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  1. 1. A website design has many components. There are structural and abstract elements whichdefine the design of a website. These elements include the layout ofSingapore SEO
  2. 2. each webpage, colour combinations used, the design of every element andits placement, the organization of data, the navigation aspects of the site, theusage of images and text elements and the aspects of brand imagerelated to the business and/or organization These are the elements of userinterface and the back-end functionalities developed by the web design delhicompanies which together Singapore SEO make for an effective designOut of these elements, the ones which are important from the user perspectiveis the organization of the content on the site and the time taken to searchand reach the desired destination
  3. 3. It shall be noted that it is the user who is the ultimate authority on decidingwhether the web design is effective or not By using tools like GoogleAnalytics, webmasters can make out the time users are spending on each ofthe webpage and how they are navigating from one page to another Thiscan help in finding the impact which each page is creating on the user andwhether the navigation is being helpful to the visitors or not
  4. 4. Generally, more is the time spent on the site on a per page basis, thebetter is the ability of the web page design to hold on to the visitors Thewebsite design India company knows that the users are looking for informationand that the content will be read and seen as a top priority by the users For this reason, the way the content is presented, where it is placed and how thenavigation between the different content segments shall take place holds a lotof importance
  5. 5. A logical and practical navigation requires the content organization as perpriority from the user usability perspective, right from the landing page Ifthe user sees the content which he or she wants to see at first and is able tofind all the links where he might like to move on, on that page, then the website design has been effective in holding on to the visitor and letting himexplore more of the website This requires a lot of effort and, in complex siteshaving huge data, this might even require a number of brainstorming sessionson content organization and navigation layout of the website by theexperts of website design India companies
  6. 6. Wireframes are one of the most common methods of defining thearrangement of content and establishing the navigational interconnectionsRight from the landing page design to the other pages of the website, each ofthe element of content is analysed and properly linked to the othersections of the site, creating a seamless and logical navigation The author isthe owner of a company
  7. 7. The company provides services to clients in India and abroad
  8. 8. Singapore SEO