BONUS #6 The Recommended Foods List $37 Value Limiting or avoiding carbs is not an effective way to lose weight
  45. 45. long-term. Eating the RIGHT carbs, combined with the RIGHT foods is. You’ll receive a complete recommended food list, including color-coded categories so you’ll know how to combine them together, quickly and easily. FREE BONUS #7 The Metabolism-Boost Daily Checklist $47 Value The simple strategy I teach in this workshop works every single time, if followed consistently. But I know you’re busy and don’t have time for a bunch of complicated rules or unsustainable restrictions. This free bonus will help you stay right on track, in just a few minutes a day.
  46. 46. Now as you can see, you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to combine the RIGHT foods, at the RIGHT times. We’ve left no stone unturned to practically guarantee your results, if you follow the simple steps we’ve given you. But just to make sure you feel completely con dent in your decision FREE BONUS #8 The Avoid These Mistakes Reminders $29 Value You’re likely making a series of mistakes that have conditioned your metabolism to work against you (rather than for you). Breaking these habits won’t necessarily be dif cult, but they require consistency. This checklist will help ensure you don’t sabotage your success.
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